Killing a Beloved Lion by a Hunter Returns Cecil’s Nightmares


In July 2015, the world almost stopped spinning when news broke that Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist, had shot and killed a beloved lion named Cecil after allegedly paying $ 50,000 to take part in a hunting expedition to Zimbabwe. The assassination sparked international outrage, and caring people have taken to Twitter and beyond to demand that Cecil Palmer’s inhuman execution not go unnoticed. Now, six years later, a new lion killer is giving the cowardly Palmer an escape for his money: earlier this month, a hunter reportedly shot a famous lion named Mopane (or Mopani) while hunting with a bow on the outer border of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, which the very area where Palmer apparently killed Cecil.

Mopane’s pride (or family unit) appears to have remained extremely vulnerable, with only two adult lionesses and six others left, who are roughly 16 to 18 months old.

Trophy hunters and others who make a living by selling “canned” hunting trips (in which hunters pay to kill native and exotic species) cling to the false claim that they are killing animals in the name of “conservation” or, condescendingly, to ” support the natives. ” … “But this lion killer and the ‘big game’ safari that was probably hired showed no respect for the wild – the hunter’s sadistic pleasure to slaughter a big cat with a powerful weapon showed only a lack of sympathy for Mopane and his addicted pride members. who have remained vulnerable since then.

“All wild animals are loved by their companions and babies, but for hunters like this bloated, privileged man who lacks empathy, understanding and respect for living things, they are just targets to be killed, beheaded and hung on the wall as a trophy “Said PETA President Ingrid Newkirk in July 2015 after Cecil’s assassination.

Walter Palmer, Trophy Hunt, Lion, Not Cecil

Walter Palmer smiles at the corpse of another animal, which, like Cecil, only wanted to be left alone.

According to local wildlife photographer Drew Abrahamson, Mopane’s murder may have been aided by a bow hunt hosted by Chattaronga Safaris, a South African company with ties to Big Game Safaris International, which appeared to openly advertise the possibility of Mopane’s assassination in December. (Reportedly, Mopane’s killer may be South African.)

“Mighty mopani. He is one of the oldest and by far the most aggressive lions in our hunting block, “Big Game Safaris International said in a deleted Instagram post. “Do you want a chance to catch a big free roaming lion? Order a hunt from us! “

PETA is not surprised that safari companies in South Africa still keep these cowards entertained. In a recent covert investigation, we uncovered the hidden connections of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and his investment in the trophy hunting industry. Our footage showed that he was quietly developing and expanding a trophy hunting farm called Diepdrift, supplying him with animals from his own wildlife farm, Phala Phala, and that he owns 50% of Tsala Hunting Safaris. Our investigator recorded conversations in which Ramaphosa’s managers admitted that he was equally involved in the profits from all hunts conducted through Tsala, and spoke about the importance of hiding his involvement.

The footage above shows hunters shooting and killing elephants and other vulnerable animals in cold blood, often leaving them to die slowly and in agony, including a captive-bred lion resting under a tree. After the hunter has ambushed, shot and wounded the lion, the lion roars and attacks – it takes four more shots from the hunter and his guides to kill him.

Trophy hunting in South Africa

This lion was killed while hunting in South Africa organized by the hunting company Tsala Hunting Safaris, in which South African President Cyril Ramaphosa owns 50% of the shares.

Learn about PETA’s New Deal to Protect Wildlife in South Africa

While PETA applauds South Africa’s Forestry, Fisheries and Environment Department for fighting captive lion exploitation and encourages the department to do more for big cats, you can also help keep vulnerable animals from cold-blooded shooting and death in agony. … By allowing hunters to bring decapitated heads and other body parts home as trophies, UPS is supporting the killing of magnificent animals. The company proved it could do better when it banned the carriage of not only shark fins and certain live animals, but also ivory – and if it can ban animal tusks, then of course it can do the same with the head and others. parts of the body. … Click below to encourage him to do more:

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