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He laughed at her for being black, but two Hours later, He regretted it!

He laughed at her because she was black but afterwards he regretted it the old nine story building was approached by a taxi after two minutes a girl in dark attire got out of the automobile helen was the one she just buried her mother and was now alone in the empty house lost in her dismal thoughts the girl entered the building ascended

To the third floor and unlocked the unit her mother’s favorite bag and coat were hung on a hanger the boots she’d bought a few days before were right next to it helen kept her emotions in check throughout the funeral procession in order to avoid crying in front of people when she eventually arrived home she let her emotions run wild the girl wept all evening lamenting her mother’s absence and her loneliness until she finally drifted into a

Restless slumber helen considered how she wanted to conduct her life when she awoke she had no one in the world save her mother she and her mother lived alone for 10 years after her father died it was a trying moment for them both helen’s mother mary had no formal education and had no work experience she was a homemaker who planned and organized her family’s life with her

Husband providing for them however because she was widowed young she had to start again in labor and low-paying jobs she acquired a job at the factory and worked part-time jobs to supplement her income she only had one objective in mind to offer a good education for her only daughter so that she would never repeat her mistakes but she fell short helen’s mother was unable to save any money tudors received all the extra

Money which was not much as a result after her mother died the kid had to figure out how to pay for food and utilities getting a job was the only way out helen walked to the group and bid farewell to her classmates after submitting a sabbatical application to the dean’s office i think taking an academic sabbatical is the correct decision her buddy masha said i certainly hope so i’m going to

Work right now to tell you the truth i’m afraid and depressed helen had a flashback to her mother and was on the verge of crying her friend picked up on this and changed the subject listen my partner works part-time at a restaurant on the avenue as a security guard he offered me a waitressing job the other day they currently have a vacancy due to a resignation and they’re looking for a replacement i declined but

Why don’t you give it a shot you’re attractive and intelligent i believe they’re properly compensated there helen agreed looking at her friend with appreciation optimism helen arrived for an interview the next day after her friend’s boyfriend agreed with the director it was early in the morning and the restaurant was still closed the girl was stunned by the magnificent decor and pricey furniture as she walked along the

Empty hall she’d only ever seen it in movies before she was still with her father the previous time she went to the cafe a tall skinny woman in her 40s sat in the owner’s chair in a high-end suit and with a flawless hairstyle marie-anne was her name helen received a nasty prickly gaze from her she inquired about her previous employment and work experience

The lack of experience at an early age was a disadvantage but beauty and a strong desire to work were advantages she was placed on probation as a result of this your first day of work is tomorrow the girls will tell and show you everything at first then there aren’t any exceptions work necessitates accountability precision and customer courtesy we shall part with you without sorrow if

Something goes wrong the wife declared forcefully at the end helen was ecstatic that her circumstances were so favorable she already had a job at a cool restaurant before she ever started looking for one and the pay is good she’ll almost certainly be able to save for the future i hope my team is doing well the girl reflected as she went to bed in the evening mom please assist me tomorrow helen went to work the next day she

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Rapidly picked up on everything and was tasked with serving the first client within a few hours she accepted his order and delivered all the meals he requested a high-end vehicle pulled up alongside the eatery the doorman hastened open the door and a tall middle-aged man exited the vehicle it was a regular patron of their eatery helen noted that the proprietor of the restaurant came out to greet him

The woman grinned her attention drawn to his she blossomed in front of his eyes and emitted a sliver of ecstasy victoria this is a regular customer of ours a highly wealthy individual always leaves a large tip as well as a bachelor take a look at how our director is whirling around on his chair by the way be cautious around him marie ann will not forgive him for being a sucker for young girls especially black ones like

You kate who also worked here as a waitress remarked your predecessor paid with her job for flirting with him marie ann motioned to helen to follow her inside the office helen walked over to the counter to take the order she greeted everyone and placed the menu on the table victor couldn’t believe what he was seeing helen’s face and figure reminded him of a woman who had hurt him a lot as

A child a week before the wedding the bride abandoned him she only stated that she didn’t love him and that she’d met someone else for a long time the man was unable to recover from the shock but he was saved by studies job and a new goal to exact revenge and become wealthy so that the runaway bride knew what she had given up he immersed himself into his studies as a law student taking on numerous side jobs he already had his own modest real estate firm by the end

Of the fifth year things took a turn for the better victor turned out to have a knack for securing lucrative partnerships he became a wealthy and successful man as a result of all of this in terms of female relationships they were the ones who were absorbed he didn’t allow any of them to approach him he couldn’t forgive or forget his first love and this new waitress was a carbon replica of her and she’ll undoubtedly

End up in my bed victor reasoned hey how long have you been here what’s it like to work here why don’t i come get you after work we’ll have a tour of the city and then eat dinner in a pleasant setting you’re going to enjoy it helen was taken aback by the offer she had little experience with males but she understood exactly how a proposal like this would go she replied pleasantly as if nothing

Happened despite a twinge of displeasure i’m sorry but that’s not something we can do i’m at work and i’ll be going home afterwards come on gorgeous girl says the narrator i’m well known throughout the town you’ll not be compensated for accompanying on my walk on the contrary i believe they’re also promoted i’ll ask your director for a decent bonus the man laughed immediately staring helen in the eyes

Excuse me are you going to order anything else helen brushed aside his advice he smiled impudently as he shook his head hearing this the girl walked over to the counter and turned away the days dragged intermittably victor returned to the restaurant several times after their first meeting he appeared in the company of long-legged beauties alone at times and with other guys in

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Suits at other times he constantly offered helen a walk under the moon when she was alone a vacation to bali a stop at a diamond store or a visit to his rural home right away helen was genuinely amused by it all it became a game of sorts victor presented helen with different possibilities in the hopes that she would accept in the end but she listened with a smile and continued to say she

Was not interested her co-workers had told her about his situation and she felt sorry for him as a result she was unconcerned by his approaches and focused on her work it’s unclear how things would have turned out if marianne hadn’t intervened she was usually engrossed in these sensual situations and because she was in love with victor his attention to the waitress irritated her helen might quit up at some point she

Realized victor was also overly warm to a basic waiter she noticed marianne had made up her mind to get rid of helen helen arrived to work the next morning as usual in all she ran into marianne let’s go to my office and tell me everything she remarked aggressively to helen in the office there was a tense discussion when i brought you here to work helen i believed you were in a

Grave condition i trusted you and put you on probation despite your lack of experience and seniority and instead of thanking us you stole from us we conducted an audit yesterday and discovered a cash register shortage the majority of the cash was discovered in your locker this is something i didn’t expect from you i’m not going to the cops i don’t feel sorry for you but i don’t want the restaurant’s reputation to be tarnished i don’t want everyone to

Think that this is a place where only thieves work get out of here now you’ve been fired helen fell into tears at the unexpected accusation from the restaurant owner it wasn’t her fault after all and she had no idea about the money or the scarcity she returned home and pulled out an old photograph album containing her mother’s photographs she desperately wanted to forget everything that had occurred to her

An envelope unexpectedly slipped out of the photo album helen was the recipient of the letter sweet helen says the narrator i’m probably not with you if you’re reading this letter sorry for not telling you sooner but now that you’re on your own you need to know the truth this will be beneficial to you when i was 19 i was inexperienced and naive i had once left my fiance almost just before the wedding after a heated argument i had no idea i was pregnant

Until i met ivan who reared you as if you were his own child even though you knew you weren’t his daughter he was a beautiful man who adored you and me now that you’re an adult you have the right to discover the truth about your biological father victor’s his name in our town he’s a well-known businessman i’d like to reassure you that you’re not alone in this world turn to your father when you’re having

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Challenges or problems in your life i’m hoping he’ll accept you and please beg him to forgive me if it happens i know i’m sorry for him but nothing can be done because time cannot be reversed helen placed the letter on the table with quivering hands covering her face with her hands and sobbed she was taken aback by what she just learned why didn’t you tell me earlier mom helen muttered under her breath as she gazed at a photograph of her parents

She was at a loss for what to do she was mortified that her own father had spent so much time hitting on her and treating her like a sexual object or making jokes about her dark skin she decided not to tell him the truth and began seeking for work the next day she went to interviews for several days but was turned down everywhere helen observed a familiar jeep near the entrance as she returned from another interview

Victor emerged from the vehicle clutching a bouquet i’ve been to the restaurant and can tell you’re in serious trouble you did it incorrectly but i can assist you he also gave a big smile helen’s throat swelled with hatred and pain she ripped the bouquet from victor’s hands and trampled it in a fit of rage i stole nothing she exclaimed tears streaming down her face there was no

Wrong doing on my part my mom passed away first my father now wishes to purchase me and she dashed through the door the man stood speechless staring at the entrance’s shutting door and thinking furiously he went up to her floor and rang the doorbell after waiting 10 minutes at the bottom and giving the girl and himself time to cool down can you tell me what you want

Helen’s sobbing voice could be heard from behind the closed door are you mary’s child yes i’m her child i discovered a letter from my mom yesterday in which she explained the whole truth please open the door victor felt helen would not open it after a minute had passed helen on the other hand opened the door and moved to the side to allow him to enter the room please don’t abandon me let’s

Communicate in a calm manner a letter from her mother was secretly delivered to him by the girl victor instantly recognized the handwriting of the lady he’d loved and despised throughout his life it’s really painful to realize that she’s gone that i’ll never see her again he remarked after reading the letter how many times have i anticipated our meeting and my triumph over it in my dreams just to have it all turned out

Like this please accept my apologies helen please don’t turn me down yes you are an adult daughter who i’ve never met who i did not nurture and whom i had offered numerous times with obnoxious innuendo but i guarantee i’ll take care of it right away helen remained silent she was at a loss for words and she knew in her heart of hearts that this was her own blood her father he was not a horrible person he’s

Simply bruised by life and cynical she then resolves to do everything in her power for them to become a family it simply takes some time let’s grab some tea the girl said quietly tears enter on.

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