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Mom gives birth to 4 babies when she put one of them in her lap she realized he isn’t a baby

Mom gives birth to four babies when she put one of them in her lap she realized he isn’t a baby a mother from portugal became famous a few months ago for her big baby belly maria who is expecting quadruplets naturally was concerned received provided regular updates on her growing babies and their impact on her body the doctors feared there was another baby still in her womb after she gave

Delivery but that wasn’t the case it was her postpartum belly maria georgia’s weekly instagram images tracking her pregnancy belly as she prepared to give birth to quadruplets went viral but the owner of the quadruplets of portugal instagram account wants everyone to know that mom and kids are doing well and that her bump too is recuperating back in september the 36 year old expecting mother shared her pregnancy

Journey with the world photo by photo from barely pregnant to 35 weeks along with four babies all of whom were conceived legitimately according to georgetown’s instagram according to the british website good to know the chances of having quadruplets naturally are 1 in 4 400. maria traveled to the hospital to give birth when she was 35 weeks pregnant and in a lot of pain as she reported on social media despite the fact that the babies were

Born prematurely and required feeding tubes at first everyone was remarkably healthy and secure at home georgia tells romper via email but unfortunately one of the four babies wasn’t usual or as expected when baby rodrigo was born earlier this month his parents were completely unaware of the significant physical anomalies that their kid possessed at the time officials from the medical council have

Voted to suspend dr arturo cavulho following claims of negligence against him it has been revealed that further complaints some of which date back more than a decade have been lodged on behalf of other babies the reports of those cases which were extensively covered by portuguese media sparked significant indignation there has been no public reaction from dr carvajo who on the other hand allegations and the bbc has been unable

To contact him directly i’m curious as to what happened to rodrigo on october 7th rodrigo was born in the same hospital as his three other siblings at so bernardo hospital in setball which is roughly 40 kilometers or 23 miles south of lisbon three ultrasound scans were performed at a private clinic throughout her mother’s pregnancy and the doctor did not express any concerns about the fetus’s

Well-being according to his parents according to reports the mother subsequently got a fourth more comprehensive 5d ultrasound at a different clinic while she was six months pregnant during that scan the likelihood of abnormalities was addressed but dr calvarjo allegedly dismissed the concerns he explained that sometimes some parts of the baby’s face are not visible on ultrasounds when the baby’s face is glued to the mother’s

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Belly rodrigo’s aunt was quoted as saying by afp as saying to a local broadcaster he explained that sometimes some parts of the baby’s face were not visible on ultrasounds following rodrigo’s birth and the discovery of his anomalies his parents were reportedly informed that he would only live for a few hours however the boy is still alive and being treated in the hospital after the passage of more

Than two weeks according to reports his parents have filed a formal complaint against dr carvajo with the portuguese prosecutor’s office what are the other possible scenarios other allegations against the doctor have come to light as a result of the uproar surrounding the case of infant rodrigo according to health officials at least six medical complaints against him are

Now pending with the earliest dating back to 2013 more than a dozen more mothers and fathers have come forward to tell their personal tales to the portuguese media about dr carvajo’s apparent failure to discover health problems in their own pregnancies in one instance a baby was delivered in 2011 with a facial disfigurement misshapen legs and serious brain damage as a result of the birth trauma

The mother identified only as laura alfonso told the daily publico that she had filed a criminal complaint against the doctor but that the charge had been dismissed by a prosecutor she explained that her child who is now eight years old has undergone many surgeries but is still unable to speak or walk according to publico another criminal case in which the kid died months after

Their 2007 birth was also reportedly dismissed without going to trial according to the newspaper what has the public’s response been in portugal the developing scandal has prompted public indignation it has prompted concerns about the functioning of the country’s health care system as well as the procedures for filing complaints miguel gamarez the head of portugal’s medical society gave a news conference

Last week in which he stated that he had spoken with dr caravajo directly because of the social panic produced by the issue he said that the doctor had agreed to refrain from performing surgeries while the probe was ongoing dr carl vajo was suspended for six months by the body’s disciplinary council which met earlier this week and unanimously concluded that he should be sidelined for the remainder of the

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Investigation according to alexandre valentin lorenko chief of the medical council for the southern region there is sufficient proof of the doctor’s negligence which may result in a disciplinary consequence after the judgment was made public mr lorenko expressed the hope that the ban would go some way toward reassuring pregnant mothers of the scandal’s ramifications if your child was born with a birth

Defect you may be feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for the situation however you’re not alone and there are numerous people and resources available to assist you and your child what are the causes of birth defects a birth defect also known as a congenital condition or congenital anomaly is a health problem that occurs in a baby at the time of his or her conception it is possible to have various forms of birth abnormalities

Ranging from moderate to severe in severity the majority of the time the cause is unknown some birth defects are passed down through families i either inherited whereas others are not what role can parents play if your child is born with a birth defect you should do the following recognize and accept your feelings you might experience emotions such as shock denial grief and even fury it’s

Important to acknowledge your feelings and discuss them with your spouse or partner and other close family members you might also think about consulting with a social worker a counselor or a psychologist celebrate the accomplishments of your child allow yourself to enjoy your kid in the same manner that any new parent would by snuggling and playing with him or her keeping an eye out for the developmental milestones even if they

Differ from those seen in other children and sharing your happiness with a family or friends some parents are unsure whether or not they should send out birth announcements this is a personal decision the fact that your baby has a medical condition does not preclude you from being enthusiastic about the new member of your family learn everything you can and seek assistance understanding your child’s

Condition can assist you in providing them with the best possible care if you have any queries you should consult with your child’s doctor and care team it can also be beneficial to talk with someone who has gone through the same thing consider attending a support group seek for them online or ask your doctor or social worker about them if they’re available in your area

Keep meticulous records maintain a record of your child’s appointments medications and treatments in a notebook or on your mobile phone investigate alternative methods of financing your child’s treatment and care if necessary when caring for a child who has a medical problem there may be additional expenses beyond health insurance additional places to investigate include non-profit disability organizations

Private foundations medicaid programs as well as state and local government initiatives a social worker can assist you in finding out more about these details inquire with your child’s doctor or a social worker at the hospital where you gave birth about the availability of an early intervention program in your neighborhood work as a group to achieve your goals it is possible that your kid will require

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Care from a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians including a primary care provider and medical experts make certain that all caregivers are aware of who is a member of your child’s care team thus they will be able to share information with your consent and collaborate in order to provide your child with the best possible care what else should i be aware of the investigation into the causes of birth abnormalities as well as the

Methods of diagnosing preventing and treating them continues some recent advancements in testing have the potential to provide a diagnosis at an earlier stage of pregnancy this provides parents with additional time to seek guidance and examine their options before making a decision gene therapy is being developed as a method of treating or preventing hereditary disorders it is possible that one day it will be feasible to replace

Or inhibit the genes that are responsible for certain diseases genetics research is progressing at a rapid pace the human genome project produced a map of all the genes in the human genome it depicts the locations of the genes on the chromosomes in question doctors can use this map to identify genetic abnormalities and treat or cure them in some cases according to a manufacturer in the near future there is optimism that medicines for a wide range of genetic diseases will be produced.

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