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Little girl sleeps with her dying father then she wakes up to find the shock of her life

Little girl sleeps with her dying father then she wakes up to find the shock of her life girl says goodbye to her father at the funeral but people scream when they see this cristiano used to sell fruit in the park and he was well loved by everyone there he was always ready to help those in need and there was a girl who brought him pineapple every day as an excuse to

Talk to him not daring to ask him out and waiting for him to notice her cristiano had fallen in love with her from the first time he had seen her and although he was not shy in front of her he seemed to forget the vocabulary and he only limited himself to handling her fruit that he asked her for trembling one day however they were able to forget all their blocks in the middle of an accomplice rain that just when she had approached to buy her pineapple she

Suddenly fell thus protected by the umbrella of her fruit cart they had to spend an hour together that changed everything at that time while the rain was pouring down they had the impulse to hug each other and they no longer wanted to let go at that moment their hearts pulled together and they understood that they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives

And because they wanted to be together they always felt like they had nothing to look forward to and so in less than a month they were already living together against all their better judgment who said that the day they liked someone they would take the time to get to know each other and be safe but there was an urgency to both of them as if they knew that as much they wanted to they couldn’t spend as much time together her eagerness was a premonition but at the

Time she didn’t know it meanwhile christiano and his girlfriend enjoyed being together and got married three months after they met with their marriage a long-awaited pregnancy also came that made them immensely happy and filled cristiano with anxiety during those nine months he also couldn’t wait to meet his daughter as soon as possible between them everything seemed to pass too quickly as if time were an illusion

That had no effect on them when they saw their daughter for the first time they decided that she would be called natalya the baby was beautiful and she was the perfect combination of both to the point that no one could decide which of the two parents she resembled more the joy that filled their hearts was so deep that there was no room for uncertainty in the face of their modest resources nor were they afraid of the future but fear caught up with them one

Day and there was no going back a little more than two years after they met christiano was diagnosed with an uncurable disease that kept him in bed for several months during which his health slowly and irreversibly deteriorated until they could no longer hide the truth from natalie who knew that something bad had happened it was a day that she saw her father pass out and vomit when they could no longer hide what was happening from her

Or continued telling her that her father had lost his hair because he had decided so and he shaved his head every day and it was cristiano himself who was in charge of telling her what was happening because from the beginning he had expressed his disagreement with hiding things from the girl for she had as much right to know as others natalia was only three years old but she got furious every time the adults tried to hide from her what was

Really going on with her father she knew that he was sick and she was aware that what he had was serious natalia knew that her father was in danger of death for this reason it seemed silly to her that her mother and her other relatives told her that everything was going to be fine and that he had nothing when she knew the truth and she could understand her father on the other hand always knew that natalia was capable of

Understanding what was happening and never tried to disguise her feelings that’s why during the month that his convalescence lasted the little girl became his best friend she was the only one who accompanied him with all of her love and treated him naturally while the others were always in a merciful attitude and wanted to disguise the reality of him they made him feel even worse he needed to feel that he was still a

Normal person and he didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him natalia was the only one who understood him and that’s why she was the partner he wanted the most they spent the afternoons together playing watching programs and talking and those hours were for cristiano the most valuable of his entire life and only then he was able to distract himself from his illness and feel like before but father and daughter were

Aware that the disease did not let up and that’s why days before the fatal outcome the two said goodbye one afternoon they didn’t feel like playing or talking they simply hogged each other for hours while discreet tears ran down their cheeks they didn’t say anything for both of them understood that that moment of their love would cross the barriers of time and space and that even if they were not

Physically together for much longer their hearts and spirits would remain united until eternity after that afternoon christiano began to say goodbye to his wife although she did not accept his goodbye and refused to accept when she considered a surrender on her husband’s part he already knew that he would die soon and his wife did not understand that precisely accepting his fate was even braver than continuing to fight a losing

Battle his other loved ones did not know how to accept it in time either therefore they could not feel their same peace that little natalia felt when the time finally came for their departure christiano died peacefully one morning with his wife and his daughter the woman was hysterical because she hadn’t been able to have closure and say goodbye to him sincerely she hadn’t done it when she could and

Now it was too late natalia on the other hand wept silently but in her heart there was peace the calm of having done things well and having understood that her father was now resting and that he had detached himself from this physical world but he would never leave their hearts the day of the funeral the whole family was in a sea of tears and desolation natalya still felt the presence of her father and she was calm but the pain

That was breathed in her environment made her feel sad therefore she wanted to be physically close to her father one last time and she asked her mother to let her hug him in his coffin she was reluctant at first but agreed when she realized that she had no valid reason to deny this last act of love so natalya hugged him and felt her father’s cold skin against her cheek but she didn’t cry

She knew that even though her body was no longer inhabited by a soul that same soul was still surrounding them and she said a few last words for him a simple i will always love you and i will remember you that made everyone cry but no one imagined the shock they would feel just a second later well before astonished mother they both saw it when impossible but slight smile appear on his calm face which later all the attendees one by one had the opportunity

To see no one believed his eyes and their hearts shook to the depths of their being cristiano from beyond the grave had given one last indelible proof of the love he felt for his daughter and that marked them all forever natalya would live with that memory for her whole life and when she grew up she told with pride although no one believed her that her father had smiled at her from the coffin

Just as she had promised him she never forgot him and she never stopped loving him deeply despite the fact that she had only shared the first three years of her life with him and that her memories of her age tend to become dim as time passes she natalia remembered each one of the moments next to her father as if she’d lived them yesterday she had all those moments so present that at 25 years old she still remembered her feelings and

She felt even closer to him it would be unfair to say that natalia didn’t feel the same way about her mother she loved her dearly too but her soulmate had been her father and none of that had ever changed not even when she married herself and started her own family in natalya’s heart there was always enough love for all of them and her father inspired her and sheltered her soul until the last of her days

Natalia had a long and happy life and her children remember that her last words before she died were soon we’ll be together again dad if you like this story.