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It took 50 hours for this mom to give birth then doctor looks at ultrasound & starts crying

It took 50 hours for this mom to give birth then doctor looks at ultrasound and starts crying complications during labor are an example of something that’s just beyond our control melanie pritchard had a typical pregnancy with no signs of danger ahead of her but when it came time to deliver her baby the unthinkable happened to her

And her husband melanie’s heart stopped beating and she was declared dead at the scene someone on the other hand was not willing to give up hope and suddenly the entire internet is convinced that miracles are possible and the heroine of this story was the one who told us her own story i’m not supposed to be here so excuse me my daughter on the other hand is not our lives were saved by the grace of god

As we both survived the unthinkable which would have been fatal when i was pregnant with my first kid i did extensive research on doctors and hospitals since i was aware that not all hospitals and their doctors view unborn children as equally human and vital as their mothers i made the decision to travel 25 minutes out of my way to see a pro-life ob gyn and deliver in a hospital that i knew supported life at all stages of

Development when i awoke from a near-death experience during labor i realized how crucial that decision was in my life and the life of my child on july 28 2010 i gave birth to my child in the maternity ward of one hospital only to awaken several days later in the intensive care unit of another hospital across town completely baffled as to how i had gotten there in the first place surprised i sat and listened as my

Family recounted what had transpired over the course of the previous three days i made an effort to recall them but i couldn’t recall anything i couldn’t come up with anything the following is a narrative of my premature death and miraculous survival that was passed down to me by my husband and many others while i was in the hospital i prepared to give birth to my daughter after 39

Hard weeks of pregnancy i noticed something wasn’t quite right and alerted the nurse i was dizzy and a little sick when this happened i had the sensation that i was going to pass out the nurse attempted to adjust me while also attempting to pinpoint the source of my dizziness and lightheadedness there was no indication for my vital signs that anything wasn’t quite right with me it was at that point that i dropped on

My side evidently experiencing what appeared to be a small seizure while standing at the foot of the bed my husband saw that my heart rate and blood pressure had both dropped to zero on my monitors the heart rate of our unborn child began to drop suddenly and dramatically my skin had turned a vivid shade of emerald i was not breathing and my heart rate was non-existent i’d had a heart attack and needed

Medical attention i was declared clinically dead yet my baby was still alive and well within my body code blue was called by the doctors and a team of staff members rushed me away to the operation room o.r afterward my husband informed me that he had prayed in these words god i know that there is more than i can manage which means you have a plan and a purpose for me in this and i trust you

But please allow me to hug my wife again if it is your will he stated that he’d never felt more helpless and terrified in his entire life before this they all joined their hands in prayer as family and friends began to throng around the body soon after they began texting emailing tweeting and posting statuses on facebook pleading with people to pray for me and requesting donations

The domino effect started to take place when that day was through i was the most googled person in phoenix and one of the top 100 most talked about individuals on twitter as the prayer requests spread like wildfire around the city doctors labored around the clock in the operating room to save both myself and my unborn child as previously stated not all hospitals are created equal and i am extremely grateful that we chose a hospital that

Did not place a higher priority on one of our lives over the other we had a team of people looking after us both we were both able to endure this initial insult thanks to a miracle my daughter was in the nursery when our baby was delivered through c-section and my husband went to see her not knowing if i was dead or alive at the time the nurses approached him and asked him what the baby’s name was and he wiped

Away tears from his face gabriella he responded referring to her as the heroine of god an emergency room nurse informed my husband that after repeatedly using the defibrillator and initiating cpr they’d been able to detect a faint heartbeat i’d been without oxygen or a heartbeat for around 10 minutes at that point they worked on me for more than an hour and a half but couldn’t save my life it’s time to say your goodbyes the chief

Of the intensive care unit icu informed those present that i had most certainly suffered an amniotic fluid embolism afe which is generally fatal even though the physicians were able to stabilize me they were not optimistic that i would survive and encouraged my family to say their goodbyes my hubby came to my bedside to comfort me i love you i will always love you he murmured as he grasped my hand in his

Brady and gabriella are very stunning and adore you if you have any fight left in you then fight it out you must promise me that you will follow your guardian angel wherever he may lead you despite my best efforts wherever he leads you you’ll be exactly where god requires you it was only a matter of time until things became even worse i had undergone two blood transfusions and was on the verge of developing dic a

Disorder characterized by unpredictable blood clotting doctors mistakenly sliced an artery while conducting the emergency c-section necessitating the need for a second emergency operation to control the bleeding i miraculously survived this surgery as well but because the doctors discovered five liters of blood in my abdomen they had to pack my stomach to keep it from bulging out of my chest simply put they

Stuffed my belly full of towels to compress the bleeding as a result they were unable to close my abdomen and i remained open with an elevated risk of infection for almost 12 hours after the procedure because of my heart failure my ejection fraction was only 5 when i was examined normal is between 55 and 65 percent basically my heart was barely beating at all my lungs had failed and i was dependent

On a respirator to keep me alive at all times i was still unconscious and physicians believed that even if i were to survive i would be neurologically handicapped due to the trauma i was taken to another hospital an hour away in critical condition and then transfer it again the hospital was equipped with an ecmo machine which is used to support the heart and lungs our friend who also happens to be the

Priest who officiated our wedding was with my husband when he was taken to the second hospital when he saw doug he said wow this is exactly what you agreed to when you got married for better or worse in sickness and health says the author a second surgery was proposed by the surgeons of the new hospital in order to remove the packing from my open abdomen and suture me back together however they withheld a portion of the sedative shortly before doing so in

Order to more correctly examine my neurological condition as doug and my sister walked into the room he noticed that my eyes were open and that i was looking around hey babe he murmured without a moment’s hesitation when i turned around he looked me in the eyes and my eyes welled up with tears for him it was obvious that i was neither brain dead nor cognitively challenged

They showed me a picture of gabriella because they were concerned that i would not make it through the operation i burst into tears i must have heard mama bear calling my name because i began to toss and flip in my bed in an attempt to get out they sedated me for a second time and brought me away to the operating room despite the fact that the chances of my surviving the surgery were minimal my family saw a glimmer of hope for the

First time a miraculous recovery began to emerge as a result of the surgery which was ultimately a success i was weaned off all medications with the exception of pain medication within 24 hours of starting the program i was able to take my own breath doug walked into my room and took a seat next to me he claims that i crest his face and said hey babe how are you he claims that i said this to him he

Cried laughed kissed my hand and then cried some more he stated that he shed tears of pleasure and praised god for this blessing i give him praise despite the fact that i have no recollection of this life-altering accident i am grateful to be alive and to be able to embrace my husband and children in my arms on a daily basis thanks to everyone who’s reached out to me through facebook posts twitter

Messages and articles written and published on news websites such as lifesitenews and who’ve asked me to pray for me as a complete stranger words fail me when it comes to expressing my thanks for the countless prayers that have been said for me throughout this horrible occasion i’m pleased to report that the prayers were answered gabrielle and i are both alive and well today thanks to the hands of doctors and

Nurses as well as the generosity of numerous blood donors and an ever merciful god i’ve also made a full recovery it’s been almost four years and there isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t express gratitude to god for enabling me to endure something that only a handful of people ever get to experience i am grateful to the lord for motivating me to choose a pro-life hospital to treat my patients

My gratitude to god for allowing doug brady gabriella and me to be together as a family once more as well as for providing me with yet another opportunity to speak of god’s immeasurable kindness mercy and love for all of us god has the ability to lift us out of the depths of darkness including the blackness of death and to bring us into the light and for that i give to him thanks

Melanie is lectured to thousands of people across the country at a variety of churches schools and organizations about modesty chastity issues of dignity of life and marriage among other topics it was through her work as the founder of the vera bella catholic girls formation program and is the executive director of the foundation for life and love that she earned her master’s degree in curriculum and institution she’s the author of the book the day i

Died which tells the story of her survival after suffering an amniotic fluid embolism during pregnancy in 2002 she founded a clothing line called refuge attire company with the goal of assisting individuals in sending positive messages via their clothing this clothing line has since been absorbed into the shop vera bell