Story Time

Mom Installs Camera, Sees Why She’s Always Tired

God creates all humans as equal in everything. However, there are still some categories of people who still believe in the superiority of Blacks over the whites. Such unreasonable thoughts are inherited throughout different generations in different areas of the world. It’s against any logic to think that the differences of skin color can lead some people to treat those black groups inhumane way. Every day we hear about such dominating white men who always described black people as undeserved to be survived.

Yet a big number of black humans prove their competence to win the ethnic competition. By the end, they inspire everyone and gain their appreciation. This short writing will narrate the story of a black young lady who confirms to the whole world that human perfection or brilliance relies on his or her good mentality and not on the color of complexion. Natasha is the black heroine of the story. Natasha was just an intelligent girl.

Natasha lived with her family in a small village. Natasha’s family was not a rich one. Her father Andrew was an accountant while her mother was a simple tailor. Natasha has no brothers nor sisters. She was the only child of her parents.

Natasha’s family moved from place to place as they were greatly mocked in each destination they reached. In fact, they were mainly from South Africa and after Natasha’s mother Gina gave birth to Natasha, they decided to travel to a developed country where they could make more money and get their daughter Natasha a good education and knowledge of the new civilization of the world. Andrew was an ambitious man. He wanted to build a better future for his family. He left his homeland for the sake of his family.

Though Andrew was fully aware that he and his small family might face various forms of racism, he didn’t give up. He was a brave man who was ready to fight against any external power that could destroy his future plans for a more civilized life. Andrew was not with the traditional simple life of the people of his country. He didn’t want his daughter Natasha to be raised in the same quite primitive environment in which he was evolved in. Similarly, Gina wished that Natasha would be an effective person who could get a buy change in the fixed unpleasant ideas which were centered on the fake truths about the disabilities of people with dark skin.

Thus, Gina didn’t mind deserting her home in order to lead a prosperous life in return, Andrew and Gina were an amazing couple. Andrew loved Gina very much because she was always rational and obedient. There’s a wide similarity in the way they think and they behave. Before Natasha entered the school, Andrew gave her some pieces of advice in order to be able to communicate well with the others. Andrew said, Dear Natasha, you must know how to be brave and able to defend yourself against anyone aiming at bothering you or making fun of you in any way.

I see that in spite of your young age, you still have the ability to argue and give your opinion regarding several issues. We left our country and settled here so as to allow your open eyes and widen your Horizons to the global development of the world, to witness revolutions, and to narrate historical tales to your children. To lead a successful life in this country, you must always communicate your value with the other. Do not allow anyone to diminish your selfconfidence because of your dark skin. Instead, be proud of your color.

Be proud of your ancestors who are the main founder of the most current civilizations. You could do it. Natasha. I trust your determination and intelligence. Natasha promised her parents to be courageous and self defending.

Natasha entered the school where there were a lot of white students. Natasha’s classmates usually laughed at her, describing her as a lightless lamb. Natasha didn’t pay attention anymore. Her continuous negligence and uncared about the other’s opinions of her made everyone keep silent. Unfortunately, Gina died.

Natasha experienced a great deal of sadness after this sudden occurrence. In fact, Gina was everything for Natasha. She was not only her mother, but she was her best friend too. Andrew tried to befriend his daughter more after the death of Gina. Natasha expressed her sorrow, saying, My mother was the most friendly person in my life.

She always supported me and helped me to get out of any bad mood. She was my friend and my secret keeper. After she died, I felt as if I’m lonely despite your existence beside me. Father, forgive me for saying so, but it’s the whole truth. My mother left an empty space for me.

My only consolation is that I feel that she now lives in a more peaceful and blissful garden. Concerning you, my father, do not burden your own mind with my worries. And as for me, I will never try to destroy your life with negative attitudes and bad thoughts. At this time, Andrew discovered that he’ll never occupy the same position in Natasha’s heart as her mother did. Natasha finished her school time to start studying in the University.

Andrew didn’t have enough money to let his daughter join the College she wanted, yet Andrew saved each and every money he earned. However, he failed to collect the necessary sums. At this time, Andrew’s employer, Helen, expressed her admiration of his character. Although Helen was a white woman, she fell in love with the black Andrew without thinking any color difference. Like Andrew, Helen was a widow too.

Her husband died, leaving two children behind. Helen made a great attention for her children, but she was still young and like any woman her age, she wanted to enjoy the rest of her life with a man who could give her her true love and sensation. Likewise, Andrew was still a gentleman who desired to be loved and cared for. Andrew hoped to find a gold wife who could take care of him and simplify life’s hardships for him. In addition, Helen was not only a lovely and friendly woman, she was a rich widow too.

She could easily help Andrew and provide him with the money he needed to let Natasha start studying in a new College. Helen and Andrew arranged together to get married quickly in order to invest each moment of their life for their own happiness. When Andrew disclosed to Natasha about his intention to marry Helen, Natasha got upset. She wondered how her father could live with a strange woman rather than her mother. Andrew declared to Natasha that such marriage was the last hope for Natasha to start her academic learning.

Natasha had to agree as she found her father very interested about it. Andrew stated to Natasha, don’t worry, Natasha, your special place in my heart is as it is. It will never be touched by anyone else. I’ll marry this woman to make us live in luxury. You deserve to live a happy life.

Helen is kind hearted and I’m sure you’ll love her. Natasha had to accept as she found her father extremely fond of Helen. Andrew and Helen got married. Helen had two children, a girl named Sophia and a boy named Jack. Both of them hated Natasha and they offended her permanently.

Sophia and Jack were against such marriage. This was because they loved their father very much and they wished that Helen would remain faithful to him. Yet Helen refused to listen to them. She was selfcentered and conceded. Helen declared to them, I’m fully free to behave as I wish.

I’ve been obedient and kind with your father. I won’t do something shameful or disgraceful. It’s my right which God grants me. Helen didn’t even consider her children’s refusal of the black man as she was simple and unsophisticated. Instead, she revealed to them external appearances mean nothing to me.

It’s like an umbrella under which some disloyal persons hide their ugly faces. Differences of skin color is something normal as God made us in order to test our sense of being grateful and thankful for him. People who believe in so are just as loyal and untrustworthy. They must be cured from their sick minds. Although I and Andrew are of different colors, we are fully convinced of our relation.

This fact makes me wonder, how can two persons from different areas of the world love each other like that? To be Frank, your late white father, who was from the same country as mine, did not use to treat me like a real lady. Alternatively, he always shouted at me and embarrassed me. He never seeked to see you as successful as he was. He was quite selfish.

On the other hand, Andrew was a man of values and courtesy. He treated me as a Princess. He gives me profound love and care. Unlike your father, he appreciates any effort I did for his sake. In addition, he succeeded in making me the happiest woman ever.

To elaborate, Helen’s children were right in their love for their faithful father but they were wrong in their prejudice against these black men. Jack and Sophie always made fun of Natasha as a black girl with curly locks because she loved Helen and didn’t want to be a reason behind any problem arising between Andrew and Helen. Natasha preferred to remain silent in most times Jack and Sophia aimed at provoking Natasha in order to ruin the relation between Andrew and Helen. Jack laughed at Natasha saying, God created you in this world in order to collect the rubbish only this is your only job. This is what exactly you can do perfectly.

If you look at your ugly dark face in the mirror you’ll immediately find out that I’m right. You’re here to be treated just like a servant. I feel sorry for those children who happen to see you in the street. They must get terrified of your frightening features. Natasha was a smart girl who managed to succeed in her exams in College.

A white colleague of hers fell in love with her. He’s a rich young man. He helped Natasha to be a successful businesswoman. Jack and Sophia were amazed at this moment. They discovered their prejudice for Natasha was wrong.

They regretted their misbehaviors against her. Natasha gave them a lesson that there’s no real differences between any human except in a level of proficiency and quick mindedness.