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Mom gives birth to 5 babies then she realized one of them isn’t hers

Mom gives birth to five babies. Then she realized one of them isn’t hers. First time mothers face a lot of challenges because of the lack of experience. Everything around seems new, and adapting to this noob becomes a challenge due to lack of sleep and energy. The pressure on the new mother is extremely severe.

A new mother has to control her diet. The baby suffers from loss of motion. The new mother’s diet would be questioned. Similarly for baby’s Constipation. Again, the new mother is blamed.

People around forget that the new mother is a human too, and this leads to depression. In many cases, a new mother may feel that nobody needs or loves her. This kind of creates a loneliness in the new mother. Apart from that, the new mother suffers from joint pain, and this is extremely unbearable because she cannot even take the desired test for breastfeeding. The baby needs to be held in a certain position, so it leads to pain and the wrist joint.

If the baby is uneasy or unwell, then they’ll not leave the mother’s lap. This leads to pain in the back, thighs and knee joints. Unfortunately, the cases where the family breaks up after the birth of a child is not uncommon.

Most often this is due to the fact that the woman begins to give her husband less attention and that in turn suffers from a lack of bright emotions and the emergence of new worries. The Governor Aksana Kobliaki, the mother of six children, five of whom were twins.

Faced with the betrayal of her husband at that moment when his support was especially needed, her first child, a daughter, Alice, was born to Oxana and her husband, Sergei, in 2013. Problems in a young family began almost immediately after the appearance of the baby, and their main reasons were financial difficulties. Over time between spouses. There was a critical misunderstanding. Sergey began to drink, and the situation got worse every day.

Perhaps the pair needed to leave already, but Oxana’s mother set up the daughter of that family need to fight to the last, and her husband need to reeducate. Who are you going to need better? Because you will not find it’s impossible that the child was left without a father, she said to Oxana, and she endured her husband’s indifference and his drinking. One day, drunk, he called his mother to complain about the hardships of life. And between her and the son in law, there was a serious conversation.

After this. An attempt was made to revive the relationship, and for some time it seemed that everything changed for the better. At this time, Oxana learned that she was pregnant again. It was a surprise for the couple. As to a family crisis with Conceiving second child, nothing worked.

The unexpected news that the woman took it as a sign from above. It’s not for nothing. She gave Sergei a second chance, and now it’s going to be all good. When the doctor during the ultrasound told Oxana that she’s expecting five kids. The woman was in shock.

She did not believe it, but on the twelve week reexamination confirmed the news, experts immediately warned the woman to bear five healthy children is almost impossible. They are born premature, weak, and sick. Therefore, Kobeki suggested to have an abortion, or at least reduction when sacrificed multiple embryos to increase the chances of others. Nonetheless, Oxana refused these two options and decided for herself that’s her cross to carry and needs to end. Sergey has supported his wife all the time and said it was a gift and should be appreciated in spite of inevitable difficulties.

Nevertheless, the mother in law was not thrilled with the news and repeatedly called her mother Oxana that you persuaded her daughter to have an abortion because at this point Oxana was already 14 weeks. Officially, get rid of the pregnancy has been impossible, but Sergey’s mother is not stopped.

She was even willing to take on the hassle associated with this operation. From the search of the doctor ending with the payment, Oxana’s pregnancy passed without any complications, and she tried to do all the harder chores. Even when the doctors ordered her to bed rest, the expectant mother continued to Cook, wash, and clean the apartment.

In this difficult time, relationship with her husband deteriorated. He became nervous and rude and once even pushed his pregnant wife while she almost fell. Fearing the future of the kids, Kobiaki packed her things, took her daughter Alice, and temporarily moved in with her mother, who is happy shelter her daughter,

but also became an intermediary in her communication with her husband mother Oxana all the forces put to help a pregnant daughter and grandchild. In addition, she worked a lot and there was a large expense, and Sergey much hoped not. Oxana wanted to bring the twins to at least 32 weeks, but occurred after 30, when an unusual woman in labor was brought to the hospital.

The doctor was desperate and literally banging his head against the wall. This day in the clinic had many women requiring urgent care, and then there was a difficult birth with whom he encountered in his practice for cesarean section, which is inevitable in such cases, it was necessary to collect equipment throughout Odessa. In the hospital, five organized resuscitation teams, one for each kid. Fortunately, everything went well, and with 927 to 934 a. M.

Oxana gave birth to Sasha, Dasha, Vlad, Dennis, and David. All the kids, even though he was premature, had no serious health problems and exhaust, felt absolutely happy. She realized that all the difficulties still ahead, but could not and assume that it expects. Soon after birth, a woman and her five kids stayed in the hospital for two months. At discharge, the city authorities gave the family a new five room apartment and founded a fund that was intended to help a large family.

In financial terms, Oxana was reunited with Sergei and the husband tried to convince her that he’s happy to be a father of five unique children. In the first days after discharge, the woman was uncomfortable. She felt insecure without the support of doctors and nurses. But husband and mom quickly became involved in a cycle of worries and everything went back to normal. Every 3 hours they passed the diaper changing, swaddling, washing, and preparing the milk mixture.

Family team worked so effectively that Oxana even had time for a nap. Alas, Sergey had only a few weeks of caring. He began to complain that she gets very tired. Husband refused to get up to kids during the night, as, according to him, was very exhausted during the day. He actually, Besides work, was forced to go shopping and spend time and effort going to different instances in connection with the acquisition of a new apartment.

Over time, things got worse. More recently seemed happy. Sergey was irritable and the others began to rise. He was unhappy that he no longer cooked dinners with several courses, that he was not paying attention, that he’s given different instructions. A woman needs to do everything.

So he began to speak to his wife in response to his request for assistance. On the 17 January 2017, exactly one year after the ultrasound signaled the future birth of five babies, Sergey silently collected all his belongings from the old house and new apartment and left the family to mom. Before leaving. He said that he’s tired of all of this and wants a divorce. Oxana and her mother were shocked by the action of Sergey, but the time to despair.

They had the twins turned six months old and worries only increased. Oxana’s mother has already not lived with the family of her daughter. She decided that everything was too normal and returned to work. The family decided to help other people, but caring people they’re at their own expense, hired a nanny for the twins. To reduce the load of Oxana, the woman was finally able to think about her future at the age of 37.

She began to implement what was planned before this life. The woman learned to drive a car presented by the President on the right. She passed 19 years ago with the opportunity to learn driving, and she was not. Now she could move without restriction to take the twins. But problems did not leave a large family.

Children and Oxana started to get sick, one after the other. The kids have infected each other with different infections, and this occurred almost continuously in a cycle. Oxana with the kids for a few months spent in the hospital and remembers this period as a nightmare. In this situation, not even time to issue a formal divorce, and the issue was resolved only when the twins turned a year. Sergey did not participate in the children’s lives and does not even pay child support.

After leaving the family, he went ahead and did a third group of disability. So it’s not been claims at the hearings. He focused on his illness and trying to convince everyone that it’s not able to help their children with money. Now all I see six children from his father is 800 UAH, about 2200 rubles. They transfer 50% of his disability pension, but contributions started recently.

For a long time, Sergey ignored the payments of child support, citing the fact that he did not know that children after a divorce needed help. Very unfortunate father unofficially working and gets a good salary. But to prove it almost impossible, Sergey did not even hide from his ex wife. That works. He openly tells Aksana that she can’t see children because of their employment, but she too regrets that her ex husband comes to visit with him and his mom.

She’s regularly seen at the trials. The woman still hopes to recover from Sergey for a long time the alimony and to solve the issue with a statement from his five room apartment provided by the state. Former mother in law does not want to hear about grandchildren and openly tells Oxana that she has the disabled and up to six strangers to her. There is no case. Health of the twins doesn’t really matter due to the fact that they were born prematurely.

Babies problems with the immune system, eyesight and respiratory system. Oxana believes that the poor health of her twins. It’s only a matter of time and they’ll soon outgrow. But while many children, the mother has to devote a lot of time hiking in and out of hospitals. Unique mother of twins constantly worried that over time the list of ailments of kids is not replenished with new items.