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He Promised To Marry Her Wait Till You See Them Two Decades Later

He promised to marry her wait till you see them two decades later preschool romances are the new high school romances matt grotzky and laura scheele formed an amazing friendship when they met at the age of three during their preschool days he had even told the entire class he adored her they grew up went to different schools grew apart and eventually forgot about each other until fate reunited them

Matt and laura’s story began 25 years ago in phoenix arizona at three years old they were great pals after meeting laura on the playground matt decided he wanted to be her buddy and started following her around which made her like him and they became fast friends their parents thought their bond was adorable they were only kids after all matt would follow laura around the playground all day wanting to be your

Buddy i don’t recall the first time i saw her but she was always a girl who’d let me follow her around he told today they became fast friends after laura realized how entertaining and kind matt was and how he followed her around they liked to play hide and seek on the playground and disregard their nap time naturally they work together isn’t it amusing how we used to try to impress each other we used to brag about our pokemon collections or try to swing

High on the swings matt was determined to always make a good impression on his best friend just wait he said one day in front of their class their class laughed as expected one knows how many childhood pals we have lost touch with matt and laura were soon off to kindergarten they were eager to move on from preschool for matt and laura the transition to kindergarten was a difficult one

Preschool pals didn’t know if they’d be in the same class and realize their unending play dates might be over matt and laura weren’t in the same kindergarten class and they weren’t in the same primary school clearly their parents didn’t make this choice it was imposed by their environment matt and laura seldom saw each other the buddies would only hear from each other when their families sent christmas cards even though they used to play together

And enjoy christmas together after almost 10 years matt and laura were preparing for their first day of high school again they were in two different schools and barely remembered each other a decade has gone since they were best friends but then something amazing happened laura noticed a name on her friend’s phone when she was a freshman when laura saw matt’s name she suddenly remembered all those lovely childhood memories

Asking her friend how she knew matt revealed that they had met in middle school the world suddenly felt infinitely smaller laura’s youthful affair with matt sparked a strange concept in her friend she arranged them none other than matt grodsky laura was nervous about being hooked up with matt she wasn’t sure she needed a boyfriend at the time i was a freshman in high school so i was like i don’t

Think so she told people a feeling regarding the two buddies despite laura’s reservations she handed matt laura’s number matt’s reaction surprised me matt texted laura as soon as he got her number and they started conversing and agreed to meet they chose a date and then went to the movies they reconnected as though no time had passed in an interview with people matt said he felt infatuated just

Like in preschool these two clicked even if they had been best buddies in preschool there was no guarantee they would be pals in their teens but when they reconnected it was like they were in preschool again after a smooth first date these two became boyfriend and girlfriend and began dating even though they went to different high schools their driver’s license allowed

Them to stay in relationship they reconnected and escorted each other to high school dances and other occasions but with college education on the horizon changes were in the air matt and laura decided to go to college and make their relationship work despite the distance laura attended northern arizona university while matt traveled to chicago to attend columbia college putting them 1600 miles apart

Unlike when they were kids distance no longer inhibited their connection matt and laura were committed to their romance matt and laura were determined to do whatever it took to make their relationship work despite the fact that they recognized distance would be a problem they wanted to completely enjoy college life while maintaining a healthy relationship their time zones made this problematic

But social media and face time allowed them to always see each other they kept visiting one another in their new houses even with social media and face time they couldn’t see one another for long periods of time their longest separation was six months they both realized one thing during college they genuinely wanted to be together but the distance was becoming an enormous challenge for both especially matt he realized he had to

Act he intended to surprise his girlfriend with a romantic lunch at their old school i convinced laura we were going to a preschool picnic matt told the huffington post so i framed it as a lovely calm date after our junior year of college laura had no idea what was coming even after all these years she knew they were going on a picnic but

She had no idea it would be at the preschool where they had met almost 20 years ago matt was excited to surprise laura in this way matt chose the preschool to symbolize their love he wanted to take laura back to the beginning of their remarkable love affair laura had seen matt was anxious on the way to preschool she assumed he was fidgeting in his seat the entire car ride due to the surprise of their picnic

Site laura was profoundly affected by the thought gestures when she arrived at their preschool she had felt blessed to have matt in her life but now her emotions were taking over laura was stunned when matt kneeled down in front of her and asked for her hand in marriage she was awed oh my goodness is this happening when i saw the ring i thought wow i’m overjoyed i had no idea she said

Clearly she said yes matt proposed to laura on may 23 2015 but the idea has been established months earlier he had previously gotten her father’s consent and purchased a stunning engagement diamond months before popping the question even though they were both still in college matt chose not to wait until graduation laura was the one in his eyes and he was going to make it official that’s why he

Kept his preschool pledge i proposed to her at that place it all began in our preschool class matt recalls to the huffington post you just kind of stand up and say it he did it the same manner 20 years ago and he did it again when he asked laura to marry him wedding at the arizona historical society on december 30 2016. it wasn’t enough that they were preschool sweethearts but they chose elton john’s

Can you feel the love tonight to celebrate matt’s countless recitals of disney lines when they were kids for most kids in preschool it’s about finding snacks and sleeping mats but for them it was about finding soul mates said matt’s uncle their love tale does not stop there their wedding was of course incredibly special to matt and laura but it was also special because they could share their story with friends and family

The nicest gift for them was having their loved ones join them and celebrating their love story by dancing the night away our favorite part of the wedding was the dancing and having everyone we love there to celebrate with us matt and laura told people we had a blast on the dance floor surrounded by everyone who helped us come together friends and relatives often informed matt and laura how special their love

Was laura realized their relationship was unusual and as a grodski she wanted to tell the story laura told the way we met using a cute preschool photo with a more recent one next to it since laura had submitted her story this instagram account knew it had to be shared matt and laura reminisced about their childhood romance that began when they were three

I was smitten with laura as a child and i still am matt added the way we met went viral after sharing their tale everyone enjoyed reading their love story and while the couple expected a positive response they were pleasantly surprised when the way we met shared matt and laura’s story it earned over 30 000 likes and 1 000 comments laura then received a notification that her story

Had been shared with over 400 000 people and soon enough various media outlets began contacting them to learn more about their amazing tale the huffington post the today show and people all featured them in full-length stories what awaits the grotzky’s matt works as an account executive for a digital marketing business while laura works for a non-profit organization that aids foster children

They had recently bought a new house and made it feel more like home also their little family grew by one becoming parents was one of their biggest successes in the last two years in a way as soon as they got married they got a lovely puppy named kirby matt and laura have their hands full with their new house puppy and employment that doesn’t mean that they won’t have a real baby matt and laura discuss becoming parents

In an interview with people matt and laura are planning to have children in the future despite their busy schedules we would want to have kids at some point laura told people we’re currently focusing on kirby in our new home it’s no surprise they want to grow their family graduating getting engaged marrying purchasing a home and adopting a puppy have been tremendously busy years for them

For almost a decade matt and laura were unable to contact one another only to restore their connection and form a loving bond nearly two decades after meeting they know they’ll never forget or take for granted their story the best part about our relationship is that we’re silly and we appreciate one another every day they told people long-distance relationships teach you how much the other person matters to you

And we appreciate our time matt and laura are still newlyweds but they’ve been together for years and know numerous ways to make a relationship work for them it’s all about positivity and desire laura claims her favorite thing about matt is his sense of humor while matt said his favorite thing about laura is her contagious smile and passion to serve the less fortunate it’s inspiring to be around her every day

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