Story Time

His Family Abandoned Him and What This Cat Did is Hard to Believe

It’s not easy to find a man. Of a kind heart. On the other hand, one sometimes can discover that most animals created by God. Are merciful and honest. Harshness is a fixed trait that can be found in a human. On the contrary, animals know know nothing. About how to be cruel. Even though there are wild animals which always chase their prey strongly.

However, they do this out of hunger. As this is the only way for them to still be alive. Nevertheless, there are some people who do. Not believe in the purity of any animal on Earth. This story reveals how an animal can. Be a real rescuer. Sally and John were a married couple. They have a kid named William. Like his mother Sally, William was fond of animals. In contrast, John did not like any animal on Earth. He always told Sally and William about how violent the animals are.

For instance, John said, I’m of the. Opinion that all animals are bad. They hate us humans very much. Even the small Ant which builds craves and human houses in order to make. It weak and easy to be broken down. Also, small insects usually bite us strongly as revenge. I start believing in the enmity found between animals and people since I witnessed the death of my friend Benjamin whose habit was keeping up Wolves in the wide garden of his house. Those heartless Wolves planned together to attack poor Benjamin who never expected such cunning conspiracy.

Although Benjamin used to treat them kindly. Giving them vast food and drink. Wolves killed him.
So both of you must not be. Taken by the deceiving external appearance of an animal, even the butterfly itself. This is because they lie a real evil toward humans. Sally tried to change the wrong opinion of her husband when she stated, no. One can deny the importance of an.

Animal in our life. There’s a situation I’ve never forgotten when the dog we bring up saved the life of my sister which was about to die. The dog helped my sister to fight. The thief who tried to Rob our house. At this time we were all absent. Except my sister Hannah. The dog bites the thief until he. Was unable to stand on his feet. Hannah called the police quickly before the thief escaped. He was arrested and from now on.

The dog became Hannah’s best friend in. Spite of a previous unfriendly relation with it. That’s why I never think that such. Creatures can appear as enemies to us. Instead, they are still our real loyal friends. William wanted to bring a cat to live with them. John refused, but Sally seemed interested. William cried a lot so as to. Make his father agree. John did not care about William’s constant weeping. William tried to make his father accept.

His wish by any means. This happened when William stopped eating and drinking. For some days John had to agree as William’s health state began deteriorating remarkably. John told William that he must keep. The cat into his room as John did not want to see it. William promised his father that he would never cause any disturbance for him. Another small plot demonstrates the suffering of. A young baby whose parents did not.

Feel any inch of pity for him. Diana was a poor girl. She was 20 years old. She lived with her mother in a small house. She worked day by day and night. To bring the medicine needed for her mother. Diana was in love with the owner. Of the store where she worked. His name was Wilson. Wilson admired Diana as she was so pretty and attractive. Diana revealed to Wilson about her love. Diana declared, I love you, Sir Wilson. I know the social difference between both of us very much, but I failed.

In healing my feelings into my heart. It’s a matter out of my hands. I love you very much and I’m ready to do anything in order to. Be with you all the time. Wilson wanted to make the most of. Diana’s deep love for him. In fact, Wilson was a rich businessman who never pays any attention to such definitions of love and marriage. He saw that life comes once and so he must make the largest number of money in order to live properly.

He only cared about money. Wilson had a bad reputation. However. Diana did not listen to those people. Who warned her against him. Wilson had numerous love affairs with many women. Wilson pretended to love Diana. Truly, he was a liar. All he wanted was to fulfill his hateful desire. Only he did not consider Diana’s pure and sincere feelings. He found her an easy prey for him. Wilson realized well that this poor Diana was unable to do anything to him.

If he raped her as she was. Poor and had no support from anyone. Wilson told Diana falsely, I love you too, sweetie. You have charmed me in the day when you come here to apply for a job. You’re so beautiful. I was about to reveal my love to you, but I was waiting for the proper time. I want to take you and escape away from all the people to a remote place where nobody exists and where we can enjoy our love freely.

I want to marry you, Diana. I want to live the rest of my coming days in your hug and with your lovely soul. As for your mother, I shall bring her to live with us after we get married. As good news, I decided to make her be treated under the supervision of highly experienced experts. What matter it may cost. I have a lot of money. Do not worry about her. I’m sure that she would be better where she’s cured suitably yet.

I just want to meet you in. Privacy in order to know more about each other. What do you think? Being naive and a bit crude, Diana agreed to meet evil Wilson. She had no idea about his bad intentions. Diana trusted him limitlessly. She never suspected that he might cause any harm for her, destroying her life. She went to the place where Wilson described to her. At first, Wilson appeared as a real. Lover who wanted to know everything about his lady. He was a true gentleman.

He presented food and drink for Diana. Diana was very happy with that. Suddenly, Wilson gave Diana wine to drink. Diana refused. Wilson begged Diana to drink. Diana drank. At last, she became totally drunk. At that moment, Wilson raped the girl. More than once until she lost her consciousness. Diana wakes up to find herself in a remote desert. She tried to remember what happened the. Night before, but she could not.

Yet, when she restored her consciousness, she. Realized that she was in a bad. Relation with Wilson, who lied upon her. Poor Diana had nothing to do. She knew that Wilson was a rich. Whose father was a police officer and. That she would never be able to. Take revenge from him. Thus, she gave up. After some weeks, Diana discovered she was pregnant. Diana confronted Wilson with his misdeed. Wilson denied everything. Besides, he threatened her to come to.

His store again unless she would inform the police. Diana was down. She didn’t know what to do with. The baby in her womb after his father denied him. After she gave birth to the baby, she decided to get rid of him. As she had no money to spend on him. She put him in front of a. Big house so that the House’s inhabitants. Might find him and raise him. Coincidentally, that house was John’s family. William’s cat was playing outside the house.

When the cat saw the baby crying. She hurried to her friend William to rescue the baby. William and Sally took the baby and Sally fed him until he slept. Sally informed John about what happened. She told him that the cat was. A real savior for the baby. John starts loving the act. After he listened to his story, he. Realized how much tender was the cat. William commented, I’m so happy that you. Finally changed your thoughts about Peck’s father. My cat Reeky saved the life of a cute baby.

He might die out of hunger if. Ricky didn’t see him. To sum it up, those animals have. A heart like us. They feel. They shout out of pain and out of happiness. Also, God created them to help us, to entertain us, and to inspire us. I consider Reiki like my best friend, as it always remains by my side. Unlike those fake friends of humans. After a short period, Diana felt guilty for dropping her baby into the streets. She came to the house and she.

Saw Sally carrying the baby and playing with them. Diana disclosed to Sally about the fact that she was the mother of the baby and she narrated her sad story to Sally. Sally sympathized with Diana. Although Sally was angry with Diana as she put the baby in the street alone, she never rebuked her as she realized how painful it was. Sally stated, I will never blame you for your fault but I only advise you not to let your child for any reason. Such children are a gift from God.

Which we must keep carefully. Many people around the whole world are infertile and for this reason they live their lives in loneliness and misery. God put you in a test when. He brought this baby to you. I will help you, Diana. I will let you work here in. The house in order to have the money necessary for you and your child. Sally added that it was Ricky the. Cat who saw the baby first and.

Then it came to us to help him. Diana liked the cat very much and she became totally responsible of him taking care of it and feeding it. Tirelessly.