Man Is Stunned To Learn He’s Been Living with His Wife’s Twin Sister for 6 Years

Twin sisters Celine and Beatrice lost touch after a terrible incident at their high school prom. Years later, Celine’s husband Rick discovered that he had not been living with the woman he had married. Celine and Beatrice were identical twins, and even their grandmother couldn’t tell them apart, so they often played tricks on the older woman.

However, they would all laugh about it and move on, mainly because they only had each other. Their parents died years ago, and their grandmother did her best, but she only had her pension to raise them.

This was fine by them because they never needed much. They shared clothes, shoes, and everything under the sun. However, they started growing their own personalities in high school and enrolled in different classes. Their school was huge, so most of the students and some of the staff had no idea they were twins. Some only knew Celine, and others only knew Beatrice.

This gave the girls an advantage. Sometimes they would switch places for a few classes and enjoy tricking their classmates. No one ever noticed, and it was good fun for the girls until they turned their tricks on each other. “Would you like to go to prom with me?” Rick asked Beatrice, and she nodded her head many times eagerly.

The people around them clapped, and everyone seemed happy except Celine. When she found out about it that night, she cried into her pillow, hating that her sister had been on Rick’s radar before her. They were together in biology class and were partners for some projects. One time, Celine switched places with her sister and met him. It was love at first sight, but she had no idea Rick liked Beatrice back.

“While he must like me too, right? We look the same. Would he notice if I went with him to prom? Could I convince Beatrice to change places with me? That’s what I’ll do,” Celine thought that night and decided to ask her sister in the morning.

“No, I can’t do that. I like Rick. I feel like he really likes me too. We have to stop switching places, Celine. It isn’t nice.

It’s time for us to focus on our own lives, separate from each other,” Beatrice refused, shaking her head, and her eyes were sad. “Please, he’s so good-looking. Please, I can’t believe you would do this for me,” Celine begged. “Celine, he invited me, just like me too. Then we look the same.

Stop, please. No, I’m not switching, never again,” Beatrice said with finality, shedding a single tear and walking away from her sister. Celine was furious at her sister for the first time in her life. This was the only disagreement they had ever had, and she couldn’t believe it. When Beatrice bought a dress with the money she’d earned working part-time at an ice cream shop, things got even worse.

Celine had spent all her extra money on food and snacks. Her jealousy was too great; however, she pretended everything was fine. “You aren’t going to the prom?” her grandmother asked. “I have a little money saved up.

We could buy you a dress at Goodwill or something.” “No, Grandma. I’m not going. I hate dances. I’ll stay home and read a book,” Celine shook her head and smiled.

“Okay, dear. I’m playing bridge that night with Mrs. Figgins, so you’ll have the house to yourself. Sounds good, yeah?” her grandmother laughed, and Celine nodded.

That night, their grandmother left early for their bridge game, and while Beatrice was in the bathroom getting ready, Celine did something crazy. She grabbed a chair and arranged it on the door handle so it couldn’t open. Her twin sister would not be able to get out of the bathroom. Then she rushed to their room, grabbed Beatrice’s dress, got dressed, and did her makeup. “Celine, Celine, there’s something wrong with the door.

Celine, help me, Grandma, someone,” Beatrice kept yelling, but Celine swallowed thickly as she finished her makeup, put on her shoes, and ignored her sister’s desperate screams. Once outside, she couldn’t hear anything, so Celine dashed into the night to meet Rick for the prom. She pretended to be Beatrice for the night, but it didn’t matter. Rick was holding and dancing with her. However, once she got home that night, her grandmother was waiting in an armchair.

“What did you do?” she asked, her arms crossed, and her expression sour. “Nothing, Grandma. I’m back from prom. It was awesome,” Celine said, smiling as if nothing had happened.

“Celine, tell me everything right now,” the older woman demanded, getting up from the armchair. “Beatrice, raise your hands, please calm down. I’ll explain everything, please, the whole truth. Grandma, I’m Beatrice,” Celine mumbled, lying because her grandmother knew this was Beatrice’s dress. “Stop it.

Your sister came home crying, saying you stole everything from her,” the older woman said. “Celine, she invited me, just like me too. Then we look the same. Stop, please. No, I’m not switching, never again,” Beatrice said with finality, shedding a single tear and walking away from her sister.

Celine was furious at her sister

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