Gunda will change your attitude towards animals


Produced by Joaquin Phoenix, PETA’s Person of the Year 2019, and directed by Viktor Kosakovsky, Animal-Friendly, PETA’s Oscat-winning film Gunda was called “mesmerizing”. According to renowned filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, Gunda “More like a potion than a movie.” The film tells intimate stories about a mother pig and her piglets, a family of cows and several chickens that are raised to be killed and eaten.

We can all imagine piglets desperately sucking on their mother’s nipples, but Gunda goes beyond this and artfully paints a detailed picture that allows us Feel what it’s like to be a mother pig. This beautiful and ultimately tragic movie requires us to put our phones away and have our overstimulated TikTok brains wait a second while the powerful story unfolds at its own pace.


What Gunda ABOUT?

The documentary follows a sow named Gunda as she gives birth and rears her piglets. This narrative is interspersed with footage of chickens pacing cautiously across the grass and cows working in groups of two to scare off flies. The hen is not worried that she has only one leg, young pigs with curiosity catch the falling rain with their mouths, and the cows jump for joy. It’s safe to say that you’ve never seen an animal this close. Familiar words, music, and even color would only dilute the story, so they were ruled out as the rough experiences of these other beings’ different lifestyles consume you.

Viewers watch Gunda’s tiny babies transform into teenagers who play with each other, watch their mom and learn to root – and that’s when the first real sign of humans emerges….

What can we remove from viewing Gunda

Animals raised for human consumption are considered disposable items in the meat, egg and dairy industries. Once they start making a profit – not to mention their personalities, friendships, and families – they’ll be stabbed to death and sold in supermarkets.

The film captures what many caring people have known for a long time: Animals are sensitive people who love their families and friends, feel pain – both physical and emotional – and want to live without suffering.

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Remember: An estimated 99% of the animals that are bred and killed for food in the United States today are raised on huge, highly overcrowded and highly industrialized farms. They do not live in an environment like the one shown in Gunda… Instead, they grew up in dark, dirty and cramped conditions. Although they experience the same emotions as the dogs and cats we love in our homes with, the animals used for food are usually kept in battery cages, cages or farrowing and pregnancy cages. But Gunda shows us that there is no such thing as raising animals humanely for food.

Look Gunda With friends and family

Watch the movie and help others connect the dots: Animals are people which exist for their own reasons and are not ours to eat or otherwise use.

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