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Mom couldn’t stop screaming when she realized what she gave birth to

Mom couldn’t stop screaming when she realized what she gave birth to. A mom’s. Priceless reaction was captured on camera as she welcomed a son whom she thought would be a baby girl. The story begins on April 14, 2018. Teen My daughter Millie was two Linden, eight months old.

I was photographing a beautiful wedding at North Ridge Country Club, and I was reminiscing all day about how the last time I photographed a wedding there I was pregnant with Millie and no one knew it except for my husband, Will and I. So many memories came rushing back to me as I stepped back in that place to photograph another beautiful wedding.

Except at this time I had two children and had to sneak out to my car to pump during the reception. I remember being really hungry that day, and my friend Jen gave me her RX bar to keep me going. When I went to pump, I only pumped 1oz, which was not a lot for me at that time.

All in all, it was a sweet wedding full of nostalgia for me. Then I began to put a few things together. I thought to myself, I’m Super hungry, my milk supply is dropping, and I haven’t gotten my period since having Linden, and all I could think about was how I was pregnant the last time I was here. Could it be that I’m pregnant again? Surely not.

The next day, as we were driving home from Church, I told Will I didn’t want to freak him out, but I told him I needed to take a pregnancy test just to rule out a crazy thought I had the day before. I assured him I was not pregnant, but since the thought crossed my mind, I needed to know for sure. Well, let me tell you, that line popped up so fast on the pregnancy test that there was no denying it. Babe, was all I could say. Then I showed him the test and we both proceeded to cry and laugh and cry again in disbelief.

We spent a good hour or two on the bathroom floor together, laughing and crying as we wrapped our heads around it. I was for sure pregnant. I had no idea how far along I was because I never got my period. I thought I could be six weeks or twelve weeks. Who knows?

Sure enough, after a confirmation of pregnancy at the doctor a few days later, they confirmed I was six weeks pregnant. This was not in our plans whatsoever, but after the first few days of shock wore off, we began to fall deeply in love with this tiny person and our excitement began to grow. Fast forward to July 9, the day of our anatomy scan. We had always had gender surprise babies and loved finding out in the delivery room. But after having two girls in a row, both of which we thought were boys, my sweet husband said he just had to know if he was going to be a girl dad for the third time.

He, of course, has always wanted a son, so he wanted some time to process. If we were having a third girl, who could blame him? So we asked our ultrasound tech to give us an envelope with the gender written inside for us to take home and open together. Will and I went on a date and sat outside in the summer air. We placed our order and then grabbed the envelope.

We didn’t want to wait any longer to find out. I made him open it. It’s a girl. As soon as we read the words, I laughed so hard. Another girl.

I was thrilled. Will put his head in his hands and couldn’t believe it. He smiled, shook his head, then put his head back in his hands. It was just hilarious because he comes from a long line of boys. We didn’t think we’d ever have one girl, much less three.

My pregnancy this time around was the most difficult of the three. In my second trimester, my legs and ankles became very swollen and the varicose veins and my legs went a little crazy, as in purple and blue. An 80 year old grandma looking crazy all up and down my legs. They burned and were so sore I wore compression stockings to the top of my thighs most days of my third trimester. Do me a favor and don’t imagine me in my giant belly trying to squeeze those sausages into compression stockings.

Every morning. I kept getting checked at the doctor to make sure nothing was wrong, and even though I was at a higher risk for blood clots, thankfully everything kept checking out as completely normal. My acid reflux was another level with this one, too. I would prop up with five pillows every night to sleep and take two Zantac. I’d cut off all food and water at 07:00 P.m.

And I’d still have acid reflux. I also experienced pregnancy insomnia. I would wake up some night at 02:00 A.m. And lay in bed for hours and hours, unable to go back to sleep. Two weeks before my due date, I broke down, sleep deprived, emotionally exhausted, working extra hours to finish everything.

I would cry to Will almost every night. I ended up calling my mom, asking her to fly in to be with us, to help with the girls so I could finish work. With extra help around the house and with the girls. I was begging God to speak to me and to help me. I felt very out of control.

I remember praying in Church and feeling like he was telling me that my physical pain and emotional instability would be reversed and I would be healed, that I would be more energetic and lively. Day by day. Leading up to the birth, I began to claim that every day is my reality, that all my painful symptoms were being reversed so I would be energetic and stronger than ever for the birth. I posted scripture to my mirror and read it out loud every day. My faith was being stretched in a very real way.

My due date was December 10, 2018 in both of my girls pregnancies. I never saw my due date. Millie came one day early and Lyndon three days early. I was expecting this baby to arrive five to seven days early. According to the trend of my girls, I began having cramps and light contractions on December 7 and made mention of it to Will.

They were very sporadic though, so I stayed hydrated and kept on with life as usual. Well, wouldn’t you know that on December 8, two days before my due date, the biggest snow that Raleigh has seen in December in years happened? Here’s what you have to know. Raleigh completely shuts down when it snows. Stores closed, schools closed, people don’t know how to drive.

Everyone clears out the grocery stores days leading up to it. Two inches of snow is a lot for Raleigh and we woke up to seven inches on the ground. It was beautiful and I was feeling great. We went exploring outside and watched Christmas movies. We had family staying with us since the roads were so bad and we wanted someone there overnight in case we had to leave.

At 03:00 A.m. On December 9, my contractions became regular. I timed them about ten minutes apart. After an hour, I woke up well and we called our midwife. I laid there and labored on the bed.

As things began to intensify, I began to break down emotionally, mentally, and physically. The IV was super slow and I was physically at my weakest. After having two unmedicated births with my girls, I knew what was ahead of me and I knew I could not do it. I was done. I said, I want to go to the hospital and get an epidural.

I don’t want to be a hero today. I want some help. I can’t do this. Rebecca came back and told me, we can transfer you if you want, but your husband cannot go with you. They aren’t allowing anyone with the flu into the hospital.

Without hesitation, I looked at her and said that I’m not going. Then I looked straight at Will and said, I’m not doing this without you. I can’t do this without you. I had been begging God to make my decision clear and he did. I was not about to have this baby without Will.

He has been my rock for all of my baby’s births and I had to have Him here with me. So I prepared myself mentally for the long haul for the hardest thing I’d ever have to do. 115 things got really intense. I was having major contractions in the bed and was pushing the baby down and I yelled, I’m sorry, I’m pushing. I had just been checked and was 4 CM so I knew it was too early to be pushing.

Rebecca said, let your baby move down. It’s okay. Goodness, I needed to hear those words. Just let my body do what it was going to do. Lauren, my birth photographer, arrived and it was so sweet to see her familiar, comforting face and to know that she was there.

Rebecca asked, do you want to get in the tub? I immediately said, yes. It was the most incredible, intense experience, but full of God’s great Grace. I began yelling, the baby is coming. The baby is coming now.

My midwives sprung into action without any coaching or pushing. My baby was being born. My body was just doing it. I felt every bit of it and I couldn’t believe it was happening so fast. They wrapped her in a blanket as I laughed and will cried and we couldn’t believe it.

The word to best describe the arrival of my sweet baby was relief. After a long, difficult pregnancy and after 24 hours of sickness and weakness, It was all reversed in a moment. I felt strong, excited, and so full of joy. I turned my snuggly baby over and saw something interesting between her legs. What is that?

Is this a boy baby? I looked at the midwives with wide eyes and they smiled so big and said, yes, we’ve been waiting for you to discover him. I looked at will and he quickly came on over and lifted the baby’s leg to see for himself. Then he proceeded to fall on the floor. It’s a boy.