Journalist Josh Kruger shot dead by teenager he was ‘trying to help’

A journalist was shot dead by a teenager that he was “trying to help”. Josh Kruger was allegedly shot dead by the teen in his home earlier this week. It is reported that Josh knew the alleged gunman that Philadelphian police have named as Robert Davis, and was “trying to help him get through life”, police said on Friday. Davis allegedly shot Mr Kruger seven times in the chest and abdomen at his home in Point Breeze at around 1.30am on Monday.

The teen reportedly left the area and Mr Kruger, 39, left his home in search of help before he collapsed in the street. He was found and rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead an hour later.

Lieutenant Hamilton Marshmond of Philadelphia Police Department said: “At this time we believe that Mr Kruger was trying to help Mr Davis, and they were acquaintances. He was just trying to help him just get through life.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Davis. He is wanted for “murder and related offenses” and is considered to be armed and dangerous. Lieutenant Marshmond added: “We are also asking Mr. Davis to surrender himself to the police.”

Josh was working as a freelance journalist

Josh was working as a freelance journalist ( 

Image: Josh Kruger)

According to the police department, there is footage that shows Davis in the area of Kruger’s house before the shooting, however they did not disclose a specific location. Police were unable to provide a motive to the shooting at this time.

Mr Kruger was a freelance journalist who had previously worked at Philadelphia City Hall. He worked as the communications director for the city’s Office of Homeless service between 2016 and 2021.

After this he went on to work as a freelance writer for various places, including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Citizen. He wrote about issues such as homelessness and the LGBTQ+ community.

Police have named Robert Davis as the suspect in Josh Kruger's death

Police have named Robert Davis as the suspect in Josh Kruger’s death ( 

Image: Philadelphia Police Department)

A statement released by the Philadelphia District Attorney described Mr Kruger as a “openly queer writer who wrote about his own journey surviving substance use disorder and homelessness.” The statement, from DA Larry Krasner, continued: “Josh Kruger lifted up the most vulnerable and stigmatized people in our communities – particularly unhoused people living with addiction.

As an openly queer writer who wrote about his own journey surviving substance use disorder and homelessness, it was encouraging to see Josh join the Kenney administration as a spokesperson for the Office of Homeless Services.

“Josh deserved to write the ending of his personal story. As with all homicides, we will be in close contact with the Philadelphia Police as they work to identify the person or persons responsible so that they can be held to account in a court of law. I extend my deepest condolences to Josh’s loved ones and to all those mourning this loss.”

The DA’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee described him as a “comrade.” They said: “A comrade who never stopped advocating for queer Philadelphians living on the margins of society.

His struggles mirrored so many of ours – from community rejection, to homelessness, to addiction, to living with HIV, to poverty – and his recovery, survival, and successes showed what’s possible when politicians and elected leaders reject bigotry and work affirmatively to uplift all people.”