Mom abandons her newborn baby 20 years later she was shocked to see him again

Mom abandons her newborn baby 20 years later she was shocked to see him again she abandoned her newborn baby without thinking that years later this would happen diana was a young woman just a few months ago she’d given birth to a child and she felt that she did not have the capacity to care for him so one day she decided to leave him

The woman told him that she was not capable of taking responsibility and that she was sure that she would find a good family for him several hours passed since diana had left when suddenly an old woman who lived in one of the nearby houses began to work the land clean the surroundings of the house and pick fruit ophelia was very focused on her work until she heard the cry of a baby and decided to see where it was coming from she suddenly found a child lying on a

Blanket and the woman did not hesitate to carry him who will have let you down my child ophelia said to herself calm down little one calm down i’ll take care of you diana had hidden herself in a tree near where she had left the child and seeing that the woman took him home she was calmer she hoped that she would not take good care of him and give all the love that she would not receive from his mother

That same day ophelia prepared a space for the baby so that he could sleep and as she could she fed him the old woman took the child to her work and she took care of him when he cried don’t cry baby i’m working so he can eat after a while the boy fell asleep and ophelia began to sow on the other hand diana decided herself to celebrate with her friends they often met at her house for a few drinks and couldn’t stop laughing while the old

Woman who barely had the strength to take care of herself took care of the attention of all the baby’s needs such as changing diapers bathing and feeding him the boy often cried and ophelia used to sing him a song tell him a story or just play with him to calm him down and so the years went by when felipe was 20 years old he got up very early to go look for ophelia good morning son it’s time to go get

Firewood ophelia said good morning mommy i’m coming answered philippe he looked for the tools and in a few minutes he had already collected firewood when he got home he ate with his mother since they had to plant and he helped besides he was in charge of lunch here mommy so you can eat you need to recharge your batteries this is too much for me son i already ate mommy don’t worry felipe said but the old woman divided it in two so

That they both ate it was that day while they were talking and laughing that diana philippe’s real mother returned to the place where she had abandoned him i think he is my son yes i remember that it was this lady who picked him up when he was just a baby the woman said to herself so taking courage she approached them the woman appeared in front of the lady and began to ask about the child the old woman explained that she was not his

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Real mother and that the little boy had been abandoned 20 years ago in addition she told her that if it weren’t for the child she wouldn’t be eating since she didn’t have the strength to work in the fields ma’am his mom is not dead that kid’s mom is me diana sat as she wept and the old lady couldn’t believe it you are a bad mother how are you going to leave that child in the middle of the grass i was very young understand me i didn’t know

What i was doing diana begged her to give her the child but ophelia didn’t want to she’d been a bad mother and she had no right to even know him at that moment felipe appeared and the woman begged him to go with her now they would be a family but the boy very sad told her all i needed was the love of a mother who took care of me since i was little and that’s not you the woman did not stop crying when she

Heard her son’s response she was willing to give him whatever it took to give her a chance please go away i don’t know you and i’m not going to change the woman who took care of me all these years she loves her very much and she’ll always be my mom to me never abandon your children for a passion of the moment learn to be a mother and then a woman child abandoning is a common occurrence

The reasons for this unfortunate occurrence are as different as one of a kind in the individuals who are involved in it despite the fact that it’s obvious that nothing else could be as painful for a youngster the motivating factors are not always completely incomprehensible to adults so why do parents abandon their children in the first place kid abandonment is defined as the act of abandoning a child

It’s considered child abandonment when a child’s physical and emotional well-being are completely neglected by his or her parent guardian or other person in charge of the child’s welfare child abandonment can also occur when the parents do not offer the necessary care for the child that lives under their roof with their own well physical abandonment such as leaving a child at a stranger’s doorstep when no one’s home is the most common

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Type of child abandonment it can also include extreme cases of emotional abandonment and child neglect such as when a workaholic parent provides little or no physical contact or emotional support for extended periods of time for their children the most common reasons for child abandonment are as follows unwanted pregnancy is still another issue one of the most common reasons for child

Abandonment is unplanned pregnancies with rape and pregnancy in young women being the most major factors women and girls frequently feel alone and unsure of what to do in these types of situations moreover when it comes to unplanned pregnancy parents often react in a variety of various ways despite the fact that one parent may be fine with having or keeping the child the other parent would just be unable to accept the child

They would eventually want to get out of the situation whether it was immediately or later when it comes to unintended pregnancies it’s possible that the parents of the parents play a significant role the stigma attached to unplanned pregnancies is particularly strong in asian cultures and the majority of women are reluctant to have them parents who do not wish to be chained to their children

Some people who become parents are unable to cope emotionally with a child and may not possess the necessary emotional maturity to care for a child after all it’s a huge burden and task that’s nearly difficult to anticipate and prepare for in advance even if you are first-time parents who actively and consciously planned and wanted to have a kid the reality and experience of being a parent can be tremendously overwhelming for anyone who

Has never been a parent before on average child abandonment occurs before the child’s first birthday even though it can occur at any point in the child’s life even if the child is grown up to be 4 or 10 years old parents may opt to pick up and leave their duties behind them for parents who are experiencing relationship difficulties abandonment can be an opportunity to start afresh it’s critical to examine parent-child

Relationships as a potential underlying cause of child abandonment in order to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon the stress of separation adultery complicated divorce proceedings and disagreements over child support and custody issues can frequently be so overwhelming that one or both parents decides to quit the relationship altogether a family history of mental health issues in one or both parents

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On the other hand we can’t possibly place all the blame on the parents because they may be suffering from a mental condition themselves for example parental mental illness may come full circle in terms of how their parents raised them with the possibility that the parents were the product of child abandonment or neglect as well as the parents themselves because of their family’s background it may be difficult for the parents to

Break free from the cycle because it’s the way their parents raise them and that’s the only way they know how to raise a child another aspect of mental health that might contribute to child abandonment is depression or postpartum depression which can cause parents to become less attentive and affectionate towards their children problems with money lower socioeconomic status such as

Poverty marginalization and a lack of resources are all common causes for one or both parents to choose to abandon their kid according to the american academy of pediatrics child abandonment as a result of financial stress can be a finality however it is the potential to bring out anger issues in the parents which could have a bad and dangerous impact on the children potentially leading to abuse in some situations parents may have no

Choice but to select and choose among their children for the sake of their children’s survival unfortunately when parents are unable to afford to provide their children with the essential health care and education they deserve this is still classified as child neglect in most jurisdictions drug misuse and drinking are two serious problems in our society the usage of illegal drugs and social

Marginalization appear to be mutually exclusive parents who battle with their own alcohol or drug use may also find themselves in a position to dispute the circumstances of their children’s lives unfortunately two types of abandonment occur in the lives of children whose parents are alcoholics the first is neglected home followed by alcohol-related abuse and aggressiveness which can occasionally be severe

The second type of abandonment is physical abandonment what can we do to prevent and battle this problem making sex education and family planning options such as contraception available to all women is among the best practices that can help reduce child abandonment parents can seek help from a non-profit organization such as orphan care which can also provide postnatal support mental health treatments and other

Community support services such as holding reproductive health seminars for youths parental abandonment services are available to parents who are at increased risk of abandoning their children due their age lack of support physical incapacity mental illness or financial difficulty.

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