Story Time

He felt that his dog wanted to jump opening the door he was shocked!

He felt that his dog wanted to jump. Opening the door, he was shocked. He was in tour by car with his faithful dog and found something incredible. What he did next, I’m sure will break your heart. Becoming parents is really a unique opportunity to start a process of personal growth.

In fact, we can consider fatherhood as one of the most sacred trades since the beginning of time. A trade in which being an apprentice with conscience is the highest aspiration, and in which the great masters are going to be our children. And our inner voice, that voice that we hardly hear, is the stressful everyday life of our lives and which we’ll have to learn to contact. Paternity is a role in the life of human beings. It’s a very important issue in our growth.

And in today’s story we’ll tell you how beautiful but marvelous it is to become a father, how animals have sensible heart more than humans. He never thought that that day in his life would change forever. He was a man who was in his 40s. He lived alone after a long divorce process in which he had separated from his wife with whom he had lived for more than ten years. Both had decided to go their separate ways after constant fights and disagreements between them.

After they had never been able to conceive a child. His ex wife had currently remarried and soon after she’d become pregnant. This was something that had always mortified Paul well. He felt that he had not been enough as a man and as a husband. He’d always considered himself a healthy and good man.

He’d never hurt his partner and had kept fit despite his age, because he loved sports. And every day he would go for a tour with his car with his dog, during the freezing days near the forest that surrounded the city where he lived. However, life doesn’t always go as planned and Paul had to adjust to his new life. But something incredible was about to happen to him and one selfless act was going to change the course of his life forever. Like every day.

He left at seven in the morning. Paul headed to his morning tour before leaving, but this day was more different. His dog was more enthusiastic then going home to get ready for an endless day of work as a manager. But that morning the man felt much more energy than usual and sensed that something was about to happen that day. Like his friend dog.

However, he wasn’t sure what exactly was about to happen. When he got to his usual route, he noticed that everything was quieter than usual when he was touring with car. Suddenly his dog started barking and insisted to jump from the car. He stopped the car, then the dog jumped and still barking more and more Paul heard between the pews a cry. At first he thought of ignoring it since he had only seen an animal.

But then he heard it again. Something was definitely wrong. He leaned closer to the noise to find out where the sob was coming from. What he found left him completely paralyzed and completely nervous. He run towards this thing with his dog presented wrapped in a blanket with a small newborn twins.

It was obvious that he was very weak, his color was unhealthy and he was making a great effort to breathe. It was as if the little twins had spent the last energy he had to ask for help. And luckily Paul was in the right place at the right time. Well, it turns out that the man very carefully wrapped up the small infants so as not to harm them, and hurriedly went to the nearest hospital, praying that the little twins would survive long enough for them to be saved in this freezing weather. When the emergency room found out about the twins condition, they didn’t hesitate to act quickly, and in turn they also called the police to report the little twins who had been abandoned.

Unfortunately, one baby died after 2 hours. Paul quickly got caught up in the legal mess of having found the twins. He was called to testify about it and explain how it was possible that he had found them at first, what his hero dog did for them. He was one of the suspects. But that opinion was soon rolled out as the man was completely in shock.

Yes, he was in shock for everything that was happening. He couldn’t believe that someone would be so cruel as to abandon newborns defenseless babies. And he couldn’t help but think that the little one was alone and without protection in this weather, who would dare to do that? So as soon as he finished with the police, he went back to the hospital to ask about the survival baby’s condition. But the news they gave him wasn’t the best.

Nope, the little one had not arrived in good condition, so his lungs and other organs had been compromised. The doctors were doing their best to save him, but they didn’t have much hope. Paul felt a great sorrow for that baby and felt how his heart was breaking little by little into 1000 pieces crumbling. He couldn’t believe that someone who hadn’t had a chance to live would die in a cold hospital. So he decided that he would do whatever he could to save that little boy.

So instead of going for tour again like he did every morning, now his route would change. He went to the hospital to visit him, and after work he came back to see how he was doing. He also told the hospital that they put him as the child’s emergency contact. In addition, he paid for all the medical expenses. So soon all the nurses and doctors in charge of the case knew him.

They loved and respected him. Paul felt that he had now had a reason to live the little baby he soon affectionately named Alex. A very nice name that he loved and dazzled him in the first instance. And without a doubt, there was no one braver than that little boy who clung to life day after day. A week past like this, little Alex’s condition did not show much improvement.

He was still very weak and connected to machines that allowed him to stay alive. Paul was heartbroken by that entire situation that he was witnessing day by day. But he could only wait for himself to fight. Also, the Poll case became famous in the city, as many media outlets broadcasted on TV. So every day the hospital was visited by many people who came to give strength to the nice baby and also to thank the great Paul for his noble action.

However, the man kept thinking about the mother of that child and what situation caused her to leave her son in that condition. One day, Paul was entering that hospital very early and saw a young woman named Laura in a school uniform sitting on one of the benches in front of the building. She had a face of pain and anguish. Without a doubt, Paul knew that she was the mother of little Alex. Paul sat down next to her.

He decided to talk to her and he told her now I can understand why you made that decision. You know that I do not judge, you know, at any time. But I hope you know that you put the life of a completely innocent soul in danger. Hey, you must have felt very distressed. But there are other options if you want to see your son.

I can take you to where he is. It’s up to you. The young woman and listened carefully. And then, her voice cracking with tears, she said, thank you Mr. Thank you for saving my baby.

I’m glad he had an angel when I left him there. It will fill my heart with regret for life. But I don’t think I’m strong enough to face the consequences. I hope I can give the little boy a good life because he deserves it. And then the girl went away crying, and he never saw her again.

Paul didn’t tell anyone about that encounter, but something the young woman said had stuck in his mind. I hope you can give the little one a good life. He’d never thought about what would happen if Alex recovered. And without a doubt, adopting him was an option. But he didn’t feel that he would be a good father.

It wasn’t until one day in the morning when the man received a call from the hospital. Paul thought it would be bad news, and he prepared himself to receive the worst. But everything was the opposite. The nurse who took care of little Alex at night told him that the little one had begun to wake up. Somehow he was breathing on his own, which was undoubtedly a good sign about the state of the baby.

So without hesitating twice Paul changed and went to see him. He was with him for the rest of the night until the doctor arrived to inform him that Alex was out of danger and that from then on everything would be in order. Paul felt a great peace. For the first time he was able to carry the little boy in his arms. He knew that he had made the decision that would change his life.

He would adopt that little boy and raise him with much love and would remind him every day how brave he was. It had been after going through a great test that life itself had put on him. But his life and his dog now have a very good purpose. Paul had to fill out many legal papers and with the help of all the people who had seen him care for the little boy, he was able to adopt little Alex and take him home with him. They were difficult years, but they were also wonderful years in which man had to learn to be a father, but was able to get through it all with love and dedication.

Alex grew up filled with kindness, honesty and courage. What tremendous values that dad had instilled in him. He knew his story. Yes, he knew it perfectly. And how this brave dog saved his life and lost his twin.

And he always thanked his father for giving him a second chance to live. The young man currently lived only a few hours from his childhood home. Since he now had his own family, which he had formed with the same values that his father had taught him. Paul had a new purpose in life that was to raise Alex. And now his life as an old man was full of happiness.

He had also a daughter in law and grandchildren who loved him very much. It’s easy to forget that the work of being father does not only fall on the people with whom we share, however, on the people who love us and give everything for us. It’s that simple justice. Paul gave it to his son Alex, who today is a great example of fatherhood. Because there’s no doubt that sometimes being a father is a decision made from the depths of the heart.