Story Time

Little Boy Has Amazing Talent, However It’s His Comedic Streak That Has Steve Harvey In Stitches

Once Steve Harvey chose to invite 4-year-old Tommy Johnston to come on his show, he had no clue what he was getting himself into. Tommy is a super smart presidential whiz kid from North Carolina who can identify all 45 of our presidents by their pictures, and he can even recite interesting biographical facts about them.

However, before he could even show off his special skill, he left Steve speechless with his quick wit! Once you watch this video clip, you’ll understand why Tommy is hands down the funniest lil’ comedian that you’ll ever meet.

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Steve Harvey got his start doing stand-up comedy, but he’s met his match in this cheeky tyke. At the beginning of the interview, Steve doubled over in laughter and could barely catch his breath after Tommy informed him that his brother, Jack, has a girlfriend – but, Jack won’t share her with him.

Oh my word! Tommy’s natural comedic talents continue to bubble up to the surface when Steve holds up a series of photographs of our presidents. Tommy identified each of the men and revealed an interesting tidbit about them, but he does so in a totally hilarious way!

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After Steve held up a photo of Barack Obama, the little boy stunned the crowd with a little known fact – Obama has won a Grammy award. The TV host looked at the audience and said, “

Hey, take them looks off your face. I got a four-year-old’s blowing y’alls mind,” to which Tommy quickly interjected, “Yeah you do!” LOL But, that’s not even half of what this super sleuth knows.

Check out the video below to find out which president got stuck in the White House bathtub, who got a speeding ticket on his horse, and why Tommy himself wants to run for Prez.