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He approached the car to sell candy, but what He saw inside left him in a shock

The major author of america’s youngest outcasts a report card on child homelessness dr ellen basic says family and child homelessness is a problem that does not receive the attention it deserves in november 2014 the national center for family homelessness at the american institutes for research published a report which may be accessed here national center on the family

Homelessness report according to the national center for homeless youth the number of children experiencing homelessness increased by eight percent between 2012 and 2013. approximately one in every 30 american children or two and a half million children were homeless in 2013 according to the national center on family homelessness which was created by dr basic and previously served as the organization’s director

In the words of the author these are historically high rates compared to 1988 when homelessness affected only one percent of the population it now affects around 36 percent of the population several factors are considered in assigning grades to each state in the district in columbia these include the amount of child homelessness in each state the well-being of children the likelihood of children becoming homelessness and the

Effectiveness of state policy and planning efforts however as the report shows the number of children who are homeless is increasing at an alarming rate despite the fact that most states efforts to address the problem are insufficient according to the research the typical family experiencing homeliness in 2013 is comprised of an african-american mother under the age of 27 with two little children

The survey found that 51 percent of children experiencing homelessness are under the age of six domestic abuse sexual assault and other forms of interpersonal violence are widespread among this group of women with 90 percent indicating that they’d experience a traumatic event of this nature the doctor believes that this young mother is likely to be slightly ignorant and has few prospects for earning a

Living wage that would allow her to provide for her family as a single mother with small children she also needed but cannot afford child care in order to maintain a stable employment situation adding alarming rates of domestic abuse to the mix this lady finds herself behind the eight ball and her children are right behind her after being photographed sobbing at the sight of a handicapped woman using an

Oxygen tank to breathe a street beggar has now been adopted with the adoption covering the cost of his schooling as well thousands of people all around the world were moved to tears when john thuo was videotaped crying at the sight of gladys kamande after he sought to beg from her while driving through nairobi kenya’s capital gladys’s car became stuck in traffic preventing her from making it to a hospital visit she’d scheduled for

That day the woman explained to john that she was blind and could not breathe without assistance when he inquired as to the purpose of all the medical equipment in the automobile his tears flowed when he realized how terrible her predicament had become due to the genuineness of his feelings and prayers a huge number of kenyans expressed an interest in donating money to aid gladys’s medical expenditures

Despite their efforts gladys’s family has been unable to raise the money required for her hospitalization as well as to cover her medical expenses according to reports in the local media she’s said to have suffered seven miscarriages and to have been viciously tormented by her husband during her last pregnancy after which she was left alone the woman who is caring for john is named nissi wambugo and she’s declared that she will pay for his education at

Both the elementary and secondary levels if he continues to attend school little john thuo is one of many homeless adolescents who live on the streets of nairobi kenya and he’s just 15 years old he’s one of the many homeless youth who live on the streets in nairobi street urchins are frequently disliked and they’re often characterized as filthy baggers and pickpockets among other things it’s possible to have a heart of gold if

You’re a beggar with the lowest social position possible as jon has just proved when john was out begging for money from drivers of cars stopped in traffic he came across a woman named gladys comande with whom he struck up a friendship and eventually became friends gladys was suffering from collapsed lungs which caused her to have difficulty breathing she must always rely on an oxygen concentrator oxygen cylinders and a

Generator in order to breathe and she must carry all the supplies she’ll need with her wherever she goes on top of that the 32 year old has undergone 12 operations one of which resulted in the rupture of her optical nerve which resulted in her being rendered legally blind when john a naturally curious boy inquired as to the function of each and every one of her gadgets she laughed as he listened to her explainer plight

His eyes welled up with tears in their innocence the realization that gladys was suffering far more than he was caused him to break down in tears he came to the realization that as horrible as his experience on the street was gladys’s predicament was even worse when he realized that there was nothing he could do to save her he began to sob even more gladys’s hand was taken in john’s and he prayed that god would provide her with

Whatever she needed for therapy to be successful immediately after he reached into his pocket and handed her the pitiful quantity of money he had on him after seeing the tiny boy’s outburst of emotion a bystander shot the photo above which was then shared on social media by the boy’s parents this is a post that’s gotten a lot of attention since it was published as a result of the story’s widespread

Distribution generous donors have contributed enough money for gladys to cover the cost of the medical treatment she’ll receive in india it should be noted however that this is not the only hopeful development gladys helped john to get off the streets and back into school as a result of their friendship and the two of them worked together to help john get back into school he expressed his enthusiasm at attending as long as he did not have

To travel too far away from gladys and then the story started to look a lot more appealing john had been adopted by a family with his new family supporting him through his education he’ll no longer be dependent on charitable organizations for financial assistance the fact that even a modest amount of compassion can make a significant effect as demonstrated here we have a responsibility to the homeless

Population and there are people in this world who genuinely care about their plight as in the case of the narrative we shall tell you presently especially for children life on the streets may be quite stressful particularly when they’re young as a result of a breakdown summer a mother of four found herself stranded in a van that would not move at an intersection in seattle’s soto neighborhood

As a result of the arrival of four seattle police department officers at the scene she and her family were able to be safely removed from the dangerous scenario the phone call came to an end a few weeks ago but they haven’t stopped paying visits to the family in the meanwhile summer went on to say that the cops from their police squad hauled her over here and have been checking up on her every

Day since late last week officers elizabeth scott and joseph masniak arrived at summer’s home with supplies for the children who were between the ages of 7 and 5 years old and 18 months and 6 months old respectively their temporary home is a run-down car that they traveled all the way from north dakota to be with us summer accompanied a friend who had traveled to seattle to sprinkle the

Ashes of her daughter who had died in a car accident summer described her current predicament as being caught in a tight spot right now she expresses gratitude to the police officers who made voluntary contributions of their own money to purchase diapers and food for the kids summer admitted that she had no idea what she would be doing or where she would be if it weren’t for her friends

It’s not a place i’d want my children to be in so we can do what we want mazniak said of the current circumstances in addition to assisting the family in identifying housing choices the police department had promised to assist with summer’s return home to north dakota if she determines she requires aid with that process according to scott it seems like we’re constantly there for people when they’re experiencing their worst days as a

Result anytime we get the opportunity to do something nice and bring some enjoyment into the lives of others we take advantage of that opportunity without hesitation it would have been simple for these cops to dismiss that call and move on to the next one but they chose to dig a little more according to sergeant joshua dunbar the officer supervisor the officers were supporting summer and her children and dunbar was originally

Unaware of this as was the case when dunbar arrived there as soon as he discovered the truth he set out to guarantee that the genuine care demonstrated by these police officers was properly recognized and appreciated summer and her family are unsure of what will happen next at this time nonetheless she is grateful that the officers continue to show up and support her when she is in the most severe need

Of their assistance i have a strong desire to cry because they’re precisely what police officers are supposed to be cops who are out there to serve and protect the people now it’s time to share this great story with your friends and family