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Mom becomes the oldest woman to birth twins in the U.S. Then eldest daughter ‘disowns her.’

At the age of 60, Lauren Cohen embarked on a remarkable journey of motherhood by giving birth to twins. She became known as the oldest woman in the U.S. to achieve this feat, despite facing judgment and disapproval from others.

Lauren’s path to staying healthy for her children was challenging, but she remained determined to provide her husband, Frank, with the experience of having a family.

Lauren and Frank met at a dance class, and despite their significant age difference, they fell in love and got married. Frank’s desire to have children resonated with Lauren, who wanted him to experience the joy of watching their children grow. Recognizing that time was of the essence, they explored options for starting a family. However, they faced numerous rejections from doctors due to Lauren’s age.

Undeterred, they persevered until they found a clinic that would assist them. Lauren underwent a battery of tests and eventually received approval for IVF treatment. Despite having gone through menopause, they were able to implant three embryos, resulting in the birth of their daughter first. A year later, Lauren discovered she was pregnant with twins, just before her 60th birthday. This achievement equaled the world record set by an unidentified British woman in 1993.

While Lauren holds this record, she doesn’t dwell on it. Her focus is on staying healthy for her children, despite the challenges that come with raising three young kids in her 60s. She is committed to maintaining her fitness through Pilates, yoga, and taking various supplements.

Lauren takes 98 pills a week, a combination of medicine and dietary supplements, to ensure she remains in good health. Her goal is to see her children through college, which gives her a target of staying strong and active until she turns 81.

Although Lauren’s journey has been largely joyful, there have been moments of sadness and disappointment. Her oldest daughter, Renee, disapproved of her mother becoming an older mom and disowned her.

They now only see each other a few times a year at a restaurant, preventing Lauren from building a relationship with her granddaughter.

Despite the challenges and family discord, Lauren believes she made the right choice. People may mistake her as a grandmother, but she remains focused on being there for her children for as long as possible.

She takes care of her health, eats the right foods, and knows that her time will eventually come. When that day arrives, she wants to leave behind a strong network of children to support Frank.

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