Story Time

Her Mom abandoned her when she saw her eyes! Then a real miracle happened!

Hi everyone. A girl named Primrose was born in. China and she was very different from other newborns. The thing was that her eyes looked. Like they were cast with pure silver. Initially, upon seeing the newborn baby, the doctors were very surprised at her eye color. However, they soon made a disappointing diagnosis.

The girl was completely blind, suffering from congenital glaucoma. This is a fairly rare condition which. Occurs in one in every 300 newborns. And leads to complete loss of vision. However, the problems of this little baby. Did not end there.

Unfortunately, it was just the beginning. Her mother abandoned her at the hospital. And a few days later the girl was transferred to an orphanage. Like any other child, Primrose waited for Someone to take her home. Every day she dreamed of parental love, care and affection. Yet days, months and even years passed. And the miracle didn’t happen. The girl already began to get the.

Hang of things and the orphanage staff did not harbor any hope of her. Finding loving parents who would want to. Commit to such a strange, sick child. Abandoned by her own mother. Thus, this story could have probably not happened at all. But as they say, the world is. Not without kind people. Irwin and Chris Austin, a married couple.

From Brassleton, Georgia, had a complete and happy family. They had their own beautiful house and two charming kids. What else could one need for happiness? What’s more, they did not plan on. Expanding their family and even more so.

On adopting any children. One day, though, the woman was scrolling. Down her Facebook feed and suddenly came. Across the girl’s photo. As Irwin later recalled, When I saw. This little girl, I felt a strange sensation, as if something inside me had turned upside down.

Suddenly I clearly realized she was my child. That same evening, she showed her husband. Primrose’s photos and told him her story. The next morning, the Austin had decided. To adopt the girl. Who else, if not us? Erwin’s husband said in an interview later. And just like that, spontaneously and randomly. These amazing people decided to change the life of a completely unfamiliar little human.

From the other side of the world. To say that the couple had a. Hard time becoming parents for the sick. Child would be the understatement of the year. The spouses had to fly through the. USA, Georgia and China. They went through all nine circles of. The bureaucratic hell and spent a lot. Of money, not to mention how stressful the process was. However, they never once regretted thei decision.

Of course, the adoption process wasn’t easy. And took several months, but still, Primrose. Soon got to go to the USA. To meet her big and loving family. It was only a year later that. The couple decided to share their feelings on the adoption. There is nothing wrong with the fact that she is blind and can’t see. Anything, said her adoptive father, Chris and you shouldn’t feel sorry for us at all.

When people find out she’s blind, they. Often say we’re sorry. But I always ask why when it comes to adoption, something happens to your. Soul that is difficult to put into words. We just knew that we could change this child’s life. What makes life worth living, if not. The attempts to change our world for the better? Chris said. Full of confidence and affection towards the little human. Unfortunately, some time later, Primrose began to.

Experience severe pain in her eyes. It got so excruciating that she cried for 16 hours a day and refused to eat. The examination showed that Primrose had increased. Pressure and retinal detachment in one eye while the other one shrink in half. In this case, medicine was simply powerless. Unfortunately, no amount of money could help the situation. And so it was decided to remove the girl’s eyes. Of course, it was very difficult for the adoptive parents to agree to this procedure.

But it was the only chance to. Save the little girl’s life. So she soon ended up in the operating room. Two days after the surgery, she smiled. For the first time in months and felt really good. Although Primrose’s vision will never return, the cause of her excruciating pain had been eliminated. She will get eye implants and her. Parents hope for the best.

The girl feels great now and is. Learning to explore this world in the dark. Her parents help her in every possible. Way and fully devote themselves to raising her. She feels their boundless love and care. The girl feels like she is special and appreciated because her parents are always at her side. Moreover, her elderly brother and sister are. Always her faithful companions too. To date, Primrose is not at all.

The child everyone shuns. She is a part of a large. And loving family and is very happy. And though her life began not like. Everyone else’s, even complete strangers try to. Make her feel as comfortable as possible. Looking at these photos, you understand that this is the best thing that could. Have ever happened in her situation.

You can understand what drives people like Erwin and Chris. But the very understanding that they exist in our world already gives us hope. Dear friends, just be kind and you’ll. Certainly make a difference in the world. Well, that’s all for today. See you soon. Bye.