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Hotel Visitor Gasped on Finding Baby with Note in His Suitcase

Sandbox straight to his hotel room window and smiled as he took in the view of the street outside, although he traveled annually to Cuba for business for the past few years, every visit still excited him. Sam was a nobody back home, but everyone treated him like a king here, Sam had a business meeting lined up for lunch.

The next day that meant tonight was free for partying and Samuel all the best nightclubs in the area. The bartender offered him his first drink on the house when he arrived at his favorite one Sam danced and drank it. A few hours later he returned to his hotel room Sam’s Delight faded.

When he turned on the light. Somebody had piled his clothes on the bed and his suitcase lay on the floor. The suitcase was shut and jerked across the floors. If alive Sam was circling his suitcase. He gently kicked it in late back in Fright when a child crying out.

He quickly opened the suitcase and guessed when he saw a toddler curled up inside. This has got to be someone’s idea of a joke. Sam Leonard then he saw another. I have worked as a maid in this hotel for many years, so you should remember me Sam. We met one night two years ago when I fell pregnant.

I thought I could raise our daughter alone, but I was wrong. She deserves more than what I can give her, so I’m leaving her with you. Her name is Dunya. Please take good care of her Pom-Pom no freaking way. Sam dropped the note and skidded backward away from the child in his suitcase.

He couldn’t be a father. He didn’t want to be a father coming to Cuba was the highlight of his year time to let Lucy have fun this wasn’t it. The toddler reached out to Sam fell over the edge of the suitcase and burst into tears, Sam stared, at her in shock. It’s okay, A little beauty or whew sampling back and flapped a hand in front of his face: you’re a stinky little lady, something very bad’s happened in that diaper Sam took the baby with him to buy diapers and formula. He woke up the following day when Dunya started pulling his hair, stop that Sam prider chubby fingers off his hair immediately dunius Giggles turned to heartbroken songs.

I’M sorry, please stop crying sampled a funny face at the charm. Look Dunya! Don’T I look silly Dunya turn red in the face, as she cried even harder than before. Tears poured down her chubby little cheeks and in desperation Sam lifted, her into his arms and started singing a nursery rhyme he’d learned as a child. Dunia’S little fingers immediately went back into his hair Sam.

Couldn’T take this much longer. He said Dunya down on the bed and gave her a stuffed toy he’d found when he went shopping the evening before many rushed downstairs to the front desk where’s the maid. With a toddler daughter named Dunya, Sam demanded, I need to see her immediately. Ah, Mr Sam, the lady behind the desk grinned at him, I’m not sure who you mean. We have several cleaners on staff, sampled out his wallet and removed a few bills.

Maybe this will help you think. Okay, I think I can help you. The woman took the money from Sam’s hand, Alyssa had a little girl. I think her name was Dunya. She held out her hand for more money.

Melissa doesn’t work here anymore, but I might know what happened to her Sam clenched. As John gave the woman more money. That’s all I’m giving you now tell me where Alyssa is. She said she was going to the US to become a designer her cousin lives in Tampa and promised to help her with immigration. She’S left the country Panic washed over Sam returning, the child to her mother would be more challenging than he thought he pulled out.

His phone and was about to search for the next flight to Temple when an alarm sounded on his phone he’d forgotten about his business meeting. I need you to get me a babysitter and send them up to my room Santa said, as he rushed away. Dunya was lying on the floor crying when Sam returned to his room. He lifted her and choked when he smelled her diaper. I don’t have time for this.

Sam cried, as he said, doing it down to change your diaper. I don’t even know what I’m doing Sam was late for his meaning. He returned to the hotel room in a terrible mood after he paid the babysitter and saw her out he lifted Dunya and looked her in the eyes you’re. Going back to your mother, Missy Sam said, I don’t care if I have to pay child maintenance for the rest of my life. I can’t look after you anymore, Dunya babbled, some nonsense and smiled at Sam.

She was a cute kid and part of him felt proud to have such a sweet daughter, but it was far too much work. Dunya would be way better off with her mother. Sam put the supplies he’d bought for Dunya into his shopping bag and went downstairs. He paid the woman at reception, even more money to find out the address for Alyssa’s sister in Tampa and had written it on a piece of paper. He pinned the paper to dunya’s shirt while the cab drove them to the airport, I’d like to buy a plane ticket to Tampa Florida.

For my child Sam said Junior down to the ticket counter. Her mother is expecting her and will pick her up at the airport. Stand line the men behind the counter arched his eyebrows, sir, we can allow a childish young to travel alone. If you give me your win your daughter’s documents in the consent, formal book tickets, for both of you, Sam cleared his throne consent form. Yes, sir, the man replied his eyes, narrowing suspiciously.

You can’t travel to the US with your daughter unless you have a consent form signed by your mother, giving you permission to do so. Sam grown. He just wanted his entire weird experience to be over new. Has he done so many times before Sam solved his problem by reaching for his wallet? I’M sure you can make an exception this once Sam started, peeling off peso notes from the stack in his wallet like I said her mother’s waiting for them in Tampa.

So are you trying to bribe me, sir? The ticket agent set his hands on his hips. You expect me to break laws and risk my job for a few hundred peso. I’M calling security no Sam reached across the counter, but the ticket agent had already signaled a security guards. They seemed to appear out of nowhere tough looking men and women who press through the crown and Sam panicked he lifted Dunya into his arms and ran an alarm.

Sounded somewhere overhead and the guard shouted behind him, but Sam didn’t stop. He sprinted, through the airport and out on the street Sam, tried to return to his hotel room, but there was police car parked outside, so he kept walking. He didn’t know where to go, but his aimless wandering brought him to the beach, just as a sunset Dunya had wailed for a while, but now she was asleep and felt heavy in his arms Sam said beside a low do near one of the taverns lining the Shore and set Dunya down on the sand beside him. This is how he your fault, Sam muttered, to the child. If it wasn’t for you, Sam put his head in his hands, it wasn’t dunya’s fault.

Her mother left her. He couldn’t even blame Alyssa now that he knew how difficult it was to care for a child alone. She’D send in her letter that she wanted a better life for herself and her child, their child Sam Smith, doing his hair off her forehand. What right did he have to criticize anyone after how he traded his daughter up to now, Sam, is that you, Sam, looked up with the stocky man walking across the sand toward him. It took him a moment to recognize the man as the owner of one of the nearby taverns, Jorge, of course, the man’s grin faded when he noticed Dunya sleeping beside him.

What are you doing here with his child Sam broke down and told her hey everything when he finished speaking Jorge bend down and gently lifted Dunya into his arms? Come inside Jorge said, you have many troubles Sam, but I can help you Jorge offered Sam a place to stay while he figured out what he wanted to do. Next, when Sam’s money ran out a week later, Jorge offered him a job at his Tavern. Sam worked hard to provide for himself in Dunya several times he went to his local Embassy to try to sort out them, as His Life had become, but fear stopped him before he reached the entrance. He didn’t know how much trouble he was in after the incident.

At the airport – and he was terrified – the authorities would take Dooney away from him after that night on the beach Sam realized, he was responsible for taking care of Dunya. It didn’t take long before he realized he loved his daughter, the thought of those first few days when he tried to get rid of her filled Sam with shame, and he was determined to make up for it. Jorge was a rock for Sam during those first few weeks since Jorge had three children. He could show Sam how to care for Dunya. It was difficult, especially on the nights when Dunya didn’t sleep, but it all seemed worthwhile when she first looked up at Sam and called him Papa.

That’S right, Sam, grin and lifted Dunya into his arms. I’M Papa new little Dunya are the best thing. That’S ever happened to me. Few years later, Sam organized a small party to celebrate dunya’s birthday. He wasn’t sure of the exact date, but it estimated it was sometime in February, Sam bought a cake from a local pastry shop and decorated their home with streamers.

He made himself after breakfast Sam, put a blindfold on Dunya and led her down to the beach for a special surprise. Is it a dolphin Dooney asked as they walked we’re a whale Sam laughed Dooney was already out of breath, so he lifted her onto his shoulders. No sweetheart, but I hope you’ll like it very much Dunya squealed with excitement when she saw the jet ski Summit alone from Jorge Sam slowly roamed around with Dunya, but she insisted he go faster.

He sped up and couldn’t stop himself from smiling, as he listened to his daughter’s delighted, shrieks as they skimmed over the water Sam decided to give Dunya one last treat as they headed in he sped up the crest of a wave he and Dunya hung in the Air for a moment, but then they crashed down into the water dunya’s Cry of delight, was abruptly cut short as she thudded against his back. You, okay, sweetheart Sam, turned just in time to see his daughter fall off the back of the jet ski Sam drove into the water.

He found Union brought her to the surface, but she wasn’t breathing. No, oh God! No Sam clambered back onto the jet ski with his daughter, she lay limply in his arms as he raced back to the shore. The next few hours passed in a day’s Assam performed CPR on his daughter, while waiting for the paramedics helderland handed the back of the ambulance and paced in the hospital hallway, while the doctors treated Dunya. He couldn’t stop thinking about how cold and Limp Dunya had felt in his arms.

What, if he’d been too late? If she was gone forever, Samsung came to a chair and began to sob a few minutes later. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked down the doctor who’d taken Dooney away to treat her with standing over him with a serious expression. Oh God, she’s gone. Isn’T she Sam Rosen gripped the lapels of the doctor’s code?

I just wanted her to have a nice birthday. I never meant for this to kill her your daughter’s alive, sir. The doctor replied, but her condition’s very serious. During our examination we discovered that your daughter has health issues affecting her lungs. This makes it difficult for her body to recover from today’s incident.

Sam couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He recalled all the times, he’d heard Dunya coughing at night or seen her struggle to catch her breath during a game with the other kids in the neighborhood. He never thought something might be wrong with her, but he now cursed himself for ignoring those signs. The more the doctor spoke, the bleekerdunia’s future scene. She need regular oxygen treatments, lung function, tests and even regular intravenous therapy.

Will this cure semest the doctor frown and, unfortunately not but it’ll help her live a normal life. A life filled with Medical Treatments didn’t seem normal to Sam, but at least she was alive. He listened carefully as the doctor outlined the details of dunya’s long-term care, but then the doctor told him the most terrifying part, the cost. I work at a Tavern on the beach dog. How could I afford this?

I’M sorry, sir, but I can’t answer that the doctor, applying a few days later, Sam brought Dunya home from the hospital she was weak and needed to rest, often but happy to be home. Sam made her favorite meal for dinner. That night then read her favorite bedtime story when Dooney was asleep Sam stroked, his fingers through her soft hair and wept, the situation was impossible and it killed him that most of the problems he faced were now. His phone Cuban residents received free health care, but since he was in the country illegally and had no paperwork for Dunya, he was screwed I’ll have to get a second job. Sam modern, maybe Jorge, knows someone who can help Sam tiptoed outside.

So he wouldn’t wake Junior phone, his friend after a short conversation Jorge promised he’d asked around and for a second job for Sam, when Sam reported for his shift of following day Jorge was waiting with a smile. I have good news. My friend Jorge said someone. I know is interested in hiring you Sam Moore’s, best clothes to meet Jorge’s friend. A week later, the interview went well and Sam returned home with a second job, A New Hope for the future.

It all came crashing down when he spotted a familiar woman outside his home, a woman who wore a striking resemblance to Dunya you. I know you you’re Sam broke into a run: Alyssa dunya’s mother, the woman lifted her chin. I’Ve come to fetch my daughter, Sam stared, at the woman in shock. It felt like forever wrapped himself into a single moment, as he tried to process what she just said. Sam erupted in Anger, when it finally sank in that she intended to take his daughter, you’re crazy.

He shouted do you think you can just abandon your children and come back here five years later and take her away from me. I had no choice. I couldn’t take care of her then, but I can now Alyssa jabbed her finger at hand, and you have no right to keep her away from me. You have no right to return here and pretend, like you, care, Sam grabbed, Alyssa’s arms and marched away from his home Alyssa left that day, but it soon became apparent. She hadn’t, given up Sam, received his summons to appear in court soon afterward, he spent hours pacing his sitting room with a Summons in his hand and thinking of ways to escape his situation.

The following day. He discussed the matter with Jorge and asked if he knew someone who could help him and Dunya disappear, Jorge put his hands on Sam’s shoulders. I’Ve been happy to help you all these years and I truly consider you a friend, but I think it’s time you stop running from your problems. It was hard for you when Dunya came into your life. So suddenly you made mistakes because you weren’t thinking clearly, but this is your chance to do things the right way, Sam’s sign, but I’m scared Jorge.

What if I loosen Alyssa takes Dunya away, any chord will see that you’ve done everything possible to raise Dunya well Sam. Why are you scared to face up against a woman who abandoned this child when you’ve been such a good father, Sam smile, you’re right and once I’m awarded custody of Dunya Alyssa will have to give me her documents wave of Happiness, filled, Sam’s, heart she’ll, be able To get free Medical Treatments then or hey smile see, this is a blessing.

Sam Sam walked into the courtroom full of confidence, but Alyssa’s lawyer quickly, ripped it to shrinks Sam tried to remain stoic, as the lawyer described his past as a womanizing tourist and told the court Sam had stayed in the country illegally for the last few years. The lawyer even presented a police report for the time when he tried to buy Dunya plane ticket to the U.S, but the worst was Yet to Come.

How do you even know this? Is your child? The lawyer asked Sam? Did you have a DNA test done? Sam gave to the lawyer a DNA test.

Somehow it had never occurred to him. Dunya might not be his child once he accepted responsibility for her all doubt. He previously had evaporated. Sam shook his hand. The judge immediately ordered a DNA test when the session convened a few days later, the judge announced that Sam was not dunya’s father Sam stared.

At the judge his mind blank as a wave of disbelief swept over him, then he leapt from his seat, but I raised her Sam’s lawyer had grabbed him and he struggled to break free. I’Ve done everything for her these past five years and they’ve been the best years of my life she’s, my daughter, because I love her no matter what your DNA test says. The law doesn’t work that way, sir. The judge tapped her gamble. I hereby award custody of the child to her mother.

You, sir, will be arrested awaiting deportation. No, please, Sam, cried! Let me just see her one more time. The judge agreed to let Sam say goodbye to Dunya a police officer, escorted him to the room where Dunya had been waiting with a court-appointed child minder. When Dunya found out she would be living with her mother.

She burst into tears and went straight to sand. Don’T leave me Papa doing your crime Sam lifted the little girl into his arms and held her clothes? I love you, my sweet Dunya and I don’t want to live without you. In my life you whispered, Alyssa stepped forward to take Dunya. The girl started crying, but sooner tears turned into breathless, rests she stared into Sam’s eyes as she fought to bring stop.

She can’t breathe Sam scream, Alyssa released her hold on Dunya and Sam wrapped. The girl in his daughters, tears rolled down his cheeks as he tried to help her. He heard someone calling for an ambulance as Dunya reached up and put her hand on his cheek Papa’s here, sweetheart Sam whispered. He looked up what Alyssa and said. Please don’t do this don’t take her away from me.

Alyssa realized how much Sam loved her daughter. She was also touched by the suffering of her daughter and decided not to separate her from Sam. However, she helped Sam cover all of dunya’s treatments. Sam proved that it takes more than Blood Ties to be a good parent.

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