Story Time

He decided to burn his dead mother then he noticed something shocking!

Man decides to burn his dead mother, then he notices something shocking. A funeral is an event to say goodbye to a lost loved one and not one where people are running helter skelter for their lives, but that’s exactly what happened at this ceremony at this funeral. Everyone heard a cry from the grave after the coffin cracked open did the dead man come back to life? Was he even dead or did someone want him? Dead?

Woman’S body was frozen after she dead. Her son come to fill her die, wished to burn after religious rituals, but something crazy happened at that moment. In a bizarre incident, a woman who was declared dead by a hospital came back to life after her funeral bath. The bizarre incident took place in pakistan. Rashida bibi age 50 was admitted to the abbasi shaheed hospital.

In karachi, she was declared dead by the doctors and the hospital issued a death certificate. The woman miraculously came back to life while being given her funeral bath on wednesday. Her body had been shifted to the morgue and we had started giving her a funeral bath when a woman present in the room noticed her limbs moving. We then hurriedly checked her pulse to find that she was still breathing rashidi’s, daughter-in-law shabana said to adelie in pakistan. The woman is now undergoing treatment at the same public hospital.

According to the woman’s family 50 year old rashidi bibi was shifted to the public hospital, where doctors not only pronounced her dead, but also issued a death certificate said a report. Her body had been shifted to the morgue and we had started giving her a funeral bath. Her daughter-in-law shabana told the newspaper she said a woman who was present in the room noticed rashidi’s limbs moving, adding that we then hurriedly checked her pulse to find out that she was still breathing. Shabana said the woman had been covered in funeral shroud by the time she was found alive. Here’S another story about love that will make you laugh cry and laugh again.

The last 15 years of laura’s life have been a nightmare and it’s all had led to her funeral, but where did it go wrong for this decorated teacher? Her story began over 40 years ago in the village of mustier submarine located in the south of france. Laura is the second of four children, her family wasn’t rich and they struggled to pay for her education. Her father was a worker and mother, a petty tailor and right from a very young age. The woman was in love, or at least she thought she was laura.

Had feelings for javier and she felt the same way about him too. The duo had been friends since they moved three years ago and ever since then they’ve been inseparable. Everyone in school knew how close they were. Whenever you saw laura, you would most likely meet lisa. Most people refer to them as a couple and they thought of themselves as bride and groom as well.

They started dating at the age of 14, but many would tell you they’ve been in a relationship for more than a decade. The lovebirds started making plans for the rest of their lives together. They planned to get married after high school and attend the same university for laura. If her parents could not afford the university, she would have to join the military. However, not everyone believed in their happily, ever after after javier’s mom told him that he shouldn’t be marrying the first person he fell in love with.

He believed that their lives still had a lot of twists and turns various things to experience and if they got married now their marriage would not survive. Lisa had already experienced a bad marriage and she didn’t want her son to go through the same trauma. She and javier’s father had picked a wedding date and she was pregnant with their son. Her fiance dumped her two weeks before the wedding for her best friend, who was from a very rich family. She had to work very hard to provide for javier, and this is why she was against her son getting married at a very young age.

However, the couple did not let their mother’s reservations bother them. Javier told her mom that whether she attends the ceremony or not, she was going ahead with the wedding. Laura’S parents supported their union. They believe that since they both truly loved each other, then there’s no reason they shouldn’t be together. They also like javier and stated that he’d make a very good husband, but three weeks before the wedding, something tragic happened, lisa had gotten home from work when she had a heart attack by the time javier got there.

His mother was dead. Normally the teenager would be at home, but ever since his mom made it clear, he doesn’t support the marriage, their relationship had gone cold. He tried to avoid his mom and only went home very late at night only to go straight to bed javier blamed himself for his mother’s death. He believed that if he was there, he would have been able to rush his mom to the hospital. His mother was the only family he had, even though they’d stopped talking to each other.

He had hoped that at some point his mother would accept his marriage. He was in no state to get married. Instead, he told laura that he had to postpone their marriage. They both got admission in the same university. However, the young woman’s parents were not able to secure the loan they needed to pay for her tuition.

Laura joined an inboard mission. She promised javier that they would get married when she returned. They both still loved each other and they wanted the same thing. Laura was at war for three years and after the war was over a few months later, it was announced that she was getting married to another man. She was said to marry the daughter of the richest professor in the university.

This is because he and the general had an agreement. Pro william was laura’s mentor in the phd. He had a son who was always worried about his son. Liam was very impressionable. He spent most of his time drinking and fast becoming an ardent drug user.

The general believed that, being in a relationship with someone like laura, could change his son and help her become a better person. He wanted laura to marry him for a year after which he could choose to divorce or not. In return, the woman was going to give half of his properties for laura for laura. The deal was too good to turn down. She planned to marry liam for one year, divorce him and go back to javier, the love of her life after the war.

He was in a relationship with the professor’s son for over six months after they got engaged after the wedding. She sent a letter to the village for javier telling him to wait for her. He didn’t know that she was married to someone else. Instead, she told him she had another assignment that she’ll keep away for more than a year when she returns they’ll get married. Professor algonan’s experiment was fairly successful.

Liam did clean up his act, or at least they thought he did. He stopped drinking and taking pills. But what his father didn’t know was that he was sleeping around laura knew she was cheating on her, but she never confronted him because it didn’t matter. She didn’t love him. However, she wasn’t aware that she, however, she wasn’t aware that he saw the letter she wrote to javier.

He copied the address because he planned to send a letter of his own as well. The day after laura sent her message liam sent a package that contained the letter, their wedding pictures and a disc of their wedding. Video jamie was heartbroken and out of anger, he wrote back to laura, he told her, he knew she was lying and that he knew about her marriage as an act of revenge. The frenchman also told her. He was married as well.

This news broke laura’s heart, so she decided to go to the village to confront her. However, the night before she traveled liam saw her flight documents. He knew she was traveling to meet him and he was determined to stop her the next morning. Liam poisoned the coffee. He gave to her.

He knew that if she was dead, all the property would become his william suspected that his son was the one who killed the wife, but he couldn’t do anything because he had no proof laura had a foster child that she left him with. Her parents, so this sudden death destroyed them a lot.

The rich family wanted to bury her at the same day, but they didn’t know her dead wish is burned after her ritual laura’s family refused that she was buried the same day but at her funeral. Something remarkable happened liam and laura’s family members, alongside other people at the funeral, were all dressed in black ready to say their goodbyes, just as they lured her into the ceremony. The coffin, cracked open and the bottom fell out into the crematory.

A cry came out of the place. The whole ceremony went into disarray and most people thought laura was a ghost. After some minutes they realized it was truly her and took her to the hospital as if by an act of god, laura was still alive. It was at the hospital that they all noticed that liam was missing. His foster son adam searched for him.

No one knew where he went, but william confirmed the suspicion. It was later discovered that liam had traveled out of the country and no one heard from him. Ever again. It took a while for laura to recover from the ordeal and be discharged from the hospital, but after she left the hospital, she went straight to the village. Even though javier was married, she still wanted to see him one last time.

What she didn’t know was that she was in for a surprise when she arrived at mr samari. She was told javier now runs a coffee shop. However, when she asked about his wife, the reply was: what wife are you talking about? Instead, she was told that he lives with his family. This made her very angry because it meant someone had treated her badly when she saw javier.

The devil stood for like a minute just staring at each other before they hugged and had a discussion. Laura explained the entire situation to him, and just when she was about to ask about his wife, her son stepped into the room when she returned laura pleaded with them to forgive her. They now had more than enough money than they’d ever need a few months later. They got married and they’ve remained a happy family ever since this story taught us that greed never wins, and the good heart always wins. The only good thing that laura made in the story that she raised a poor child who was the cause that saved her life when he insisted to apply her dye, wish to bury him after the burn life can be tricky.

That person is lying dead and lifeless on the floor covered in a white sheet. Their silent face carries a sad look, you’re, crying and regretting that you didn’t resolve small issues with them because they would never come back now. People aren’t going to remember you on the basis.