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Mom came to say goodbye to her daughter, She notices something strange And stops the Funeral

Mom came to say goodbye to her daughter, she notices something strange and stops the funeral. All my life, I’ve said I never wanted children, even as a little kid. Maybe dolls gave me the creeps. As a result, I’ve spent my adult. Life diligently, doing all the things I. Need to do to make sure I. Never accidentally end up pregnant. Another side effect of this is that.

I don’t really have any conversations with my partner about having kids. Not avoiding it, it just doesn’t really come up. Since it’s not exactly a hot topic in my house, it’s really important to stay tuned into the signs. They want to have a baby. For most people, deciding to have kids.

Is a process, which means it’s possible to pick up on clues that your partner is heading down the road toward wanting to start a family. With you, it’s overwhelming, and it can be surreal. You’re meeting your baby for the first time, face to face. If you’re a mother, you’ve been carrying.

This child for months, subject to his or her whims and feeling kicks and rolls. You’ve been sobbing uncontrollably for reasons big, small and non existent. You’ve been overwhelmed with joys, with fears, with anticipation. You just went through a grueling experience, whether it be C, V, or VBAC.

And here she is, the product of all that work. And she’s so tiny, so fragile, so familiar and alien all at once. You’ve imagined her face, pictured her limbs. But now, in person, she’s so much smaller and more fragile than she felt when she was simultaneously headbutting your cervix and sending your floating ribs soaring and bruising your tailbone on the way out. And she’s all yours. I’m lying in the hospital bed.

It’s three in the afternoon of my. Baby’S due date, 12 hours ago. I finally got a blessed epidural after. Two days of slow labor. Since then, my labor progressed from 5. My midwife said we should start the pushing phase soon. My husband is holding my hand. He’s almost as exhausted as I am. Maybe it’s just the crazy levels of.

Oxytocin in my system right now, but. I’m more in love with him than I’ve ever been. He hasn’t left my side for a moment as he anxiously watches the heart rate monitor telling us that our baby. Is still doing well. The baby is in distress during the first round of pushing, so we slow down and wait an hour. This hour feels so long. It’s the beginning of a new life. For both me and this sweet little. Person I’m finally about to meet.

I have no idea during this hour. That I’m never going to be the. Same person ever again. After the hour is over, I resume pushing. I’m so determined to make this happen. My husband holds my lag and encourages me. They tell me they can see the baby’s hair. I push again, and all of a sudden I’m handed a purple baby I’m terrified of his color, overwhelmed at the moment. I’m finally living and deadly afraid that something’s wrong. He lets out a weak cry, and.

It’S the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. A newborn in Iowa died after contracting meningitis, and her parents think she may. Have gotten it from something as simple. As a kiss from a visitor. Nicole and Shane sephard welcomed baby Mariana on July 1. A week later, 2 hours after the. Couple’S wedding, they say they noticed that. The girl was not eating and wouldn’t. Wake up when they tried to get her to respond. At first, six day old Marianna struggled to eat.

Then she couldn’t stay awake, no matter. How hard her parents, Nicole and Shane, tried. Soon, she began breathing rapidly after they rushed her to the emergency room, little Mariana was given the diagnosis of meningitis HVS one. Doctors suspect she caught the virus after. A loved one with cold sores touched or kissed her. Less than two weeks after falling ill, 18 day old Mariana died. Now the cypress hope others can learn from their story.

I never really thought this could happen. To us, Nicole sephard, age 32, told today via email. We hope to bring awareness to other parents of newborns to be cautious on. Who visits your baby, who holds or. Touches them, and don’t let others kiss your baby. Cypherd and Shane do not have the virus. The common herpes simplex virus, type one, which causes cold sores.

Johns Hopkins medicine estimated that anywhere from. 50% to 80% of adults carry this virus. Mariana could have been infected by anyone, from employees in the maternity ward to. Family members or friends. The person who exposed Mariana to the. Virus didn’t even need to have cold. Sores at the time to spread the infection.

When she first arrived at blank children’s. Hospital in Des Moines, doctors gave Mariana. Medications to treat the virus and then blood transfusions. But nothing helped. Hour by hour, day by day, she increasingly got worse. The virus damaged her organs. First, her liver started failing, then her kidneys. Doctors transferred Mariana to university of Iowa hospitals for dialysis to help the kidney failure. But these treatments didn’t slow the virus’s progression.

It’s common for newborns with this virus to deteriorate quickly, said Zippert. Mariana quickly declined after contracting meningitis HSV one and only 18 days old, she died after an intense battle with it. While she never recovered, the infant experienced. A few good days. There were days when she was more stable than others. She was truly a fighter, Zipper said. She was still fighting, and we had. To fight with her.

Herpes meningitis can be caused by bacteria, fungi or other types of germs. It can be spread through sexual contact. Or from a woman to her baby. During childbirth, according to Johns Hopkins medicine. Mariana’s parents both tested negative for the. Virus, they said, suggesting that it could have come from others who visited the child. They touched her, and then she touched her mouth with her hand.

Nicole Sipper said it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how she caught the virus, but. It’S important people are cautious when they. Let anyone handle their babies. Mariana passed away Tuesday morning, leaving the family devastated and heartbroken. Now they are warning others to be careful. Keep your babies isolated, Nicole Cefford said. Don’t let just anybody come visit them. Make sure they’re constantly washing their hands. Don’t let people kiss your baby, and make sure they ask before they pick up your baby.

The Meningitis Research Foundation says many people. Carry the herpes virus without ever showing signs or symptoms. Dr. Tanya Altman, a pediatrician at Calabasa’s Pediatrics in California, said that viral meningitis is transmitted through close, casual contact. However, Mariana caught the virus and then developed meningitis. It’s very common to catch the virus. But very rarely does it develop into meningitis. Babies younger than one month and people with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop severe illness when diagnosed with.

Viral meningitis, according to the CDC, which. Advises parents to be particularly careful during. The first month of a baby’s life. Just being a new parent, be aware of who you’ve come to the hospital, make sure people are washing their hands, be protective over your baby and don’t feel that you’re being rude, she adds. Protecting your child is your job and.

Don’T feel like you’re hurting other people’s feelings. David Warburton, a professor of pediatrics at. The Tech School of Medicine at USC. Who had no involvement in Mariana’s case, echoes the grieving mother’s warning. If a person who kisses the baby has an active herpes simplex complex lesion. In their mouth, or if they are carrying the virus at a low level without lesions, they could infect the baby. With the virus, he says, adding that.

It’S rare in general, it’s usually a. Good idea to keep your baby away. From other people for about a month. Today, the couple is comforted by the thought that Mariana’s purpose in life is to raise awareness and possibly save the lives of other infants. Sefford told CNN that Mariana was airlifted. To the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital on July 10 when her condition deteriorated.

As of Sunday, reports indicated that the baby’s condition was stable, though her liver. Was damaged and she was undergoing dialysis. Her condition worsened thereafter. What is the kiss of death? For babies? It’s sometimes known as the kiss of. Death because of the way it’s passed on HSV. One in babies is rare and can be prevented, but if kissed by a person who has a cold sore, a.

Young baby can become seriously ill with. The virus, as their immune system is. Not fully developed to fight it off. The service, held Monday at Hamilton Funeral. And Afterlife Services, was decorated with purple. And pink colors, butterflies and flowers, and Mariana spelled out in big glittery letters, all to celebrate her memory. Shane had a purple shirt on under his suit jacket, and Nicole wore a. Black dress with a purple cardigan. Her fingernails were painted a matching solid purple, except for the one on her ring finger. It had butterfly wings to symbolize Mariana.

We’ll share her story and keep her. Alive that way, Nicole says, and that’s. How we’ll grieve and get through this, while we save other kids lives and. Make other parents aware. Thank you to everyone who has followed. Her journey and supported us through this, Siffert wrote in her Facebook post. In her 18 days of life, she made a huge impact on the world, and we hope with Mariana’s story,

we saved numerous newborns lives. Rip sweet angel, if you recognize HSV One, could I it stands for herpes simplex virus, the same bug that causes cold sores. HSV One is very common, but only. Rarely does it lead to viral meningitis. For the CDC, Johns Hopkins says that HSV Two could also cause meningitis in babies. This virus can cause genital herpes and could be passed from mother to infant during childbirth. So some women who’ve had outbreaks opt. To deliver by cesarean section in newborns. Meningitis from either HSV One or HSV.