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He Accidentally Drank Nuclear Wastewater, and Woke Up To… The Movie “they call me jeeg”

Welcome back to Fox recaps today I am going to explain the movie they Call Me Jig, released in the year 2015. Enzo Chicoti is a thief based on Torbella Monica Rome. At the beginning of the movie, he is seen running away from the police after stealing an expensive watch. He tries hiding in an abandoned crane by the side of the River Teber, but the policeman finds him. He immediately jumps into the river as the last resort to not get caught.

While trying to get back on the crane, he climbs on a barrel underwater. However, to Wenzo’s misfortune, the barrel breaks and he is blasted with the radioactive waste inside of it. He somehow pulls himself up and runs back home, unknown of the dangers he has just been exposed to. On the bus ride back home, he frequently coughs out a black substance and can hardly lift up his head. He doesn’t get any better at night, vomiting a mysterious liquid and coughing uncontrollably.

The next morning when he wakes up, he feels a lot better. After doing his morning routine, Enzo goes to his next door neighbor and gang member Sergio to sell the watch. Sergio works for a gangster named Fabio, popularly known as the Gypsy. They discuss the plan to retrieve the drugs from a pair of drug mule brothers. As they talk, a guy hands Fabio a new phone that is a different color from what he wanted.

The gangster beats the man to death because of the little mistake. His associates, who are used to his psychotic behavior, simply ask for the dead body to be removed. Outside, Sergio meets Enzo and buys the stolen watch for €100. Enzo is about to leave after the deal, but Sergio has different plans. He wants Enzo to join him on a trip to retrieve the drugs.

Although the job is risky, Enzo agrees to do it for money. Following the encounter, they go to Sergio’s house to collect the things they need for the deal. Enzo meets Sergio’s daughter Alessia for the first time and is confused by her behavior. She has drawn several childish drawings and pasted them around the house. She also tells Enzo about the Steel Jig anime and seems to actually believe that one day the character Jig will come to save her.

After they leave, Sergio apologizes for his daughter’s behavior, revealing that she is psychotically damaged and is obsessed with the Steel Jig anime. She has always been a special child, but after her mother’s death, she has shut herself off from reality. The two pick up the drug Mule brothers outside an airport and drive them to an inconstruction building. The job is simple take the packets of drugs outside of the brothers bodies. However, one of them dies of an overdose when a packet bursts inside his stomach.

The living brother is furious at Sergio for refusing to take them to the hospital earlier. Sergio, on the other hand, simply mentions that they will have to cut the dead body to get the substance out. The living brother snatches the gun from Sergio and shoots him several times before dying. Sergio bangs the man’s head on the wall and knocks him out as well. With his last breath, the guy shoots Enzo, making him fall off the 10th floor directly into the concrete ground below.

By logic, he shouldn’t be alive after the fall, but Enzo somehow opens his eyes and gets up, groaning because of the pain. Confused and traumatized by what he just witnessed, he starts running somewhere else. Fabio and his men are at a club with Nunzia Lo Kosimo. She is a terrorist and the leader of the Karamaklan, one of the biggest drug dealers in Rome. Fabio was supposed to sell the drugs that Sergio brings to nunsia, but now that both Sergio and the drug mule are dead, he struggles to provide her with an answer.

For the time being. He tells her that the deal went great, knowing well enough that if she finds out the truth, he will be dead. In the meantime, Enzo returns home and is stopped by Alessia. On his way, she asks him about her father, but he ignores her. Still, she doesn’t stop banging on his door.

A frustrated Enzo punches the door and creates a hole in it. Taken aback by his own strength, he tries moving the furniture around and is surprised when he does it with no effort. Later that night, he steals an entire ATM, using his newfound strength to break it. On returning home, he uses the money to buy food. In addition to superhuman strength, he seems to have gotten the power to heal in an instant.

The gunshot wound that was on his shoulder some hours ago has completely disappeared. Downstairs, Fabio and his men come looking for Sergio and threaten Alessia to reveal his whereabouts. It turns out that they didn’t know the location where the deal was going to take place. Hence, they believe that Sergio has fled with the drugs and are determined to find him. Fabio puts a Butcher knife to her throat and asks her where her father is.

Not knowing what is going on, Alessia stays quiet, which angers him even more. All of a sudden, Enzo breaks in through the window with a mask and a hoodie to hide his identity. He easily picks up one of Fabio’s minions and slams him onto a table. The others try to fight him, but are easily defeated against his superhuman powers. Realizing that they cannot win, Fabio and his people run away.

Before leaving, however, Fabio manages to attack Enzo on his feet, chopping his toe off. Enzo and Alessia go to his house so she can be safe. He tapes his toe back to his foot, hoping it will be attached by the morning. Alessia thinks that he is the superhero Jeep from her favorite anime. She believes he has come to save her at last because she is mentally ill.

Enzo doesn’t bother to correct her and goes along with the story. The next morning, he sees that his toe didn’t magically attach to his body. He accepts the fact and asks Alessia if she has any relatives with whom she can stay. Enzo doesn’t want her to be his responsibility, but Alessia claims that her only relative is her father. With nowhere to take her, he brings her to a residential care home where she previously stayed while her father was imprisoned.

She is reluctant to let Enzo go, but he falsely assures her that he will be back soon. In the meantime, the CCTV camera footage of Enzo stealing the ATM goes viral on the Internet. Fabio sees it and realizes that the guy is the same man who they fought in Sergio’s apartment. The gang is tense because they are yet to find the drugs. Fabio’s righthand man.

Antonio suggests they take a loan to pay Nunzia for the deal. However, Fabio is not fond of the idea. Instead, he suggests they Rob an armored truck that they had planned to Rob after the deal. On returning home, Enzo finds a bunch of papers among Sergio’s belongings. The papers have an elaborate plan of robbing the same armored truck.

The following day, Fabio and his minions are hiding by the side of the highway armed with guns, ready to Rob the truck. However, Enzo stops the truck and steals everything before them. Fabio fires several rounds at him, but Enzo manages to get away before they stop him. Back at home, policemen knock at Enzo’s door. It turns out that they found Alessio wandering alone in the streets looking for him.

Enzo takes her in and scolds her for bringing the police to his house. The girl innocently complains that he didn’t come to meet her. They watch her favorite anime together at night. While they’re at it, Enzo tries getting closer to her. Alessia freaks out and asks him to stop because she doesn’t want to get hurt.

When he calms her down, she reveals that she was sexually abused in the past. The following day, she insists he’d take her to save her father. Since he is a superhero. Enzo brings her to a closed amusement park. He uses his strength to move a Ferris wheel so Alessia can ride it somewhere else.

Fabio and Antonio get into an argument because Antonio wants to take a loan to end the troubles with nunsia, but Fabio refuses to do so. When Antonio doesn’t back up, Fabio orders his Rottweilers to attack him. The gangster is killed in the encounter. Meanwhile, Alessia and Enzo go to a shopping mall to shop for a Princess dress that she has always wanted. They end up kissing and making love in the trial room.

Afterward, Enzo tells her the truth about her father. Alessia gets upset and blames Enzo for letting her father die. The news about the armored robbery makes it to the TV and Enzo begins to be known as the super criminal. Jealous of his popularity, Fabio makes it his mission to attain superhuman strength. Like Enzo, Alessia tries to run away from Enzo and boards a tram, but he stops the tram from driving away with his powers and apologizes to Alessia.