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Little girl fell in an ice hole but what the grandfather did was amazing!

Little girl fell in an ice hole, but what her grandfather did was amazing. They say the grandchildren are life’s greatest joy, and now the first. If their grandchild is smiling, they’re feeling the child’s joy. Grandchildren are the ones you get to spoil. Consider them a reward for a job well done with your kids.

They don’t love them more or less. They love them different. I would think that most grandparents would think of their grandchildren as extensions of their kids and love them just as much. The greatest way to express your love to family members is spending time with them. That’s simple.

Your family won’t be with you endlessly, so make as much memories as you can. Grandparents are extremely special. Without them, your parents wouldn’t exist and you wouldn’t too. Thus, they’re part of the reason why you are where you are today. It isn’t about money or gifts or siding with them against their parents.

Just be lovable, available, nonjudgmental people who are interested in what their grandkids are into. If it’s certain style of music, listen to it and enjoy the beat or the tone of the singer’s voice so you know what your grandchild is into. No, you shouldn’t bad mouth the words or the message the singer is singing. If your grandchild likes playing with Brad styles and you think they look like street walkers, don’t tell your grandchild that. Instead, ask them the name of their favorite one and what the doll’s backstory is.

If your grandchild is into dance or sports or singing lessons, attend their games. Go watch their dance lessons if allowed a heroic man in the US died after he jumped into a frozen Lake to save his granddaughter, who had fallen under the ice while walking her dogs, his family said. When ten year old Melia White fell through the ice, Carlos Seraphin didn’t think twice about risking his own life. Loved one said a man lost his life after jumping into a frozen pond to save his granddaughter near Charleston. The tragic incident happened as two sisters, eight and ten, walked their six dogs on Saturday morning.

Two puppies ran away from them toward the frozen pond, and the ten yearold girl, Melia White, followed it, assuming the block of ice was thick enough, recalled family members. The ice wasn’t, and it collapsed, plunging the ten yearold into freezing water. Bailey, the eight year old, shouted for help and ran toward the house. Carlos Seraphin, age 31, rushed to the pond and jumped in to save the girl. Seraphin’s husband, Bill Croix, said they were both legal Guardians of the girls, who are the biological children of Croix’s oldest adopted daughter.

Croix said his instinctive rush to save her says so much about the person he was. He didn’t think he just did, and it showed until his last breath, he told NBC News. Carlos had jumped into the pond with a broomstick in an effort to save Malaya, but she was already under the ice and he also got sucked under. Bill busted the ice to try and get them both, but couldn’t find them. The dogs were also in the pond trying to rescue all.

He then used a long dog leash to throw to Seraphim in hopes that he could pull him but couldn’t reach it. I threw it at him and he said I can’t see it anymore. I can’t see Bill, a tearful Croix, 47, recounted. I could just see him going under and I just couldn’t get to him. The family dialed 911 and rescuers with the Lincoln Fire Protection District and Charleston Fire Department rushed to the scene.

They pulled out the girls at 806:00 A.m. And the man at 08:15 A.m. Before rushing him to the hospital, said officials. Bailey was able to visit Malaya yesterday and they let her pick out a blanket. She chose this blanket because Malaya loves Foxes, deer and raccoons, but especially Foxes.

Carlos Serafin passed away at the hospital while the doctors managed to get the girls heart pumping. She remains in critical condition, according to authorities. Mela is not showing any brain activity, only seizures. Her heart and lungs are working, said the family. Doctors tried to revive surface as well, but they said he was under the ice for too long and he was not able to be revived.

Melissa still has brain swelling. That’s the bad news. Some better news. Her lungs improved more overnight. They’ve taken her off the medication that kept her paralyzed.

She is still on medication for brain seizures, though her heart, liver and kidneys have all improved. She’s not conscious yet, but has a gag reflex now, which is good. These are all positive signs, said Amanda Beales, Croix sister. The family also confirmed that one of the family’s dogs died in the ice break. Addressing the tragedy, Charleston Fire Chief Steve Bennett said that frozen ponds often pose lifethreatening dangers because most people are unaware of the dangers heritaged.

Others not to step on the frozen pond. People, unless they have any experience or training, don’t really think about it. They just see eyes and they think, oh, it’s thick enough, said Bennett. A good rule of thumb is if it’s less than four inches, you probably ought to stay off of it. Seravin, a former restaurant manager and stay at home dad, was in bed when he heard the commotion and immediately put on sandals to run to danger, family member said.

That’s what made him Carlos. He was a very spontaneous life, said Amanda Beales, Croix sister and the girl’s great aunt. It truly, truly showed until his last breath. He didn’t have a care in the world. He just wanted to take care of others.

Family members said. Seraphin was in bed when he heard the commotion and immediately ran to help. That’s what made him Carlos. He was very spontaneous in life, said Amanda Beales, Croix sister. Carlos definitely died a hero, you know, that’s just who he is.

He would do anything for his girls, he would do anything for his dogs. He would do anything for anybody, she said. It truly, truly showed. Until his last breath, he didn’t have a care in the world. He just wanted to take care of others.

Serafin is a former restaurant manager and was a stay at home dad. Keep the prayers coming. As we all know, there are a lot of power in prayers and there can never be too many, Beale said on Facebook update Monday on Malia’s condition. Croix and Seraphin have raised the girls, Beale said. Croix gained guardianship over the girls before marrying Seraphin, who was 16 years younger than him.

It’s a well blended family, Beales added. Amanda Beales started a Go Fund Me campaign to help fund the medical and funeral expenses of the family. The campaign has raised over $35,000 of its $50,000 goal. Grandchildren are just that. Children by the time you get your hands on one, your own children are adults.

You learn so much along the road of Parenthood, and depending on how many children you have and how far apart they are in age, you only get to apply all of this new found knowledge once or twice. When you have a grandchild, you get to use it all again and a fresh new mind. A mind that’s more eager to hear what you have to say than your children probably were. Maybe you feel bad that you didn’t spoil your own children enough and are trying to tip the Karma scale in your favor before you move on to the next life. Whatever reason you choose to accept being a grandparent has perks that a parent doesn’t get for one.

You get to keep them for only a few days and at a time and then give them back. This is most parents dream. You can give them all the cake, candy and ice cream you denied your own children, which may result in easing a guilty conscience. Grandchildren will believe almost anything you tell them. Unlike their parents, they’ll probably listen the first time you ask them to do something and do it without complaining again.

Unlike their parents, there are many cultures that Revere their elders for their experience and wisdom. They are placed on a pedestal and hold the highest rank in their society. Unfortunately, here in the United States, we have created a thriving industry based on the idea that our elders are disposable. We send them out to pasture because we don’t want to change their diapers the way they changed ours. When children are still small, they depend on their parents completely.

But as they grow older and become more independent, the parent’s role is diminished, which can make them feel like they’re no longer needed. With the birth of grandchildren, grandparents once again have a role as a nurturing caregiver, which can be very fulfilling. Adult relationships can be complex and demanding, but relationships with babies and kids are simple and easy to maintain. There are also social and cultural factors that can influence an individual’s desire to be a grandparent. One month ago, ten year old Melia White fell into an icy pond while trying to rescue her dogs from the ice.

Her grandfather, Carlos Seraphin, died trying to save her. White was hospitalized in Peoria with no brain activity and needed machines to help her heart beat and her lungs breathe. She’s been in the hospital ever since. Now one of her family members is giving an update on her recovery. Amanda Beales, White’s great aunt, said in a Facebook post that White was removed from a ventilator on Saturday and is doing amazing.

White is conscious, moving her arms and legs and trying to get out of the chair she’s placed in for several hours per day. White is also attempting to talk, although such attempts are emotional for her. It hurts to see her so emotional. However, I’ll take that over anything because it shows that she recognizes us and that she’s a fighter and is trying her hardest to communicate, Beale said. She’s a tough little girl and will come out of this with flying colors.