Story Time

He kicked his fat girlfriend but he had no idea he would be very sorry

Every person would agree to that as. Love is the reality of life. And it’s not only about the love. Of your other half, but it exists. In everything and every relation. But another fact is that true love is hard to find. True love exists, but it’s very rare these days.

The world has become so materialistic that it’s changed the feelings of everything, including affection and fondness. Nowadays, people prefer materialistic things that’s completely vanished the true essence of liking. You must have heard many love stories and must have many movies on the same subject. But today the story I’m going to Narrate has so many lessons in it that you’ll learn after hearing the story. Sarah is a beautiful girl with a.

Kind soul, but a bit overweight. But does that make her any less of a human? The answer is no. Absolutely not. Sarah lives in New York, is an independent girl who’s working in a consulting firm and established quite a good career. Her family lives in another city and she often visits them. It’ll not be wrong to say that Sarah is a good daughter, sister and friend. Apparently everything was perfect in her life.

She had a good job, good living, beautiful family and amazing friends. But as they say, grass is not greener at the other side. There is something missing in her life and she used to feel it, though she never shared that feeling with anyone. But Sarah wanted a companion. She wanted someone who was there to love her, to adore her and to. Make her feel special.

She was feeling incomplete and she wanted someone who comes and completes her. Days were passing and Sarah was busy in her life. But that feeling of emptiness was there. She was smiling and laughing with people, but deep inside she was craving for that true love. She was also aware of the fact that her weight is a big issue.

As men always want someone with an attractive body. But on the other hand, she also had a belief that her true soulmate will never care about these materialistic things and will accept her with all her weaknesses. Sarah was not an overweight girl always. She used to be slim and attractive, but in teenage, something serious had happened and that affected her badly. She went into depression for some time, and as a result of that incident, she started stress eating.

That eating disorder had adverse effects and her weight started to increase. It was at a point that it wasn’t in control. Now Sarah had overcome the depression and. Every emotional setback, but she could not control her weight. The stress eating was also there, which. Contributed in weight gain. But one day that happened that Sarah. Had always been waiting for. It was a normal day, just like other days. Sarah was busy in her office dealing with clients.

She had an appointment with a new client today and she really wanted to crack that deal. She was fully prepared for the meeting. Finally, the meeting time came and that person arrived. Devon was a handsome and attractive man. He had good dressing sense as well. Sarah couldn’t stop herself from appreciating his personality. The meeting started and she tried her best to get the deal and she. Was sure that she will.

Devon was also looking impressed with the way Sarah was dealing with him. Eventually it was a successful meeting and they decided another date for the finalization of everything. But this time Devon insisted to have a meeting outside the office. He seemed to be quite a reasonable man. She accepted the offer and decided to place a meeting there.

And then there was some kind of attraction to this man. Sarah was getting some vibes from him, but she didn’t want to think about him. She was aware of her weaknesses and she didn’t want to have any expectations. That hurt her later.

Finally, the meeting day arrived and Sarah did some special preparation for that. She wore the best dress, matching shoes, and jewelry. She didn’t know why she was doing all this, but she wanted to. When she arrived at the meeting point, she found Devin waiting for her. After formal Greetings and everything, Devon said he was waiting to meet her and didn’t know why. Sarah composed herself and didn’t reply because she didn’t want to give him any impression. And on the other hand, it was their official meeting. They weren’t on a date.

She had to stop him and continue with the official thing as this meeting was for the finalization of their project. They finalized everything and when they were leaving, Devon asked her permission if he could contact her in a personal capacity. This time she couldn’t refuse and she said yes. After that, things went quite fast. In those days.

They were madly in love. Devon was the man of her dreams. He never discussed anything about Sarah’s weight. He always used to admire her and praised her. Sarah felt lucky having such a perfect and nice man in her life. Things were going very smooth and those were the best days of their lives. Sarah used to think why Devin didn’t come into her life earlier, but it was the perfect for them to meet and they were very happy. But there was one thing that bothered.

Sarah and it was Devon always asking her about her finances. She used to think he cares about her and that’s why he’s concerned about her finances and living. But with time, things used to get worse. Now Devon started asking her for money. He always used to complain about his. Less income and more expenses and used to take money from her. She used to give him whatever he asked for. Now with time, his attitude and behavior also started to change. Now.

He had issues with her weight and physique. He started to taunt her about her body and dressing. He would only talk in nice manners when she gave him money. Sarah was depressed and confused with Devon’s changed attitude. She didn’t know what was going wrong. She always tried her best to keep.

Him happy, but nothing worked. They started to live together and Sarah used to bear all the expenses. It was not a home for Sarah, but a paradise where she was living with her perfect man. She had plans of marrying him, but. Devon had no such plans. That paradise was like a hell now because Devon never left any chance to humiliate her for him. Sarah’s weight was the biggest issue. That person who used to adore her.

Now was not leaving any chance of insulting her. Sarah had lost her confidence and self esteem. Her eating disorder came again and she started to eat a lot again, which resulted in more weight gain and more insults from Devon. But she couldn’t do anything except crying and begging him. But he turned deaf to her. One day, as usual, Devon was fighting with her and he asked her to leave her home. She was asked to leave her paradise.

That she built with so much love. She begged him not to do this with her. She begged him that she can’t live without him. She reminded him of all the good times they’d spent, but in vain. He didn’t want to see her face and he wanted to get rid of her. He asked her to pack her bags. And leave that place as soon as possible. Sarah had no choice.

She had to leave because he wasn’t listening to her at any cost. She packed her bags and dragged herself out from that paradise. That person who was her world had. Thrown her out of that place, which. She used to think was their love nest. Anyhow, she came to her friend’s place. She had no other place where she could go, and also she wanted some support and at that time her friend. Was the biggest support for her.

Her mental condition wasn’t good. She was in a miserable state. That entire incident had affected her a lot. She used to cry for hours. She used to blame herself for everything her work had also affected. She couldn’t attend office for days. Her friend couldn’t bear all that and. One day decided to confront her. She told Sarah that it’s not her fault that a man was not the right person for her. His love was not true and she was there only for material gains. If no one else could love her. She should love herself.

She should keep her fit and healthy for herself because she doesn’t deserve all this, but deserves a happy life. It was the day that changed Sarah forever. She decided to live for herself and never expect anything from anyone. She focused on her work and herself she started gym and exercise because she wanted to get healthy and fit.

A changed routine, very pleasant effect on her personality. She emerged as a strong and better person than before. She gained confidence, boosted her selfesteem. Sarah was not the old Sarah who always used to crave for love, but that entire incident had changed her a lot. She realized that selflove is the best love. One day Sarah was at a restaurant.

With her friends and she encountered Devon. He was with some girl but didn’t seem that happy. Such people are never happy in any state. When Devon saw her he got surprised. He never expected her this way. He thought she’d be crying and still craving for his love, but it was an entirely changed Sarah there as he was a materialistic person and also have left Sarah because he’d found someone attractive than her. He felt very sorry and felt regret for leaving her.

One revenge that Sarah got from Devon. Was to end contact with him which put him in great financial loss. He regretted that he had not left her. He’d be in a better place. He realized what a mistake he had done. Instead of blaming and taunting her for. Her weight, he could have encouraged her for shedding weight.

She would have happily done that. But as his love was not true. He wanted to get rid of her. And her weight was the easiest reason he could present. Though Sarah had some difficult time, but she emerged as a winner. While Devon was at a loss with. A lot of regrets because his other.

Girlfriend had also ditched him, Devon had got the lesson, but he had nothing in hand now, only sorry and regrets that he had. So what’s the lesson for readers in the story? It might be a common story for you, but it has many lessons which we can learn after knowing the real lessons of the story. Every story tells you something. Every story has something for you to learn. It depends on how you perceive and. How you take it.

The lessons I learned and want you all to learn as well are never expect anything from anyone as Sarah never realized her self worth before and always crank for someone else to love her. It’s important to understand that self love.