Story Time

He was walking on the snow then he saw the baby’s head

He was walking on the snow when he saw the baby’s head. Winter is a special time of the year. Snowboarding is one of the best sports that a person can do in the winter. It’s a very beautiful sport. Snowy winter also provides a lot of fun for children who can finally and frenzy get on sleds and skis.

When Rivers or Lakes are covered with ice, it creates a perfect opportunity to put on your skates. Ice skating is a sport in which people glide on the surface of smooth snow or ice by means of special skates with a very rigid soul. Winter and rush is very cold. Not only can it be really cold there, but often outside of the larger cities, the snow covered areas cut off from the world. Children enjoy skating.

Lots of families go to the snowy mountains to have a great time there. Among these families is the family of Adam. Adam is married to CIA and they have a child named Sam. They also have a two year old girl named Antonia. This family lives happily and always goes out together.

Adam decided to go out with his family to the snow and said to his wife, how do you say we go out today and go for the snow for skating? I want to teach Sam how he can ski because I never took him there before. It’s a very good idea. I’m going to prepare the food and bring a bottle of milk for Antonio. I’m so excited.

It’s our first time out with our kids to the snow, said the wife. They prepared and took everything they could use there. Sam took toys to make a snowman and took with him many beautiful toys and made many shapes. Sam’s very happy and said to his father, I’m very happy. The snow is beautiful.

We should go here every day. His father replied with a laugh, I know you like that snow so much, but that doesn’t mean we’ll come here every day because you go to school and study your lessons. But I promise you we’ll come here once a week. You’re right, dad. Sam said, come on, let me teach you how to ski now.

Said the father, it’s a great idea. I saw an old picture of you, dad, when you were skating. I want to be like you. Come on, teach me to skate. Sam is very excited to skate and dad is very happy about that.

They were very excited about it. For Adam and Sea, it was kind of a return to the past. They used to go to the nearby river on dates when they were just getting to know each other. It was during a skating trip that they kissed for the first time. That’s why they wanted their son to love skating.

As for the snowy place, it’s divided into two sides. The first side has a snowy mountain and the second side has a river. But that river is frozen and its surface is very frozen. But it’s in any case a dangerous area that no one should enter the river because he or she may fall under it. And that’s very disastrous.

The family enjoys the snow on the snowy mountain. The father took his son and taught him to snowboard and they were very happy. As for SIA and her daughter Antonia, SIA fed Antonia and they were very happy. That innocent girl Antonia was so happy. Adam felt that the snowy river would be more pleasant than the snowy mountain and said, we must go to the other side where the snowy river is, because it will be more pleasant than the snowy mountain.

His wife SIA said, but it’s very dangerous because the river might be liquid. We might fall out of the snow. Adam said, we’ll never fall because that river is covered with thick snow. And before I saw people standing on its surface and nothing happened to anyone. Let’s go.

Snowy mountain is beautiful, said Sea. I don’t want to go to the snowy river. We can stay here. Come on, Mom, let’s go with dad to the snowy river. It’s so beautiful, said Sam.

They urged SIA until she agreed the overwhelming happiness of that family would not last long because of going to the frozen river. A person should never take the risk, especially if his children are with him. A person should never venture without thinking carefully about what he’s doing. A person must think carefully about what will happen if he does anything. But here we find father.

Adam did not notice that he clearly is a very impulsive person who does what he wants without considering the consequences. Unfortunately, they went to the frozen river. Adam wants to teach Sam to skate backwards. Sia at first was afraid, but Adam calmed her down. He took her hands and skate together.

Sia would try to skate quietly with her daughter, which is in a sling on her chest. She was sure that the little girl would laugh about that. The innocent child, Antonia laughs and is very happy. Suddenly, however, something terrible happened. It was so tragic that the thick ice on the frozen river surface had broken apart.

Sia and her young daughter Antonia fell into the frozen river. Sam shouted, mom, my sister Sam screams and cries very much. It was a very tragic scene and at first they could see the faces of SIA and Antonia mother. Sia grabbed the jacket and hugged her young daughter with it so she wouldn’t fall further down. But unfortunately, they both fell down into that cold river.

Adam was very shocked and said to his son, I’ll save them, but I want you to never move from here so that you don’t fall like them. Adam dived into the cold water looking for his wife and little daughter. That scene was very touching. Adam was able to save his wife and daughter, Antonia. At that time, Sam was screaming for people to come and save his family.

People came to them and Adam, his wife and daughter, came out of that ice water. But Antonia is in very serious condition. The ambulance came immediately and took the baby Antonia and SIA to the hospital. Sea is in very good health, but her daughter Antonia is very ill. The doctor told them the little girl has a severe Frost and this affected her nervous system.

She would not be able to move or speak. But in any case, you should not lose hope. You should not have taken that little girl to the snow anyway. You should give her medicine regularly. Mother SIA and Father Adam are crying because of the illness of their young daughter Antonia.

The father deeply regretted what he did and that he was the reason for his innocent daughter’s illness. Mother SIA says to him, you are the reason for everything I told you. I don’t want to go to the glacier because it’s dangerous and will fall into it. You didn’t pay attention to what I said. My daughter and I were about to die because of you.

Antonio is now sick because of you. I will not forgive you. Adam said, I know I’m mistaken. I shouldn’t have gone there with you. I’m sorry.

I’ll do everything in my power to make our baby Antonia well. I’ll spend everything I have for her to be okay. Forgive me. As for Sam, he’s sad and deeply depressed because he saw his sister almost die in front of his eyes and he could do nothing. Sam never talks to anyone and is very sad.

Many months passed, but it never changed as Antonio was very ill. Sam is very sad because of his sister’s illness. Years passed and the situation is the same. Sam wanted to become a neurologist in order to treat his little sister. He sees his sister in pain every day and there’s hope for him to join the medical school.

He said to his father, I must become a neurologist. I know very well my sister’s condition. I will treat her. I’ll make her talk and move and do everything. The ignorant doctor told us years ago that she’ll not speak or move, but he didn’t understand anything.

I’ll save my sister from what she’s in. I know you’ll save her, said the father. I trust in you. I want to ask you something. I ask you to make your mother forgive me because I’m so tired, said Sam.

I’ll talk to her about that. Don’t worry. Sam went to his mother and said to her, mom, you should forgive my father for what he did. He never meant it. I know it’s not easy at all, but I want you to do two things.

The first thing, I want you to forgive my father for what he did because he regrets a lot. The second thing, I want you to have confidence in me because I’ll make my sister heal because I’ll join medical school I’ll be a neurologist and I’ll save my sister from that disease. The mother said, I’m so proud of you. I’m sure you’ll save your sister. Tell your father that I forgave him years past and in those years Sam was able to achieve his dream.

He used to become a neurologist. He became a very successful doctor. It’s time to treat his sister. He did an operation on her and it was a very hard and difficult day. He did that operation.

It was successful. It wasn’t easy at first and the father and mother were very afraid for their daughter, Antonia. Sam came out of the operating room and said to his father and mother, the operation succeeded. My sister will talk, move and do whatever she wants in that world. I fulfilled my dream and made my sister do everything and live freely.

The mother and father hugged their son tightly and that scene was very touching. Two days passed and Antonio was talking, moving, listening and doing everything. This is the happy ending. A person must never be hasty like Adam whose haste led to a dilemma. A person must never take dangerous risks.

A person must never lose hope. A person must have pursued assistance and determination like Sam.