His little girl came home with her eye black looking around he realized a shocking detail

His little girl came home with her black eye. Looking around, he realized a shocking detail. The life of the louise couple could have been called happy and prosperous if it wasn’t for one thing: for 10 years now, lisa and samuel were unable to have children. It wasn’t for the lack of trying lisa couldn’t keep the pregnancy for more than two months. Eventually, the young couple decided to adopt a child or resort to surrogacy services.

It was at the time of this important decision that lisa got pregnant again. Having learned the good news, samuel took incredible care of his wife, desperately trying to save the unborn child. Never before has this family been as close as during these nine months, which were full of anxiety and worrying, fearing that something would interfere with the pregnancy, lisa and samuel reconsidered, their vows on life abandoning noisy office parties and irregular working hours too much was at stake For the louise family, fortunately adhering to all the rules they set for themselves, helped the couple finally get the desired result. The birth of little laura was without exaggeration. She was the best thing that happened to samuel and lisa louise.

In their entire life, the parents were on cloud nine and surrounded the golden-haired angel with tenderness and care. From the first day of her life, lisa zealously took care of the baby and quickly decided against the services of a nanny. She didn’t want to entrust anyone else with the life of the one most important person in her life. On his side, samuel took care of the financial needs of the family, taking it upon himself to make sure that his wife and little daughter had everything they needed. Little laura had her own bedroom where she had enough room for a canopy bed and a heap of soft toys donated by relatives and family friends.

Despite the fact that laura never left her on her own. Her room was equipped with a baby monitor days months and even years were full of love and joy and went by incredibly quickly. The happy parents indulged in their daughter’s every whim trying to fulfill every single one of her wishes. Busy running errands and doing chores, samuel and lisa didn’t even seem to notice. When several years had passed.

Meanwhile, molly had learned to walk, speak even write. A few words in block letters and began to go to school, but more than anything else, the girl loved walking in the city park. This was partly because she could comfortably ride her tricycle or scooter on its shady alleys and partly because lara had a friend who lived nearby, no her friend wasn’t homeless, but it lived in a tree, hollow loved nuts and belonged to the species of four squirrels. The red-haired beauty was looking forward to the little girl’s arrival because she always brought treats nuts seeds or cookies that day, laura and her mother went to the park and everything was as usual, knowing about her daughter’s friendship with the squirrel. The loving mother wasn’t surprised when lara approached the tree and quietly called for her friend but to laura’s disappointment.

The squirrel refused to go down and take the treat from her open palm soon. The bushes across the street moved and the girl understood why her fluffy friend was acting weird that day clutching a piece of cookie. In her hand, laura watched, a shaggy head appear from behind the bushes. It belonged to a large dog honey took a step back. Please don’t go near the dog, it might bite.

You said lisa terrified, taking her daughter by the hand, but laura didn’t listen as of sensing that the dog wasn’t dangerous. She offered the poor thing, a cookie which the dog carefully took from the girl’s thin childish fingers. Lisa was furious for some reason, it seemed to the woman that even the slightest touch of a straight dog would get her daughter infected with a bunch of incurable diseases. The girl, however, did not share her mother’s concern escaping from her mother’s hold, the girl rushed to the give the shaggy monster a big hug laura. What are you doing?

Get away from that dog immediately lisa exclaimed, sincerely hoping that she could get the girl to come back, but laura was unstoppable, smiling. Happily, the girl ran her fingers through the dog’s hair full of matted clumps rejoicing. Every time the dog touched her cheek with its black wet nose. Mom. Can we take this dog home he’s so cute laura asked looking at her mother with a pleading look at first lisa adamantly refused to take the shaggy dog home, but for all her fragility and delightful appearance laura knew how to be convincing.

Thus, it took less than half an hour for the girl and her mother to come back home, bringing the stray dog with them. The dog behaved very calmly, all the way home, not paying any attention to the cats or the female dogs on the way home. Unable to dissuade her daughter from the dangerous friendship, lisa called her husband and explained the essence of the problem. The alarmed father arrived immediately and taking laura’s word that she would give up the dog if it turned out that the poor fellow was sick or something he took the animal to the vet. Don’T worry buddy, let them run some tests first and then we’ll be happy to welcome you into our home said samuel as he petted the dog, to the surprise of both the man and the veterinarian.

The dog was completely healthy for a small fee. The staff of the vet clinic dealt with the dog’s coat, the poor thing had to be shaved and washed, and then they even cut off his claws. They also didn’t forget to vaccinate him. Well, that’s what i’m talking about samuel smiled, opening the front passenger door for the dog when the clean pet, with his new haircut, appeared at the doorstep of the louise family. Even lisa, couldn’t contain her surprise how pretty you are mom dad.

Just look at my friend laura was very excited hugging, the furry animal who is gratefully rumbling, something in response embracing each other lisa and samuel watched how happy their daughter was playing with the intelligent and obedient pet. After talking it over the couple suggested naming the dog lucky wow lucky said the girl excitingly and went on to feed the pet.

A generous serving of dog biscuits that memorable evening lucky had officially become a member of the louise family. The dog played with the girl in the bedroom falling asleep at her bed in the evenings and also accompanied lisa and laura on their walks to the park. Pretty soon, even the girl’s red-haired friend got used to her furry pat laura brought over looking at her happy daughter, lisa caught herself thinking that she was glad that laura got to have a truly loyal friend in her life this afternoon, dad noticed something under her eye.

Dad was very worried, but the girl didn’t tell nothing goes on to her room. A sound of the child crying and dog barking came suddenly from laura’s room. Lisa was in the kitchen at the time, so she rushed to molly’s room as fast as she could. What she saw there was so terrifying that her heart almost stopped and her eyes looking black called her husband and there. A terrible thing happened with their daughter in the school or this dog.

Laura was lying on the floor and lucky was pushing his poor paws at her chest. Lisa was outraged. She chased the dog away and helped her daughter to get up as soon as the girl recovered. From the initial shock, the woman picked up the phone to call the animal service deciding to get rid of the dangerous pet. But at the last moment, laura took her by the hand and told her what had really happened.

Apparently, laura decided to have a drink of water before taking her nap. She took a bit too big of a sip and choked on it. Suffocating laura sank to the floor at the moment. Lucky forcefully pushed his little owner in the chest and her face was pushed to the wall. This happened many times, so the dog saved her from fall from her bed many times, but this time things got out of control and her eyes were very colored.

After listening to her daughter, lisa could barely hold back the tears and hug the dog who was watching his owners all the time. This incident would have probably remained unknown if the louise family hadn’t decided to go on a picnic by the river one day at first. They didn’t even notice that their dog was staring at the bluish surface of the river without turning away the picnic went great that day, but amidst all the fun a middle-aged man approached the Mitchell family seeing lucky he said, alex come here boy to the surprise of Laura and her parents lucky got up and wagging its tail rushed towards the stranger. It was only the least that samuel was holding that kept lucky in his place. Sorry mister, but my dog’s name is lucky laura said very seriously.

The man smiled nicely in response and said i should probably tell you the whole story. Do you have a little time for me? The man introduced himself as alan harrison. He was a lifeguard who worked exclusively on the rivers and reservoirs of the city as it turned out. He’D worked together with the dog named alex for seven years.

Alex was a mixed breed dog part newfoundland and part. Regular mongrel alex was responsible for rescuing many swimmers, mostly children and teenagers. One time alex saved several people from certain death when a drunk boat driver hit a bunch of students kayaking on the river. The incident earned alex yet another award for his important job, but after the accident alex suddenly disappeared, it could probably be explained by the injury he sustained while retrieving the drowning owner of the boat who fell into the water. After hitting the kayakers.

The dog went into the bushes to lie down when alex was feeling better. He noticed that his owner left for the base without him later. Mr harrison repeated tried to find the dog from the confusion from the terrible accident on the water. Mr harrison simply forgot alex there after harrison’s story, samuel looked into his wife’s eyes and saw tears in them. The woman immediately thought about the incident and laura’s room when lucky, who turned out to be alex, saved her daughter from death.

That evening, alex spent his last night at the louise family, home and in the morning samuel and molly took the dog to the river rescue station. The girl cried as she petted, alex on the head, saying goodbye to her loyal friend. Mr harrison was heartbroken watching the two. He even started thinking about letting the dog stay at the louise, but then molly went inside the station and saw alex’s picture on the wall of honor, where it said that he saved more than a dozen lives and sighed with delight alex you’re a hero. I’M very proud of you, my boy samuel, said sadly taking his daughter by the hand and leading her to the parked car, despite feeling very sad and being able unable to hold back her tears, laura understood that alex was returning to where he was supposed to be.

Where he would do what he was born to do now, laura and her parents visit the dog every weekend and alex is always very happy to see the girl who’s become his second owner. Thanks for reading.