Story Time

He sold the house with his dying mom to a convict, and a year later, he came Back, and got shocked

Sebastian went out the gate, which immediately. Closed behind his back. That was it. Freedom. Back at the prison, he had promised himself he’d never come here again. All the more so because he really. Wanted a good life. But without fear of people in uniform and in general, he wanted to live. Not count the days. Yes, before he got here, he was definitely cool. He was wasting money buying drinks with his buddies and getting all the girls.

Once he got locked up, they all disappeared. No one came in five years. No one sent a package. Sebastian was a swindler. He was in the business of setting. Up one day firms which sold by prepayment everything that can be sold. In fact, no one was selling anything. But there are a lot of good. People who wanted to buy something at a very good price. So things were going well for Sebastian. That’s what relaxed him. He forgot all about caution.

Ever since he was a little boy, Sebastian knew he was going to live well. It meant to be a rich man. All Sciences were so easy for him that his teachers predicted a great future for him. Although what kind of future could there be in the countryside? That’s right. Nothing good. But then his beloved grandmother, with whom he lived, died. Sebastian was taken in by some relatives he never got to love.

Not to say that he was abused. But they simply did their duty. And it wasn’t in their plans to love him. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, he left them. He had just turned 17 at the time. He studied, lived in the dormitory and dreamed of Sunday. Sebastian always cared about his studies. He always understood that being smart wasn’t. Bad at all, and it would all help him. But it took a long time, if. Only all at once, and the idea came.

He thought about it for six months. Then he tried it, and then some more. Two years of complete euphoria, and then the handcuffs. By evening he was in town, and then at the bank where he had. An anonymous safe deposit box. After taking the money from there and. Everything, he’d stashed away, Sebastian went outside. Well, there was no point in going. To a hotel with a certificate. He had to look for something to rent.

He went into a store and bought a telephone. There was a bit of a hitch. With a SIM card, but he sold it. Then he went outside, bought a newspaper. With advertisements and delved into reading. Three days later, refreshed and rested, Sebastian. Began to look for a house. He decided he’d buy a house in. The countryside, but one with excellent communications. There he’d kill two birds. With 1 St. He would sunbathe, recuperate and study the. Changes on the Internet. He’d already bought a laptop.

And anyway, if anyone had seen Sebastian, any one of those with whom he had spent the last five years, he would have never recognized him. Soon he came across a strange ad. Some guy was selling a house. Urgently. It said there was a minor incumbent. So the price was reduced. Very interesting. He looked at the coverage area. The village wasn’t far away, and the connection there must be excellent. Sebastian called the number indicated and made an appointment The man was late.

Sebastian was about to leave, but he used Chevrolet came flying up to him. Hello, I’m Dillon, the owner of the house. Sebastian got into his car. Hello. Can you tell me what’s wrong with the house? Let me show it to you and. Then I’ll tell you about it. You might not like it. Sebastian liked the house, at least from the outside. But the owner didn’t. His eyes were running and his hands were shaking. That’s the kind of thing alcoholics and gamblers do.

Sebastian looked at the owner. Well, now tell me what the catch is. The house is nice, but the price is next to nothing. You see my mother’s there? She’s very old. She might live a year or so. It turns out that she’ll be like a lodger. Is this you selling the house along with your mother? Well, I can’t wait for her to die. I need the money badly.

At first Sebastian wanted to refuse right away. Then, not knowing why, he said, Well. Let’S go see your mother. The house was even bigger on the. Inside than it looked from the outside. One large room, two smaller ones, and a kitchen. We also have a nice room in. The attic and there’s a summer one on the veranda. Apparently, upon hearing the voices, an old woman came out of the smallest room. Hello, son. Why didn’t you tell me we had guests? At least I would have baked a pie. No time, Mum.

We’re leaving already. He literally pushed Sebastian out. So I’ll take it Sebastian said he. Didn’T tell the subhuman that his mother looked a lot like his grandmother. But he did say that he should. Have been locked up. Listen, don’t get your pennies in a twist. If I say I need money, I mean it’s a good deal. Why am I explaining it? Dylan really didn’t want to explain anything.

He was in a great hurry. His young wife had found this offer. You don’t have to do anything. Just sit at home and push the buttons only need to invest. But the profits promise just huge. Susan is a smart girl. They’ll succeed. They even calculated that the money they. Invested would be returned in a couple of months. And then there would be no investments, only profits.

He wasn’t at all interested in how. His mother would live out her life, whether this guy would throw her out or not. He offered to put her in a. Nursing home, but she didn’t want it. It’s good. The house had been in his possession for a long time. The next day after receiving money from. Sebastian, they put everything on the card. And sat down to register.

Everything was working out just fine after two days. There was an inscription in the personal account. You’re doing great. If you deposit more money today, you can withdraw your money as early as tomorrow. Dylan dropped everything and ran to his neighbor. After borrowing the necessary amount of money, which was only $300, he immediately rushed to the ATM. He and his wife woke up early in the morning. They wondered how much they’d earn the first day, but the personal account wouldn’t open. They tried for almost an hour and then they called the indicated number. The number didn’t exist.

They looked at each other. Susan Typed in the firm’s name into the search engine and immediately groaned. There was already a whole website with deceived people that was created in literally 24 hours. Dylan almost fell out of his chair. What is that, sue? What is it? How do I know? I’m just reading it just like you. There was silence for about half an hour. Susan and Dylan were intensely reading what people had written. The man could feel the remnants of his hair moving on his head. Susan, am I correct in assuming that.

Our money is gone? Sounds like that. How was that? You said everything was fine and you checked everything ten times. What am I, an economist? I just offered you a suggestion and. It was up to you to decide. Susan stood up and slowly retreated toward the kitchen. Dylan stood up too and took cautious step towards her. What are we going to do now, sue? How to live? What about our neighbor’s debt? I have to pay it back tomorrow.

Well, you’re an idiot. Why did you take such a short term? Am I an idiot? Dylan leaned over, took off a Slipper and threw it at his wife. Susan shrieked and sent back her Slipper. It hit Dylan right in the head. Dylan put a second Slipper more comfortably on his hand and with a swing through a Slipper again. This time it landed right on Susan’s forehead. The woman howled and ran into the kitchen. Dylan had almost caught up with her.

But Susan managed to grab the frying pan. Dylan stopped sharply and Susan, waving the frying pan, went at him. What do you have to work now? Are you unhappy? That’s all right. You’ll work. It’s very useful. You’re sorry about the money. So you’re the fool. Are you a man or what? You’re the one who hasn’t worked today. You’re leeching off me to work. No way. Have you forgotten that you live in my apartment? I married you. What did you promise me, sue? I’m for you.

I said yes. What a Fool I was. I thought the man was a grown up. They’d argue for a long time and their disputes often ended in a light scuffle. But today the advantage was on Susan side. Dylan spat and went outside to cool off a bit. Of course, he made up with Susan. What’s there to fight about if they. Have to do something? They had to sell her earrings to. Pay off their neighbor’s debt, and Dylan. Went to look for a job. Mrs. Margaret White knew, or rather understood.

That her son was up to no good, but she couldn’t figure out what. She knew that he played cards because he often came to her asking for money. Once he even came at night, or. Rather, he was brought he almost got down on his knees because they’d promised to twist his head off. She gave him everything she’d save for a future funeral and for firewood, too. He never came to see his mother except for money. Yeah, she got used to it. When she saw Dylan with a guy, she got a little scared.

The guy was bald and he had. This intense look in his eyes. He looked like he’d been in jail, but they were gone so fast she didn’t really understand anything. When this guy came back, and even with a suitcase, she was completely frightened. But found the strength to smile and ask if the guest will have tea. It was always so in the village. First you give a meal, then you ask. They got to talking over tea, and.

The boy, whose name was Sebastian, like her grandfather, was good. And when he told her the truth. Margaret White burst into tears. Don’t worry, Sebastian. I’ll just spend the night and tomorrow I’ll leave, so it’s not to disturb you. Sebastian smiled. Well, no, I bought this house with. You, so you keep living here.

You don’t have to go anywhere. Sebastian wouldn’t let her go, even if she insisted she was so much like his grandmother. Only three months had passed and Margaret White was unrecognizable. She visibly perked up and looked even. Younger, and Sebastian understood what it was all about. Dylan was constantly taking money from his mother, and she was too old to do well on a poor diet and without medicine. Now there was a huge new refrigerator in the house.

In fact, the kitchen was all new. Sebastian remembered how Mrs. White groaned. Is it possible to Cook in such a beautiful kitchen? Why don’t you like it? What do you mean, I like it? I do like it. I’ve never seen anything like it.

He enjoyed pampering Mrs. White. He didn’t have time to pamper his grandmother, but he would pamper this old woman, even though she wasn’t his relative. But Margaret White tried to do the same. Sebastian had forgotten that he had ever eaten bad food or washed her iron for himself. Everything was always cooked ironed and polished. As he said with a laugh to.