Story Time

Her Mother Abandoned Her With Two Bills and a Letter, Later She Discovers Something Devastating…

On a day like today, two years ago, Janice began one of the most important searches of her life. Although for years she had not been able to remember anything of her past life, a peculiar discovery made the doubts that until then had remained dormant moment in her mind come to light, prompting her to make the firm decision to find those who had abandoned her in a lonely street in the middle of the night when she was just three years old. Janice Bunks could never remember what her life had been before she found herself lying in front of an old church, wrapped in a blanket with nothing more than a couple of bills and an envelope that would later change her life completely.

priest who was alarmed to see a small bundle in the middle of the street. She had no idea what her name or her parents names were, as she wasn’t even sure if she had any parents looking for her anywhere, nor did she know how she had gotten there for her. Her life began with a call of that kind old man who then took her to an orphanage where he took care of her and other children. Where she stayed for several months until she was adopted by Yuki and Kimura. A couple of foreigners who. Due to their fertility problems.

Had been searching for a couple of years for the ideal member to complete their family and give them all their love. Knowing Janice’s story, they couldn’t help but be interested in her after meeting her and seeing that, contrary to what they imagined, instead of being an introverted and sad girl, she was always sweet and smiling, because after all, she did not remember anything and saw the orphanage as a place full of children to have fun with. They felt that she was so special that a strong connection grew between them, and they immediately began to make arrangements to adopt her.

After settling into her new home, janice and her new parents gradually got to know each other better and better, and soon bonded so perfectly that they ended up feeling as if they had always been her parents and devoted themselves to loving her unconditionally, just as she loved them. Their status was really good, so the little girl could also enjoy a lot of comforts and was never exposed to any kind of need. However, although everything seemed perfect, there was one person who did not like Janice’s arrival at all.

Yumiko Yuki’s father, from the beginning had flatly rejected the idea of his daughter bringing home a girl who had been picked up from the street and calling someone who did not even share the same features her own daughter, unable to understand that love goes beyond race, blood and social status. The old man was determined to treat Janice distantly from his other grandchildren and make her feel as if she was not worthy to share with them. However, her loving parents took it upon themselves to protect her and let her know that it was not her fault that her grandfather treated her that way, as she was the best child in the world.

But sometimes there are things that some adults can understand. Despite their lack of memories, yuki and Kimura never hid from Janice the fact that she was adopted, because they knew that other people would soon notice the differences between them and start asking questions. Such a reality never caused any problem to the little girl, who never spent the slightest moment thinking about it. All that mattered to her was that she had loving parents and a wonderful home, and that was all she needed in her life.

It was for this reason that she never bothered to ask about her past or her biological family. Yuki and Kimura, saying that she was not interested in knowing, never dared to give her the envelope, that, together with a blanket in the bills, was the only real thing that her parents her real parents had left her, as they feared that its contents could upset or hurt her and damage the happiness that they had strived to give her during all that time. Thus, they decided to keep her existence a secret, and Janice continued to live her life without knowing that there was something that could perhaps connect her to her true origin as an adult.

Despite how strained her relationship with the rest of her family had become due to her grandfather’s insistence on rejecting her and encouraging her cousins to do the same, janice and her parents still got along wonderfully. And there wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t feel lucky to have them. But soon her world would change irrevocably. That day, Yuki and Kimura were celebrating their 30th anniversary. So they decided to invite the whole family.

Tired of their daughter and son in law continuing to keep that orphan that they would never consider in their family, Yumika saw there the opportunity to get rid of her and devised a plan to take that mysterious envelope she had heard them talk about some time ago and leave it in Janice’s room while everyone was distracted. Minutes later, Janice went to get the gift she had bought for her parents when she found a curious envelope on top of her bed. My beloved Diana, that’s what I decided to call you when I first held you in my arms. It’s me, Jenny, your mother. But by the time you read this, you most likely won’t remember anything of your past.

Or at least that’s what the doctors said. And I hope so for the best. I hope you can forgive me for leaving you there. But that night when I saw you unconscious in that tiny, fragile hospital room, I knew I had no choice. Your father is a ruthless and violent man. She will only be safe away from him. I’ve been a coward for not staying with you, and you must know that this is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life. I love you more than anything in the world, and it breaks my soul to leave you.

But I know that Father Roy will make sure that you can have a better life than I could ever offer you. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever had. Which is why my greatest wish is for you to be immensely happy with that wonderful family that I know will come to you. Please never doubt how much I love you. And remember, you will always be my child. Love, mom. With her eyes filled with tears, janice continued to hold the letters she discovered inside for a few minutes as she tried to digest what she had just discovered.

At that moment, Yuki and Kimura appeared at the door of her room, worried about how long it had taken. And seeing her in that state with that paper in her hands, they were speechless. Why didn’t you ever tell me about this letter before? As Janice looking dismayed and confused, we wanted to wait until you asked us about your real parents before we gave it to you. We never dared to open it, and since you never asked about your past, we thought maybe you didn’t want to know about it. Forgive us, my darling.

We had to imagine that you still had doubts. And every right to know about them, said her adoptive mother, bursting into tears. Janice just stared at them. And then, understanding their position and how hard it must have been for them, she gave them a big hug. I have nothing to forgive. I want you to know that you are and always will be my parents and that I love you with all my heart. But I need to ask you to do something for me. In this letter, it says that my father was a violent man who attacked my mother.

So I need you to help me look for her, to know if she is safe and if I can at least become happy. Yuki and Kimura both agreed without thinking, to do their best to help her in her search. Now that she knew her name, Jenny, janice visited the orphanage to ask for any information that could help her. And that’s how she found the address of the town where her parents had lived. She visited hospitals, police stations and every place where there was someone who might know about her mother. But no one could give her any reason to know.

After a year of searching without success, janice was about to give up with an unexpected phone call finally gave her the answer she had been looking for. But not in the way she expected. An officer who was encouraged to help her finally found none other than her father, who had been incarcerated for several years in a penitentiary for having been found guilty of the death of his wife of more than 15 years. Upon finding her mother’s grave, Janice felt a pressure in her chest because of how neglected it was, since there was no one to visit her.

I found you, Mum. And even though, as you said, I can’t remember anything, it was enough to read that letter, to feel in every word the immense love you felt for me. Thanks to you, Yuki and Kimura were able to come into my life and give me all the happiness and love that you wanted so much for me. Your sacrifice was not in vain, and I will carry it engraved in my heart and memory until the end of my days. From that moment on, Janice took care of her birth mother’s grave and went to visit her every year in the company of her parents, who gave her all their support.

Her grandfather, in view of the failure of his attempt to take her away from her family by leaving her that letter and aware that with everything she did after that, she had shown herself to be a sensitive young woman with a valuable heart, who really loved her parents, had no choice but to accept his mistake and accept her little by little. Parents are capable of making the greatest sacrifices to ensure the wellbeing of their children, even if it may cost them their own happiness. Parenthood and the feeling of family is something that goes beyond blood, because the ties that truly unite us are those of love. Leave me your opinion in the comments.