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Mom gives birth to twins then she realizes on of them isn’t her skin

Mom gives birth to twins then she realizes one of them isn’t her skin there are several kinds of feelings first it’s surprise most the times which may have some impact on other feelings more so if you had previously a single pregnancy i think the main thought is to imagine how to take care after birth of two babies instead of one the prospect to go through a double

Delivery today is less worrisome because the trend today is delivering twins by cesarean section this is part of your prenatal care you’ll be gaining more weight and the abdomen will be larger and there will be more physical stress in your posture with increase of the swelling of your legs you may feel more uncomfortable if you had a previous single pregnancy subjectively you may feel many babies

Movements the desire to deliver two babies provided you know their sex and have such important part in their lives since the beginning and making the plan for such important function will dominate any other thoughts i’ve had to get used to the constant looks and questions whenever we’re out in public sarah had barely come to terms with losing two babies in six months when she

Found out she was pregnant again completely terrified sarah called the doctor to set up an ultrasound praying that this time she’d carry the baby to term but she knew it wouldn’t be easy with her two older children she had battled nine long months of morning sickness and other pregnancy complications during the ultrasound i began asking the tech questions what’s the heartbeat is the baby okay the mom of four first

Wrote on love what matters she couldn’t tell me much so it made me even more nervous sitting on the bed waiting for what seemed like hours two doctors in the tech finally walked in the doctor starts to explain everything’s fine the heartbeats were 157 and 152 it was a rough pregnancy sarah sat there in complete and utter shock

What did he mean two heartbeats it turned out she was caring for a boy and a girl who she decided to call malachi in malaysia although both babies looked healthy doctors warned sarah that multiple pregnancies could change at any point throughout my pregnancy it was rough she said my cervix was shortening and working full time wasn’t helping malaysia was moving like crazy which actually was a great thing

But with a one-year-old on the brink of turning two and a five-year-old going on 21 the whole pregnancy certainly was a task i woke up in pain but it wasn’t until sarah’s third trimester that the complications truly set in doctors were concerned that malaysia wasn’t growing as well as her brother although this is common with twins the situation was serious enough that sarah was kept in hospital for observation for

Two days upon arriving home and laying down i woke up in pain she said i again rushed to the hospital my blood pressure and my protein were extremely high i had preeclampsia they started having me sign forms for a c-section all i could do was cry so in just 28 weeks sarah’s twins entered the world they were tiny with malachi weighing

Just over a kilogram and malaysia weighing 879 grams i was the only one in the room besides the 10 nurses and doctors sarah said all i could do was cry as i saw them working on my children running around the next couple of days weeks and months were tough on this mama and her little warriors there were a few terrifying episodes where my little girl stopped trying to fight for mummy but she pushed through

No one could believe it when they were born the twins were so tiny that it was hard to tell them apart but as they gradually grew and filled out to everyone’s amazement they were total polar opposites she was fair-skinned with bright blue eyes and blonde hair and he was dark-skinned with brown eyes and black hair sarah added a lot of nurses didn’t know how to approach me

I got comments like i’ve been a nurse 23 years and have never worked with twins like them and it’s weird having a white twin and a black twin no one could believe it do they have the same father when the twins were finally allowed to go home these kind of reactions only became more common when we’re out in public i’ve gotten questions like are they adopted are they twins do they have the same father sarah

Added it’s amazing the things i get asked they’re constantly getting looks from people they couldn’t be any more different from their hair color to their skin eyes their attitudes and little personalities my babies fit right in with our family but despite the stairs sarah wouldn’t have it any other way my now six-year-old being dark-skinned

And my now-two-year-old being fairly fair-skinned my babies fit right in with our family she said all four of my kids are total opposites but best friends the proud mama advises parents to make the most of their kids when they’re young it flies by so everybody in the situation pray and appreciate every little second because they seem small now but you’ll blink and they’ll be

Adults making life decisions soon enough differences for me to not have noticed that i was expecting two babies rather than one and in fairness to myself i should add that apart from one slightly fae friend who said nothing at the time nobody else had noticed either not even my doctor in retrospect there were clues but i and later we didn’t recognize them at the time so here they are in approximate chronological order

Firstly i was expecting my first baby she and i used to have long unspoken conversations no words as such but definitely two way this time around what i mostly got in response was a confused jumble of noise i couldn’t make any sense of it but it was rather worrying and disturbing so i largely shut down communication cherish them now every moment you have with them our baby was very different

Every year millions of babies are born and every single one of them is different with varying skin colors eye colors hair colors and their own characteristics it’s what makes them unique however every year approximately 5 in every 100 000 people are born with albinism this rare disorder is still relatively unknown because so many varying forms of it exist as we said we’re all unique

Nevertheless many scientists have dedicated their whole lives to find out even more about the disorder its causes and its effects what these dedicated researchers have found is that albinism is a congenital disorder that can be found within people of all races ethnicities ages and genders and is the result of a partial or complete lack of pigment called melanin amongst the majority of the general

Population melanin along with genetics determines your skin color your eye color and your hair color however those who lack this pigment may develop stark white hair white skin and pale eyes although albinism does not pose an obvious health risk those with albinism may suffer from eye conditions such as partial vision and blindness as well as sensitivity to light albinism is a lifelong condition but it’s rarely ever harmful and does not

Require treatment because it’s a genetic disorder which cannot be treated although those with albinism may need to attend eye tests more frequently and be careful when in direct sunlight albinism does not get worse over time or with age most of the time signs of albinism are found at birth but there are many cases where it’s been found later in life there are also cases where doctors are baffled by the distinct characteristics of baby exhibits

Just like little bent’s with his stark white hair doctors were convinced that bence was born with albinism but what’s the truth behind this white-haired baby a little baby with a big difference let’s be honest we all get a bit worked up about our looks yep even you and we all wish we could turn back the clock to when we were youngsters to a time when wrinkles didn’t exist we had no idea what age spots were and the only bags we had to worry about were

The ones we took shopping not the ones under our eyes the best thing about being a kid not spending hours choosing the right hair dye to cover your aging white hair but this baby was different bence was born in hungary and was born with a full head of white hair when bence was born the whole process ran smoothly with no complications or problems bence’s parents were pleased to find

Their baby was healthy and happy it was a normal birth he weighed in just under 12 pounds which is slightly larger than the average weight but not uncommon he stood well not literally that would be impressive at 21 inches high and was born with a full head of hair again not uncommon but what took his parents by surprise was the fact that his hair was bright white after getting over the initial shock of bence’s full head of hair his parents

And doctors decided to test his vitals to ensure that he was really as healthy as he seemed from the outside thankfully all of his vital checks came back positive and their baby was perfectly healthy but there were still a few questions floating around what caused his hair to be so white soon the word albinism began to play on the doctor’s lips the doctors continued to talk amongst

Themselves to determine the cause of benz’s white hair and all came to the conclusion that bents could in fact have albinism albinism is a congenital disorder which prevents the human body from creating melanin a pigment which determines hair color eye color and skin color despite the fact that he did not carry all the characteristics associated with albinism his stark white hair color did to finally get an answer doctors tested

Bens’s blood and melanin levels the main doctor in charge of benz’s case was dr zoltan coomer who after testing benz’s blood found that his blood did carry the low levels of melanin synonymous with albinism he concluded that this low level was a definitive contributing factor to benz’s unique hair color however this did not answer all the questions bent’s skin was unlike any other albino case he was not missing the pigment in

His skin only in his hair so why was it different as more and more questions surrounded bentz’s case many doctors began to speculate that his white hair may not be the direct cause of albinism instead it could be the cause of prenatal stress or another illness many babies are prone to anxiety and stress while in the womb if the mother is feeling anxious or stressed causing complications and problems with the

Baby’s health when born finding out the cause of bentz’s white hair wasn’t a quick diagnosis and bents began to spend more and more time in the hospital just enough time for the nurses and doctors to fawn over him with his adorable looks and unique hair bence soon run over the hearts of the workers who nicknamed the child prince charming as time went on dr coomer began to suspect that the loss of pigment in

His hair is only temporary and that his melanin levels would increase over time like most parents bence’s mom and dad couldn’t help but show off their baby boy on social media and the internet on bence’s condition thanks for reading.