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Mom gives birth then she realized something strange in her baby mouth

Mom gives birth then she realized something strange in her baby’s mouth jennifer melton a tennessee mother is living her greatest nightmare in december a doctor at the local hospital requested her infant son nate from the nursery mistakenly executing an unnecessary tongue clipping procedure that was meant for another baby malton age 31 tells people i can’t sleep

It’s like waking up from a nightmare i’m worried about him and praying that he doesn’t have any complications as a result of this unneeded treatment on december 16th melton gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy through c-section at the university medical center in lebanon tennessee while the mother slept the next day a nurse arrived to take her child away for what melton mistakenly thought for a routine postnatal visit checking blood

Type weight gain that sort of thing and told her to relax when melton and her 33 year old partner dominique harper were reunited with their child the nurse began discussing the phrenolectomy a surgical procedure that removes the piece of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth also known as a tongue clipping operation that had been performed on her child she started talking about how the

Treatment will help with our nursing difficulties and i was like you have the wrong papers melton who lives in hartsville tennessee said i even double checked to make sure she handed me the right baby when the nurse went to look for the required paperwork melton discovered something surprising i scooped up my little nate and looked in his mouth seeing blood speckles under

His tongue she wrote i sobbed uncontrollably as i realized what they had done to my poor child he can’t simply get up and tell them to stop melton received a call from the surgeon who’d performed the procedure a few minutes earlier on their in-room phone the physician told me that he had requested the wrong child and had performed the procedure on nate by mistake mountain continues he expressed sympathy for what had

Happened but reassured nate that everything would be fine and that he didn’t even cry that much throughout the operation according to a statement to people university medical center is unable to comment on any specific patient due to federal privacy restrictions according to adam groshans senior director of ancillary services and marketing at university medical center the doctor who performed the unnecessary

Surgery as an independent physician who has privileges at our institution but not a staff employee of the hospital melton is being represented by clint kelly a nashville malpractice lawyer in her claim against the hospital and the doctors at this moment there is no lawsuit pending i’ve been doing this for 20 years and i’ve never seen something this nasty kelly tells people i’ve never seen a child involved in a case of mistaken

Identity the hospital is meant to be a sacred environment where people can place their trust that trust had been shattered jennifer wants to make people aware of what happened to her child so it doesn’t happen to anyone else’s she says at nearly two months old baby nade appears to be in good condition but melton is afraid that the phrenolectomy will impact his speech and eating habits

Every day i’m worried about nate’s future she says i understand that’s a doctor’s job and it might be tedious at times but we all have feelings and are human beings i don’t want anyone to go through what i did at the time or what i’m going through now wondering about our future and what awaits my lovely kid who is still young and innocent tongue knots arise when the tissue connecting the tongue to the mouth is too short the syndrome affects

Approximately five percent of all newborns depending on the severity of the situation however it may not always be essential to operate nate on the other hand was blessed with a strong tongue it’s haste the narrator says a healthy child does not need to be sliced clint kelly melton’s attorney told cbs news there’s no excuse for a hospital mixing up newborns according to a poll conducted by

Health.com surgical mishaps are more common than most people believe during a six-year investigation at one colorado hospital researchers discovered that doctors operated on the wrong people 25 times and on the wrong body part in 107 patients she opened her mouth to see the injuries when nate was returned to melton in lebanon tennessee i scooped up my little nate and glanced in his mouth and saw speckles of blood

Under his tongue she told people i sobbed uncontrollably thinking of what they’ve done to my poor child he can’t simply get up and tell them to stop over the phone the doctor who performed the operation apologized to melton the physician explained to me that he had requested the wrong child and had performed the surgery on nate melton said in an interview with people he apologized for what had happened but reassured nate that everything would be

Fine and that he didn’t even weep that much throughout the operation following the gaffe university medical center claimed that patient confidentiality regulations precluded it from discussing particular cases however it did confirm that the doctor who performed the surgery was not a hospital employee according to the statement he was labeled as an independent physician having privileges at our facility

We can affirm that we take seriously any difficulties brought to our attention a hospital official said in a statement and those problems are examined pursuant to the hospital’s medical staff bylaws when we become aware of a problem we work quickly to resolve it and take appropriate steps to prevent future problems nate’s family intended to file a lawsuit against the hospital as soon as they acquired his social security number but

Most importantly melton was eager to tell others about her child’s ordeal she hoped that no other family would ever be affected in the same way i understand it’s a career for doctors and it could get monotonous she continued in the people interview but we have sentiments and we’re human beings i don’t want anyone to go through what i went through at the time or what i’m going through now wondering about our future and what lies ahead for my lovely

Child who’s young and innocent nate’s phrenilectomy might or might not affect him in the long run but only time will tell it’s understandable that his mother would be dissatisfied however it’s anticipated that thanks to the mother such mistakes would not be repeated in the future phrenolectomy versus phrenectomy what’s the difference a phrenelectomy is a scary sounding term for a routine and painless procedure

Performed in the mouth of children and adults to address a number of medical issues aprenelectomy also known as a phrenectomy or frenotomy is an outpatient surgical procedure that involves the clipping or removal of your frenum what is a frenum exactly a little bit of tissue that connects your cheeks tongue and lips to your gums is called the frenum

There are several frenums in your body the ones that are detected inside your mouth usually demand a frontalectomy two of the most prominent frenums are as follows this is the frenum which connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth it can go to the tip of your tongue on occasion leaving you tongue-tied maxillary labial frenum this frenum links your gums and top lip just above your upper two front teeth

You could feel it if you move your tongue up between your teeth and upper lip these frenums serve no particular purpose and their removal has little effect on the operation of the body justifications for frontalectomy upper lip and tongue frenectomies are very common at times the frenum might be overly rough short or tight it can restrict movement making it difficult to carry out daily tasks like

Talking and eating it can also inhibit a child’s growth leading to cosmetic problems a phrenolectomy is a simple procedure in which your doctor cuts and removes your frenulum to allow you to move more freely this outpatient procedure has a low failure rate and typically solves the condition the first time around phrenectomy in children certain children have large frenums under their tongue that prevent them

From moving their mouth freely this frequently causes individuals to become tongue-tied and obstructs their conversation in children it causes the following symptoms breastfeeding interference as a child it’s difficult to communicate the frenulum which is located behind the tongue becomes stuck between the teeth it takes a lot of effort to stick your tongue out that far

Receding gums are the cause of periodontal disease your ent doctor can perform a labial phonectomy when a child’s frenum is linked to his or her two front upper teeth this can happen when a child’s permanent front upper teeth have come through in their mouths a frenum that’s connected to the teeth may prevent baby teeth from erupting indications for phonectomy

There are various indicators that you may require a phrenectomy one your two top front teeth have a lot of space between them excess fibrotic tissue in your frenum can prevent space closure or reopen a previously closed space two your labial frenum is close to the gum tissue’s edge creating strain and a left untreated gum recession or loss three

Your tongue tied or have a high lingual frontal attachment which affects your ability to speak eat and swallow your frenulum difficulties are normally fixed when you start exhibiting speech deficits and feeding concerns as a baby or young child despite the fact that their limited tongue movement causes them a slew of issues it’s very uncommon for children with tongue tie to live into adulthood without having any sort of treatment

Children’s indications for phonectomy the operation may be performed if an infant or toddler shows any signs of tongue tie that’s giving them complications such as difficulty breastfeeding aprenectomy is most likely required if the child’s speech is being damaged as a result of their disease the operation may help children with tongue difficulties that make it difficult for them to speak chew or

Reach back to their teeth several lactation consultants and doctors advise that an abnormal frenulum be corrected as soon as possible after a newborn is discharged from the hospital others suggest that you wait and see what happens the tongue-tie issue may go away on its own or it may remain but not cause issues tongue-tie surgery may be required in some cases aphrenectomy or phrenotomy

Can be used to correct an abnormal frenulum the frenum and its link to the underlying bone are removed during a phrenectomy your doctor will make an incision and relocate the frontal attachment during a phenotomy tongue die surgery is a technique that can be done on children teenagers and adults thanks for reading.