Millennium hotels face PETA protest over Iditarod links


For immediate release:
March 4, 2021

David Pearl 202-483-7382

Anchorage, Alaska “Since Millennium Hotels and Resorts continues to sponsor the Iditarod, which killed more than 150 dogs, PETA protesters will walk down to Millennium’s The Lakefront Hotel tomorrow, two days before the start of the race, with suitcases parodying the Mill.helllum “logo.

When: Friday, March 5, 12 noon

Where: Lakeside hotel, 4800 Spenard Rd. (near Valleywood Drive), Anchorage

PETA will also protest Iditarod Start at 16497 W. Parks Hwy. in Vasilla on Sunday, March 7, at noon.

The protest comes immediately after ExxonMobil, a major sponsor of Iditarod, donating $ 250,000 a year, has confirmed that 2021 will be the last year he will support the race. The oil giant follows Chrysler, Jack daniels, Coca Cola, Wells Fargo, and Alaska Airlines in dropping support for Iditarod.

PETA calls on Millennium Hotels and Resorts check about Iditarod’s cruelty to dogs, says PETA executive vice president Tracy Reiman. “Guests of the Millennium should be disgusted at the thought of supporting a race in which 150 dogs were driven to death and countless others on the brink of collapse.”

More than half of the dogs that started on the Iditarod do not finish, and in the 2020 race alone, more than 220 dogs left the track due to exhaustion, illness, injury or other reasons. The leading cause of death in dogs forced to race in the Iditarod is aspiration pneumonia caused by inhalation of their own vomit. Many others died in the off-season, being chained in the open air in freezing temperatures, or were killed because they were not considered fast enough.

Follow the dogsA documentary highlighting dogs forced to flee until their bodies break or are killed if they don’t meet the requirements is available on Prime Video and Plex.

PETA, whose motto is in part that “the animals are not ours to be used for entertainment” – opposes arrogance, which is a worldview focused on human superiority. For more information please visit or subscribe to the group on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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