Story Time

He Married a Millionaire Old Woman for her Money, but he Never Imagine What She Would Do…

A prominent phenomenon which is now spreading in some societies is young men’s preference of having relations with old women. On being interviewed as Cougars lovers, they give the reason behind their strange tenacity. Women are more mature, so typically there’s less drama.

There’s more focus on what’s important in the long run rather than small stuff that won’t matter later. Besides, if she’s past menopause, there’s no risk of pregnancy, so no need for birth control and there are no periods to interrupt things.

If she’s not past menopause, she’ll be experienced in birth control and know whether she wants more kids or not. In addition, she’ll often have a better understanding of what makes a relationship work. Having experienced a few herself, she can use this knowledge to guide the relationship in the right direction.

Some women look great when young, but men do not look as attractive when they’re older because they didn’t take care of themselves. The hero of this story is a young man who found his own pleasure with befriending an old woman.

His name is Wilson. Wilson was the only child of his parents. He was raised by his mother as his father died early. His mother’s name was Christina. Although Christina raised Wilson in a good way, she worked day and night to meet all of his needs.

However, Wilson’s bad friend George was the one who paid his attention to the numerous benefits and advantages of being in a relation with a Cougar. At first, Wilson disagreed with George’s strange opinions, but he was greatly affected by them. Later on, after he saw George lead a healthy life which was empty of problems usually arising from couples of the same age. Wilson was in love with his cousin Jessie as they were about to be married. Despite that, many disagreements appeared between both of them regarding different issues.

This made Wilson disappointed and hopeless. Such failing love experience changed Wilson’s mind about concepts of love and marriage. At first, Wilson thought that marriage must be done out of true love. He also saw that there must be age parallelism between the two parties preparing for marriage. That’s why he always advised his friend George to stop making intimate stories with old ladies as there was a deep age gap between George and them.

When George narrator Wilson about how much happiness he experienced with his fiancee, which was 60 years old when George was only 30, Wilson’s curiosity was increased to go through such an ordinary experience. For example, George stated, Old women are more experienced and confident, they’re more emotionally mature, they have relationships experience, they’ve made mistakes, and they’ve also learned what they like and do not like.

They have a good head on their shoulders more often than younger women. Additionally, they seem to be great conversationalist with a wealth of knowledge experiences, and it’s nice to test that. Moreover, they can provide you financially easily.

They’re mature and it tends to show in their face and in their actions the older women I liked always had this kind, calm, composed look Also they’re independent which I find attractive they can survive on their own part of living life includes learning to survive independently when needed and succeeding at it in conclusion, in order to live a long

lasting life which is empty with any kind of worries or troubles then you have to be in relation with an old woman not with a young one as all the young ladies are searching for temporary sweet times and they do not enjoy the patience and wisdom of the old ones which is considered as a drawback of them I assure to you that you will feel the full stability and enjoyment of life George suggested that Wilson would flirt with the

60 year old sister of George’s old girlfriend Wilson agreed in fact, Wilson was interested in experiencing these emotional feelings in such a different way Wilson was keenly looking forward to meet the old woman whose name was Celia Celia was a rich old lady which did not get married Celia wanted to spend her life single in order not to have children which were a burden for her Wilson met Celia he tried to love her but he failed at that time Wilson realized that the big age difference represented an obstacle

for him he revealed to unlike you I found it difficult to give and receive loving words with a woman at the age of my grandmother it did not work in spite of the several attempts I made there are no sharing experiences between us her way of thinking is totally different from mine her too much maturity makes me feel boredom

we have nothing in common she reminded me of my grandmother I regret listening to you George I must go to Jesse to say sorry for her Though I and Jesse face many problems we’re still able to cooperate together to settle all of them down at least we’re of the same generation and we witnessed the same events and memories this will help very much in creating more fixed understanding between us

in my opinion you two must separate from your aging lover you enjoy it because you’re still in the very beginning of the relation but you’ll blame yourself very much later for having a love tail with such Cougar I’m sure you’ll feed up sooner or later Such kind of relationships are neither interesting nor exciting It would be better for you to end it early before being involved in any strife

Go and look for a girl at your age who is full of life and energy she easily can turn your boring life into a real Paradise Wilson went with Jesse and he apologized to her Wilson said I’m so sorry Jesse for the long period I was absent far from you in fact I learned a lesson that I cannot live my life without you you are my whole people you’re my whole world you’re the main founder of my coming future.

Together we share memories, happenings, and events which can help strengthen our love and avoid struggling over trivial matters. I sincerely love you and I won’t permit anyone to spoil our love. I’ll keep you by my heart. I’ll maintain you as a gift from God.

Let’s forget about all previous quarrels. We must be more wise and patient. Forgive me if I cause any pain to you. Finally, Wilson decided to marry Jesse, but he did not have enough money for that. George gave Wilson a solution for his financial problem.

George told Wilson that Celia was a very wealthy woman. George added that Wilson would go to Celia pretending to love her so to be able to steal her money. Wilson was hesitant. Wilson was a real struggle between his morals and his need for money to marry Jesse. Wilson took Jesse’s opinion.

Wilson took Jesse’s opinion. Jesse refused that Wilson committed a robbery. Jesse said, you’re not a criminal, Wilson. You’re respected and educated man. How dare you think in committing such a crime?

If money will make you a thief, let it go forever. Money is not important. Our love is necessary for us in order to be able to survive. Before doing that, think that the police may arrest you and you will undoubtedly be imprisoned and severely punished. In this case, I won’t be able to see you again.

The wound would be great for me. I may die out of longing for you. Please do not deprive me of your vital existence in my life. I am ready to live with you, even at a cottage in poverty, rather than being helpless to see you. Wilson insisted on his decision because he was aware of the fact that Jesse’s father would never allow him to marry Jesse without having a lot of money.

Wilson planned to steal Celia’s vault, which was full of jewelry and money. Wilson said sorry for Celia because of his sudden abandonment for her. Celia’s suspicions were increased. She doubted Wilson’s feelings. Celia decided to act as if she accepted Wilson’s apology.

Celia felt that Wilson was deceiving her for some purpose. However, Celia could not identify Wilson’s true intentions towards her. One night, Wilson asked Celia to have wine with him. Celia’s fears became greater. She felt that Wilson was plotting against her.

To guarantee her own safety, she installed cameras in the house to photograph any abnormal happening. Celia pretended to be drunk and that she fainted out of excessive drinking. After being sure that old Celia fell into a deep sleep, Wilson moved to the vault. Cameras show Wilson robbing Celia of her safe. Unfortunately, Wilson was arrested.

Wilson regretted committing the robbery. In the prison, Wilson lived in sadness and loneliness. It was a very tragic situation. Wilson asked to meet Celia. On seeing her, Wilson expressed his regret of harming her in such a way.

For the first time, Wilson blamed himself for taking George’s opinion in any step he took. As George was a real opportunist. This story teaches moral lessons that one should not depend on others for making his or her own decision. Instead, they must rely on themselves in order to be fully responsible for their actions. People should behave wisely and carefully as the possible consequences are often serious.

One also should not abandon his or her lover suddenly and without justifications because this may break the heart of the other side severely and make him or her live miserably. Besides, like Celia, one should be more cautious about others intentions towards him or her.

Not all people are real, but some of them are deceiving and greedy. Like Wilson who coveted Celia’s money strongly and aimed at robbing her without any compassion towards this old lady who treated him well. Thanks for reading.