Story Time

Her husband abandoned her because she gave birth to Triplets see how they became years later

There’s a phenomenon that’s spread in societies around the world which is the unwillingness of men to take responsibility. There are many men who do not like to have responsibilities, which led to the wife feeling that she should be a superhero to take over all the responsibilities leaves of the house, children and the whole family.

Well, the man sits on his seat to watch everything. The bad and neglectful husband is the man who always evades the responsibilities of his home, children and his wife. And the reason for this is often the wrong way of upbringing that the parents followed with him.

When the man becomes a husband, he has a wrong conception of marriage. He thinks that a woman should do everything on her own, and if he helps her, that’s a favor from him. Arena is a very beautiful girl who lives in Keys. She lives with her 70 year old mother. Irina works as a seamstress and makes beautiful dresses.

Arena is a very patient and ambitious girl, as her father died when she was young, and then she decided that she must help her mother, so she learned to sew. Arena makes very beautiful clothes. One day her friend came to her and said, you’re very talented. You must work in a luxurious place and not here. You’re great, and I see you as a fashion designer.

I have a job for you. There’s a fashion company that needs fashion designers and at that time go there. Arena replied, thank you, my friend. I don’t want to go anywhere else. I live here with my mother in peace.

Money is not much, but we are happy. Her friend replied, you will take a lot of money if you work in that company. Go and I will help you. Irina thought about it and in the end she agreed. Arena went to the company and took her designs with her.

She entered the office. The manager is called Sasha and he’s a very rich man. He welcomed her and agreed that she would work with him in the company. As for Sasha, he’s a very rich man, but he doesn’t like to take on responsibilities at all. He’s only a manager of the company on the outside, but in fact, the main controlling person for the company is his friend Mark.

Sasha is a very spoiled man as he has neither a brother nor his sister. His mother treats him very kindly in an exaggerated manner. As for his childhood, whenever he asked for anything, his mother would bring it to him immediately. She doesn’t make him do anything on his own. She never made him take responsibility, so he can’t control a lot of things.

He has money and he just wants to sit on his chair and do nothing at all. But the people around him are doing everything for him. He didn’t do anything himself. Many days passed and Irina worked in that company. Sasha is very impressed with her because she’s an ambitious girl and he sees that she’s the perfect person for him to be his wife because she’ll help him a lot.

Sasha decided to express her feelings towards arena, telling her, Actually, I was hesitant at first, but I’m sure now I’m sure that you are the perfect person for me to be my wife. I want to continue my life with you. I need you so much and I feel that my life will be better with you. In fact, arena has been very fond of Sasha from the beginning. That’s because he’s a very handsome man.

She doesn’t know him well, but she likes his outward appearance because he is a handsome man and wears chic clothes. She was very happy when he asked her to marry him. She doesn’t know her inner intention as she thought that he loves her, but in fact he wants to marry her in order to make his life more stable because she’ll help him and provide him with everything he needs. She agreed to the marriage proposal. She didn’t hesitate for a moment.

They got married and lived in a very amazing apartment. Months passed and one day arena felt very tired. She went to the doctor with her husband. The doctor told her she was pregnant. Then she had an ultrasound.

The doctor said, you’re in the second month of pregnancy, but I cannot determine the gender of the fetus. It doesn’t show me anything accurately. We need more modern equipment. Come in two weeks to examine you again. Two weeks passed, and then arena went to the doctor again.

The doctor examined her carefully and said, Maybe there’s a problem. I’m trying to determine the gender of the fetus, but it’s clear that it’s not only one fetus. When the doctor said that, Sasha was very shocked because he didn’t want children, the doctor added, you’re pregnant with triplets. Congratulations. When my husband heard that we were going to have three children at the same time, he suddenly fell silent.

There was no sign of happiness on his face. His face turned pale and he was very shocked. Irina was very surprised, but she didn’t say anything at the time. They go home and arena wants to talk to Sasha because he’s very angry. She said to him, I thought you would be happy that we have three twins, but I’ve never seen any signs of happiness on your face.

I don’t know why you’re unhappy. Please tell me, he replied, I don’t want children. I never want to be responsible for children. I’m not used to living in noise. I’m a classic guy and I like peace and comfort.

I don’t want to be disturbed at all. Plus, these kids will need a lot of things and I can’t give it to them. You’re rich. What things can’t you bring them? Arena said.

Sasha replied, I can’t take over the responsibilities. I won’t be able to fulfill their demands or care for love. I’m empty inside. Arena got very angry and said, I had a version of you in the beginning that was completely different from the version I see in you now. Why did you change?

Or am I wrong because I agreed to marry you quickly and I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I should have known you well before marriage, but I fell into the trap of love. Love makes people blind and unable to see the truth. Sasha replied, I can never live with children. This is not my life.

I will never be comfortable. Why don’t you have an abortion? That would be comfortable for me? Arena replied, Why are you selfish? I want children.

I’ll never perform an abortion. You are selfish and greedy person who only wants his comfort. You don’t think of me, not even of your children. At the 22nd week of pregnancy, arena became difficult to walk and move. More than once, there was a threat of premature birth for her.

She spent the last four months of her pregnancy almost entirely in the hospital. In those days, her relationship with Sasha changed a lot. They always quarrel, and his mother came to defend him. But the matter escalated and Sasha decided to divorce his wife. Sasha decided to leave his wife, who was pregnant with triplets.

He said he’ll live with a friend of his in another apartment. Irina regretted that she had married him and said that she should have known him well before marriage. This teaches us that we must know people well before marriage so that negative consequences do not occur. After that, arena gave birth to three very sweet children, but they were kept in a special intensive care unit for a few days. They eventually recovered, and then they went home.

Three of Arena’s children are lying on the bed. All of them have different hair colors as the boy’s hair is black and the girl’s hair is blonde. The children look very similar to each other. In the beginning, it was very difficult for both the mother, arena, and the grandmother because they always spend all their time taking care of the three children. It’s very difficult because they need money.

Sasha never calls or helps arena, even though he’s a very rich man. Irina doesn’t know what to do. She thought to go to work, but she found that her old mother would not be able to take care of three children alone. Arena called a TV show to solve her problem and said, I want people to help me. I’m in great trouble.

I married a very rich man, but he doesn’t like to take on responsibilities. When he found out I was pregnant with triplets, he dumped me right away. He didn’t think of me or even of the kids. I can’t take any birth certificates for the kids. I don’t know how to get documents that can be used to get money for the kids.

I don’t have anyone at all to help me. I’m afraid to do it on my own. I never wanted to put myself in the embarrassing situation. But life forces us sometimes because of our fear for our children. I never have milk.

I spend 250 a week on children. But they need more milk and I have no money. They need diapers. We use five diapers per child per day and I spend $600. My husband never helps me.

The children sleep on my bed and my older mother and I sleep on the floor. After that, several people called to contact arena to help her. Among them is a loving man named SIA. She provided them with a decent life. Arena thanked her very much for that.

Several years passed and arena was able to raise her children well. She planted them in love. Sincerity, kindness and tenderness. The boy’s name is Milton. He became a doctor working in a very luxurious hospital.

As for the girls, the first is called Martina and she works as an engineer. The last girl is Anita, who works as a lawyer. They’re the pride of their mother. As for Sasha, he became a poor man as he entered bankruptcy due to his inability to manage his money. He regretted a lot for what he did in his life.

He thought that God had punished him for leaving his wife and children alone. This story teaches us several things. We should not marry quickly before we know our partner well. We must not be selfish like Sasha who dumped his wife. We must be ambitious and successful like arena.