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Mom gives birth then The Doctor realizes he isn’t a baby

When a little one’s born it’s a reason for joy and numerous congratulations to the mother but what happened in a delivery room in mexico city left more than one completely paralyzed their eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing and the doctors couldn’t help but scream as they realized what this woman had brought into the world well at first everything indicated that

It was going to be a normal delivery but when they finally saw what she gave birth to none of them could explain the strange appearance of this little girl what dr annabel and his medical team had to witness in the delivery room was completely terrifying as none of them had seen a similar case before well when they finally managed to bring michelle’s baby into the world everyone around held their breath and the father couldn’t help but scream desperate to

Realize what his wife had brought into the world michelle had arrived in labor at the hospital in mexico city where the doctors managed to treat her immediately since the woman had broken her water on the way to the place and after checking her they realized that they had to start labor immediately because the woman was ready to bring her first child but what doctors didn’t know was that she’d not been able to attend any of her

Consultations throughout all that time because the constant work and hustle and bustle of her life didn’t allow it well she had to take care of the house and her obligations at work completely alone her husband was almost always away and couldn’t help her because of what she hadn’t been able to find out about the state of the baby that day luckily her husband had been at the house so he’d been the one who helped her and also took her to the

Hospital when it all started the father didn’t stop walking nervously through the corridors of the hospital while the woman was being treated by the medical staff when they finally had her ready to assist her in the delivery room samuel approached his wife and grabbing her face said everything will be fine my love i will always be by your side well our son will be loved and well received

In our families but what the man didn’t know was that minutes later he would regret that promise because what they witnessed in that delivery room left more than one completely scared the medical staff prepared to begin the delivery samuel was right next to his wife supporting her at all times and very eager to meet his baby everything seemed to be going very well the main doctor knew her worked very

Well and instructed the woman to start pushing but suddenly something terrifying happened because what came next none of the professionals had ever seen because inside that belly was staying a completely hideous looking creature a case never seen before in the hospital the doctors and nurses began to scream in amazement and the little girl’s father couldn’t help but let out a cry when he saw her

Michelle was desperate to see everyone’s reaction to her little girl because she’d not yet been able to see her no one dared to show it to her so the woman began to cry and ask that they please not hide anything from her that was how michelle saw her daughter for the first time a little girl whose head was completely amorphous with various wrinkles and bulging eyes she was really creepy but her mother’s heart only wanted to

Protect her at all times so without hesitation she asked them to please put her in her arms to hide her from all those looks that judged her by her appearance well for her she was the most perfect creature that god had been able to give her that scene left everyone present completely paralyzed since they’d never had a similar case before the nurses tried to calm the father down

Who began to shout that this monster was not his and after that he ran out of the delivery room but not before confessing to michelle that he had another family with beautiful children and that was why he almost never stopped at home the woman was shocked by all that and she wanted to run after her husband to ask for explanations but she was stopped well her condition was really delicate all that was so strong that they had to put her to sleep and take care of the

Little one themselves days passed and the medical staff took care of the little girl and her mother woke up after three days when everything had calmed down the woman in her protective instinct took her daughter in her arms and despite everything she swore to protect her from all evil loving her from the first moment numerous studies were started to discover why little eli as her mother

Had named her had been born with that appearance because the doctors at that hospital had never heard of a similar case but very soon they would discover that there were other little ones in the world with the same genetic problem that’s right it was progeria a disease that affected children which caused her body to age rapidly and her life expectancy was very very short that shattered the illusions of michelle

Who could not conceive that her little eli was taken from her hands because she loved her and would do everything possible so that time she was on the earth was the best showing everyone that her daughter had defended for her above all from people as cruel as her own husband who had judged her by her appearance and he had left them without looking back michelle kept her promise for a year and a half which was the time that little

Eli was able to be with her because her little body fought until the last moment and proved to be much stronger than many imagined on the other hand her mother gave her quality of life and demonstrated through all her social networks that she was keeping her promise well little eli looked happy and full of love in each of the photos that the woman posted after her death michelle decided to form

A foundation to help mothers who were going through the same thing that one day she passed by providing them with help and support to be able to talk and learn more about progeria a genetic disease that day to day takes more children from the world known as hutchinson-gilford syndrome progeria is a extremely rare and progressive genetic condition that causes children to age rapidly from the time they’re born until they’re two

Years old pregnancy and childbirth are usually uneventful for children with progeria in the first year indications and symptoms such as poor development and hair loss begin to manifest themselves among other things the majority of children with progeria die as a result of heart disease or stroke in their later years when it comes to children with progeria the average life expectancy is

Approximately 13 years some people with the disease die sooner while others live for a longer period of time sometimes up to 20 years there is now no cure for progeria however continuing research indicates that it may be possible to treat it causes progeria is caused by a single gene mutation that’s been identified it’s known as lamin a lmna gene because it produces a protein that’s essential for

Holding the center or nucleus of a cell together when a defect or mutation occurs in this gene an aberrant form of the lamin a protein known as progerun is created which causes cells to become unstable this appears to be a contributing factor to progeria’s aging process progeria in contrast to many other genetic mutations is only infrequently passed down through families in the vast majority of cases the gene mutation is a

Result of a rare random occurrence there are several more syndromes that are comparable there are a number of different pro-droid disorders that are passed down via families these hereditary syndromes are associated with premature aging and a shorter life span weidman route and stretch syndrome also known as neonatal prodroid syndrome is a genetic condition that begins in the

Womb and manifests itself in signs and symptoms of aging at birth werner syndrome also known as adult progeria is a genetic disorder that begins in the teen years or early adulthood and results in premature aging and the development of conditions associated with old age including cataracts and diabetes factors that increase risk there are no recognized risk factors for progeria such as sedentary lifestyle or

Exposure to toxins in the environment and there’s no known risk factor for giving birth to a child with progeria progeria is a very rare condition it’s estimated that the chances of having a second kid with progeria are two to three percent for parents who have already had one child with progeria complications children suffering from progeria are more likely to develop significant hardening of the arteries atherosclerosis

In this illness the walls of arteries blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen from the heart to the rest of the body become rigid and thickened causing blood flow to become restricted a mother never stops fighting for her children they’re always the most beautiful thing that god could have given them and they’ll always protect their little ones with their own lives if necessary a great lesson a great teaching and a

Great testimony thank you once again for joining us in another story i send you a big hug and i wait for you with more stories like this one until next time.