He saw a car speeding on the highway then he looks at the trunk & calls the cops

He saw a speeding car on the highway, then he looks at the trunk and calls the cops a hand. Sticking from the trunk of an old beat-up car, tooling down the interstate, turned a routine Saturday shift into a once in a lifetime story for one young reporter and a veteran photographer nearly 37 years ago. I’m driving on the interstate right now and there’s a hand sticking out of a trunk on Saturday May 5th 1979. The Birmingham Alabama police were informed that a beige Dodge Polara was driving along the interstate. Nothing remarkable about that, except that there seemed to be a hand.

Sticking out of the boot, the story was quickly picked up by seasoned photographer, Jerry Ayers and summer intern journalist Mark Winn, both of the Birmingham News. There was a police scanner there. Needless to say, this was bizarre, so strange that it bakered belief it did not help that the police could not find the car. Was this just a prank, so heirs and wind looked at one another and said what we need to do is go out and find that car it was nowhere to be seen the police still hadn’t found it. They drove for hours all over Birmingham city.

Editor, Garland Reeves stayed in constant touch on the radio, so they always knew where the car had last been. They continued to drive, no luck, but just when they were ready to give up there. It was a battered beige Dodge polara number plate edx003 when got on the radio with Reeves who wanted to know if he should ring the police win immediately, replied in the affirmative, we’re calling years later that it was clearly no joke sure enough. There was a hand sticking out of the trunk. Ayers had wind Take the Wheel, so he could stick his head out the window and get a good shot.

He got about 10 exposures. It was an absolutely surreal sight, a hand, sticking out of a gap at the back of the car when was thoroughly excited, pursuing a car for the first time in his life, so excited that Ayers took it upon himself to calm the intern down, but the tension Increased exponentially when the fingers started moving aware that the driver and two passengers were dangerous, they had a man in the trunk, for goodness sake, they continued to follow. Nonetheless, when doing his best to keep back from the Dodge City, editor Reeves urged them to continue to follow, but there is no need, as win would point out.

eement, but he warned when that if anyone drew a gun he intended to take off in the opposite direction. By this time, the driver aware that she was being followed abruptly, got off the interstate errors and wind followed her to a residential neighborhood where she did her best to lose them even throwing the car in Reverse, but in vain they were impossible to shake off and They had remained on the radio throughout with Reeves who transmitted all the information to a police dispatcher.

Then the calvary arrived a swarm of police cars. They penned the Dodge in as heirs and wind approached from behind, then police officers raced to open the trunk inside was Gary o’callier 35. Not only had he survived his ordeal, but was, for the most part quite well. Ayers was right there having bolted from the car to capture the moment on film. Collier had been attacked the previous evening by driver Robin green 24 and passenger Joseph fendley 27 in the car park of a bar relieved of 360 dollars or about fourteen hundred dollars.

Today, beaten unconscious and stabbed with a screwdriver, the victim was unceremoniously tossed into the trunk of the Dodge polara. Imagine his shock coming too in the trunk of a car. Collier eventually realized where he was but had no idea that the car was on the move until he heard other cars Zoom past. He was trapped in that trunk for 14 hours and he would have suffocated if not for a gap at the bottom of the lid. Hoping to pop it open Collier got no further than shoving his fingers through the gap he did his best to survive by blindly beckoning to drivers for hours, particularly desperate after overhearing, green and Bentley talking about where they should dump his body.

It was at this point that Collier made his peace with God, yet he never completely gave up hope or, as it happened, lost his sense of humor joking as soon as his feet hit the ground that he needed. A cigarette, green and fentley were arrested, as was Wilburn Finley, just why he was in the car with his nephew, Joseph and green. As a mystery. I didn’t find anything on the internet, a stranger to Collier. He was eventually released.

It appeared that green and fendley slept in the car before driving for hours. Almost certainly hoping Collier would suffocate green drove for such a long time that Collier, who sensed how much time had passed, believed that if God answered his prayer and he was rescued, it would be in another state. The police pulled him out of the trunk just 10 miles from where he had been abducted. What happened to green and fendley is a mystery, at least to those of us trawling. The internet. If you have any information, please leave a comment. Gary Collier died in 1989.Jerry, Ayers and Garland Reeves are retired. Mark Nguyen is an investigative reporter at WSB-TV Channel 2 Atlanta. This footage was totally creepy.

Two male suspects have been arrested in the Abduction of a 36-year-old woman who was forced into a car in broad daylight. In limasol on Thursday, according to police, a woman from Moldova was kidnapped on Thursday afternoon when a car with two men pulled up next to her around 3 pm and forced her into their vehicle. The alleged incident was caught on camera, with footage showing the woman being forced into a red car by the two men an eyewitness reportedly came forward, while investigators also got access to security footage during the course of the investigation. The suspect vehicle was involved in a car accident and police officers who rushed to the scene found a knife in the car, along with a Precision scale and two bags of white substance believed to be crystal meth. The driver a 34 year old Bulgarian man, was arrested on the spot reports also said in the evening.

Police went to search his residence in Alaska, where they found the woman in question and another 35 year old male from Syria, with whom reportedly she had an affair. Recently, the female was said to be in good health, while cops arrested, the Syrian man with the two male suspects facing multiple charges, including conspiracy, to commit a felony, various misdemeanors kidnapping and bodily harm. The Bulgarian suspect is also facing knife and drug possession charges. This was totally a nightmare security cameras at a gas station in Birmingham Alabama captured a woman’s harrowing escape from the trunk of her own vehicle after she was kidnapped. Video recorded Tuesday shows the 25 year old woman jumping out of the moving vehicle and fall hard to the ground before getting to her feet and rushing inside the station for help.

It’S like a scene out of a movie a car pulls into a gas station. In the middle of the night and stops at a pump, the driver gets out and heads inside to take a leak. Everything seems normal right up until the moment. The trunk pops open and out jumps a kidnapped woman running for her life surveillance. Video shared by the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook captured the dramatic scene on early Monday morning in Clanton Alabama.

According to officials, 36-year-old Timothy Wyatt broke into the victim’s home. While she was sleeping and choked her before tying her up and demanding money, when she didn’t have any authorities, say Wyatt forced her into a blue mid-2000s Ford, Taurus and drove away later moving her from the passenger cabin to the trunk. Eventually he pulled into the gas station, which is where the video picks up the scene. The victim evidently managed to loosen her restraints at some point, waiting less than 30 seconds after Wyatt exited the vehicle before grabbing the interior trunk release and making her Escape. She runs into the convenience store to get help and an interior camera shows she nearly crosses paths with her kidnapper, as he realizes what’s happening and Sprints towards the exit.

The video ends with Wyatt slamming the trunk closed and driving off into the night Chilton County sheriff’s deputies arrested Wyatt later that day and charged him with robbery, kidnapping and domestic violence according to Fox 8.. Strangely enough, this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen a woman escape the trunk of her kidnapper’s car in Alabama this year. As we pointed out, then every new car sold in the United States is required to have an easily visible interior trunk release to help both curious children and the occasional kidnap victim from getting trapped. Ironically, that legislation is largely the product of a woman, Janet Fennell after she, and her husband were kidnapped and forced into the back of their Lexus.

Ls 400 in San Francisco in 1995.She, eventually dug through the carpet and pulled out enough wires to activate the trunk release and escape and spent the rest of the decade fighting for the emergency release requirement in Detroit and Washington. The new law took effect on September 1. 2001., why women are most victim of kidnap the woman.

The women were passengers in a VW polo driven by a 63 year old man. At the time of the attack, the security footage shows a white Mercedes, pulling up behind them. Four armed men jumped out and forcibly removed the women from the silver polo one woman was dragged across the road by her arms Bennett, Bartle from record Centurion reports that one of the Armed assalians sped off in the VW polo while his partners in crime forced the Woman into the Mercedes and their male friend into the boot of their car, the victims were identified. One of the women was later identified as Charity malungu Zuzu, an executive officer of the national Forum on legal profession and CEO of law, practicing Council police spokesperson. Captain Novella masando told the record the hijacked vehicle was found abandoned in Johannesburg.

The motive behind the kidnapping cannot be confirmed at this stage, but the investigation is continuing. Both kidnapped. Women were found unharmed. General Secretary zwalem zema vavi from the South African Federation of trade unions, confirmed on Twitter earlier today that the women were found. Zuzu was dropped off at a garage in madrand and her colleague was dropped off in Johannesburg. He wrote thanks to all charity. Souza has been found at 1am this morning. The criminals dropped her at a garage. Criminals have been told she controls a budget of 6 million Rand at work and were convinced she can transfer all of it to them. They, however, succeeded to transfer her personal money on d-phone.

According to the citizen, the assailants withdrew 5000 Rand from her personal account on Wednesday evening and another five thousand Rand right after midnight. She was released shortly after that. The four kidnappers are still at Large, since the news of their safe return was shared. Online citizens have expressed their rage on Twitter questioning why security companies don’t monitor CCTV screens. Another user Nolan nadoo said that the ten thousand Rand money Trail can be followed to the criminal’s bank account.

This was a totally crazy moment. Quick thinking, Massachusetts police used a highway construction site to stop the vehicle of a suspected kidnapper and rescue an 11 year old girl, Charlotte mocchia of Springfield was rescued Wednesday night after she was apparently abducted after getting off the school bus. Earlier that afternoon she was unharmed. The girl was forced into a dark blue Honda around 1 26 PM, allegedly by Miguel Rodriguez, not long after she got off her school bus. According to Massachusetts, State Police, Maggie Kenny, a neighbor, witnessed the ordeal he just grabbed her and threw her in the back seat.

Kenny told Boston ABC affiliate WCVB, he was screaming. She was saying, stop put me down, stop put me down. Rodriguez allegedly used a knife and threatened to kill her if she screamed or tried to escape. According to his arrest warrant, authorities issued an amber alert and released photos of Charlotte and the car as they were, used in the abduction. Around 7 15 PM State Police began receiving 9-1-1 calls from motorists on the Massachusetts Turnpike, whose out of the car near Brimfield about 30 minutes from Springfield acting quickly.

Officers used a road construction site along the turnpike to funnel traffic into one lane slowing traffic to a crawl when they spotted the suspect’s car. They stopped the vehicle and found Charlotte in the back seat with the 24 year old Rodriguez in the driver’s seat and a knife visible in the pocket of the door police said one officer got Charlotte out of the car, while two others removed Rodriguez at gunpoint. She’s. An amazing little girl said State Police, Lieutenant Bob Ackerman. I can’t believe how strong she was dealing with this Charlotte was taken to a hospital for a precautionary evaluation.

Authorities said I was just crying and thanking God that the little girl has finally found Kenny said a judge denied Rodriguez Bale on Thursday. We’re eternally grateful to the motorists that paid attention to the amber alert and called and reported seeing the vehicle said Lieutenant Charles Murray. There are a number of those calls and they made this rescue possible two days before the kidnapping, the father of another girl in the area said the same car approached his daughter and tried to get her to come inside the vehicle according to an arrest warrant. She called her father who came and picked her up and took a picture of the license plate on the car, which was the same one used in Charlotte’s abduction. Violent crime is generally almost universally higher among men than women, regardless of where you are in the world.

This includes kidnapping even kidnapping for sexual purposes, such as for child sex trafficking. Boys are kidnapped more often than girls for this, as well in war-torn countries where there is no real government left again, men are kidnapped and raped. Incidentally, though, for very different reasons, more often than women, if you’re living in a western country, then being a woman is the single safest demographic you can be in. Above all, other factors, such as age, women are safer than children across the board, but also in relation to kidnapping race. Woman universally are safer from kidnapping than men when you look at each race and compare the two religion or any other method of comparing people in the western world.

This doesn’t mean women are exempt from being kidnapped or that an individual woman shouldn’t take precautions to take care of herself. While there isn’t solid data on it, there’s a very high chance that a good portion of why women are largely safer than men may be attributable to the fact that women are trained to be cautious much more than men, desperate being at substantially lower risk. A woman is normally taught to stay in areas with good lighting to carry defensive tools like pepper spray or a rape whistle and to ensure someone knows where she is at all times and when she should be in contact with people again, men don’t tend to take These precautions, which may be very well, be a part of the reason why they’re targeted more often, especially since kidnapping, is usually done as a crime of opportunity sort of it’s pretty rare for a specific individual to be kidnapped because they’re that individual, it’s usually just whoever happens to be the first one to be easy to grab safely for most types of kidnappings.

In any case, no women aren’t more likely to get kidnapped than men are not even for sex trafficking. If you include children, though, if you only include adults, then in that one situation, yes, adult women are kidnapped for sex trafficking. More often than adult men are, though, normally that happens to children who grow up into adults. So it’s a bit odd to specify that exact situation, but it’s an exception so may as well be included for completion’s sake. Be aware that pimps lure women in by pretending to be the one person in their life that really cares listens to and understands them. Sometimes they will pretend to be a boyfriend. They will use the information that you reveal to them about yourself against you in order to manipulate or threaten you.

After some time of working on the girl or woman, a pimp will coerce or force her to work in prostitution. They will make threats against her and or her family members with violence or murder. If she tries to leave, they will tell the girls who are under their control that they can’t trust the police to help them. Be aware that often women are also used to lure other women into the adult entertainment industry with the purpose of trafficking. It could be for their own gain or they could be doing it for a Pimp.

Girls have sometimes been recruited by other girls who stay in group homes. The kidnapper may have anticipated this and, having had Jane, make a voice tape of her telling you what today’s newspaper headline is then kill her immediately afterward. You could never be sure on that one way or the other.

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