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He found a woman injured in the forest when he took her a 21 bears followed him into the hospital

He found a woman injured in the forest when he took her. A 21 bears followed him to the hospital. They are peaceful, thoughtful, emotionally intelligent animals who truly love their kids. They are trustworthy, and this is especially true true of a mother in her Cubs. They have a Jolly sense of humor, curiosity and compassion.

If you look at overall bear behavior and adaptations to their surroundings, I think they’re smarter than many adult humans. The bears in our neighborhood, Blacks, Browns and Grizzlies are known to empty all of the food packages from kitchen cupboards, packaged containers, as well as raid the refrigerators for edibles. This was observed by the cowering families in the other rooms at the time or obvious.

After the bear had left, a friend came across a juvenile black bear in his rural garage that had removed a twelve pack of Budweiser and by poking a claw through the top of the can and then lifting it above its head, had guzzled away most of the cans and was drinking one when the homeowner flicked on the light in the garage. They can develop a bond, especially if raised from a cub, but they will always be wild animals and thus unpredictable.

Same things for Lions, Tigers, etc. That’s why these friendships very often do not end well. Some people have a talent or a special affinity for dealing with animals. Even Caesar Milan the dog Whisperer, has been bitten several times now. If a 70 pound dog bites you, that’s one thing.

But if a 600 pound grizzly bear does that or Swatch you with a paw that can decapitate a Moose, we’re talking about a whole new level of hurt or worse. My suggestion is that you befriend a dog or a cat. They may get a little rambunctious, but very rarely would you be in mortal danger. Hunter and Bear Pack Rescued A Pregnant Woman In A Forest In Winter What Happened to her? Shocked Everyone Hello everyone and welcome to The Stories Today.

I’ll tell you a story about a bear pack who rescued a pregnant woman in a forest in the winter. What Happened to her? Shocked everyone. Our story today takes place a long time ago in a remote village in Serbia during a very cold winter.

Snow blanketed the ground and covered the trees of the nearby forest. There was a young woman living in the village who was pregnant. The young woman’s husband was a fisherman and was away on his boat on a long fishing trip. It was his last trip of the year before the Bay completely froze over, so he was going to stay out for several days to catch as many fish as he could while he was away. It was up to the young woman to take care of the house even though she was due to have the baby soon.

This young woman was very strong and got all the work done on her own. She even had to walk several miles through the woods every day to get fresh water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. She would make this trip for water at the end of the day, making sure that she was back before the sun went down. After the sun went down, it became too cold to be out in the forest, and there were dangerous animals to worry about too. On this particular day, everyone in the village was talking about the weather.

The winds had picked up overnight, which usually meant a big snowstorm was coming in. All the fishermen would be returning that night to hunker down with their families until everything thought out again in the spring. The young woman heard all the talk about the storm and was excited that her husband would be returning home that night. She put her hands on her belly and felt movement from within. Oh, he couldn’t come back a moment too soon, she thought to herself.

This baby will be coming any minute now. The young woman quickly set about tidying up the house in preparation for his arrival. I know, she thought to herself. I’ll make a hot, delicious stew for dinner. That way, when my husband comes home out of the cold, we can share a nice, hot meal.

What a better way to celebrate? So after her usual daily work, the young woman went to the market to buy ingredients for the stew. While she was there, she felt a great movement in her belly. Not yet, she whispered, rubbing her hands on her stomach as though listening. The baby within was still again.

Yet the young woman knew, though, that the time was quickly approaching. It was a good thing that her husband would be getting home tonight. She paid for the ingredients, thanked the shopkeeper, and went home to drop off the food. Then the young woman set out with a bucket to get water for the stew. It was a little bit later in the evening than she usually set out, but she was confident as long as she hurried, she would be able to make it to the river and back before the sun went down and the snowstorm rolled in.

And so, with one hand clutching her bucket, the other resting on her belly, the young woman made her way through the trees. She made it to the river with plenty of time left to get home. So when her belly started to shift and ache again, she took a moment to sit down on a large rock near the water’s edge. The panes were more frequent now. Just a little longer, she said aloud to herself.

Just wait a little longer. Realizing that she herself couldn’t afford to wait, the young woman filled her bucket and started walking quickly back toward her home. In the village, she could see that the sun was beginning to set. She didn’t have much time, so when her belly began to ache again. She pushed through.

The pain was coming in waves, but she brushed each one aside and continued on. But finally it became too much for her to Wolf. The young woman winced and cried out as her stomach pain and she slipped on a rock on the path. She twisted her ankle badly and tumbled to the ground. She protected her stomach as she fell and landed on her side with a bucket of water splashed all over her, thoroughly soaking and shivering her.

The young woman carefully tried to stand up, but she couldn’t put any weight on her ankle. The pain was too great. From where she was on the ground, she could see the sun disappearing over the horizon. She could feel the air getting colder as snow began to fall on her wet body. Her heart started to race.

She knew that if she didn’t get help soon, she and her unborn baby would die out here in the cold, but she was brave and wouldn’t give up. She crawled as best as she could along the path back toward the village, calling out for help as loudly as she could, but it was no use. She was too far away and everyone else was sheltered in for the night. She cried out once more, this time in pain as her stomach spasmed again, however. Then she heard something that filled her heart with fear.

Echoing through the trees was the moaning of a pack of bears, and they were getting closer. The young woman stopped moving and tried to be as quiet as possible. She curled herself up into a ball and tried to hide under her cloak, but she knew that she was exposed out on the path. She could only hope and pray that the bears would pass her by. She needed a miracle, and she needed it now.

Just then, she felt a hot breath on the back of her neck. The bears had found the young woman. She said a quick prayer for her unborn baby and prepared herself for the worst. But instead of attacking her, the bear did the strangest thing. It settled down next to her in the snow.

The rest of the bears soon joined in, forming a warm fur barrier against the winter storm. She breathed a sigh of relief, but then winced again in pain as the contractions in her belly started to intensify. This wasn’t over yet. Back at the village, her husband had returned home to an empty house. The fisherman knew that his wife must have gone out to get water and not returned, but it was too cold and dangerous to gather a search party to go look for her.

He waited through the night, praying for her safety. As soon as the sun came up, he went from the house to house, gathering of friends and neighbors to help him search the woods. But as they stood at the treeline and prepared to go in, someone cried out wait. There she is. The crowd fell silent and the fishermen rushed to the front.

He couldn’t believe what he saw there striding through the trees with his young wife on either side of her, a large furry Wolf. The young woman who was carrying a large bundle in her arms, Wrapped in her cloak. As the young woman and her bare escort Reached the tree line, The Wolf stopped, Then turned and disappeared back into the forest. With one lone howl, the fisherman ran forward to greet his wife and smiled when he heard the cry of a baby rise up from the bundle in her arms. The young woman smiled and pulled back the corner of the cloak to reveal their newborn son.

The young couple never forgot their miracle or the bears that saved the young woman and her baby. In remembrance, they decided to name their son Michael after a great bear from the Legends of their people. That young man would go on to forge his own Legends. But we’ll save those stories for another day. Some wild bears have learned to imitate human behavior and beg for food and treats.

Unfortunately, a bear that has lost its fear of humans is a very dangerous thing, and repeated encounters with campers and tourists can lead it to being euthanized. Polar bears just see you as food. Your best bet is if you want to help bears, donate to a registered charity. If you want to see one, take a safe nature tour. Never approach one in the wild, no matter how friendly it may seem.

Bears are wild animals. They are not domestic animals. It is really not possible to be friends with a bear, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to have a relationship of respect and caring and empathy. Even in zoos, bears are not domesticated. It does not matter how many years they have lived in the Zoo.