Has brutal animal testing of cosmetics returned to the EU?


Animal testing for cosmetic ingredients and the sale of animal tested products are prohibited throughout the European Union (EU). However, animals are still poisoned and killed in cosmetic ingredient tests.

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Are animal testing banned in the European Union?

Back in 2013, people around the world were celebrating when a ban on testing cosmetics on animals went into full force in the EU. Europe has taken the lead in banning animal testing of cosmetics and their ingredients – a ban based on the fundamental principle that no new cosmetics is worth the harm done to animals in these deadly trials. The message was clear: No animal deserves suffering and death over lipstick or toothpaste, and the EU has spoken out against animal testing.

But under the guise of a chemical testing law called the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), authorities now require certain cosmetic ingredients to be tested on animals under certain circumstances. At least 150 chemicals registered under REACH are ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics, and many are subject to new requests for animal testing by the European Chemicals Agency.

These tests completely undermine the purpose of the ban – to bring safe cosmetics to the market without requiring new animal testing. It is unforgivable that animals will continue to suffer and die in the brutal and excruciating trials of cosmetic ingredients in the EU.

PETA works to prevent poisoning and killing of animals through cosmetic tests

PETA has campaigned against this problem since its inception and will continue to do so until animal testing of cosmetics is history. We recently joined forces with other animal welfare groups to urge the President of the European Commission to suspend all requests for animal testing of cosmetic ingredients and allow companies to demonstrate the safety of ingredients using only non-animal methods.

Companies always have the option to choose different ingredients or even opt out of product development if that means saving the lives of animals. We’ve told cosmetic companies that if they conduct animal testing for any reason or buy ingredients from companies that do animal testing, they will no longer be eligible to be listed as PETA’s non-animal testing companies. To meet our strict program standards, cosmetics companies must find an alternative source of ingredients or change the product formulation to exclude any ingredients tested on animals under the REACH program.

What can you do to help

So that the products you buy really without animal testing, it is more important than ever to use Global Beauty without rabbits database for the purchase of cosmetics and personal care products. PETA is committed to ensuring that companies and brands on our list of non-animal testing companies do not actually test on animals – throughout the supply chain. Our program does not allow any loopholes or exceptions for regulatory animal testing.

Find companies that do and do not test on animals:

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