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Mom Left Her Baby Alone In Her Bed Room, Then She Heard Her Husband’s Screams

When moms tuck their kids in for the night the image of their child’s beautifully peaceful expression is something that will stay with them for a lifetime however some parents may take it for granted that their children will be waiting with a smile for them the next day sadly not all of our little angels get

To wake up in the morning on february 28 2016 carrie hall volmart put her 17-month old baby girl in bed for the night and that was the last she ever saw of her if carrie’s three-year-old son had not been in sleeping in her bedroom that night he too would have succumbed to the same fate as his baby sister had mom known ahead of time that there was a hidden danger in letting her two kids sleep on separate floors she never

Would have allowed it to happen she’s now sharing her heartbreaking story in the hopes that parents everywhere will learn from her tragic mistake that night carrie gently laid her daughter sammy in her crib that she says was made for a beautiful princess sweet little sammy had already said night night to her daddy and after a few minutes of crying the sweet girl fell into a deep sleep

On facebook carrie said the desperation and screeching panic in my husband’s voice the next morning as he went to retrieve her from upstairs is something i will never forget i was in the kitchen making coffee and as soon as he screamed carrie i knew something was terribly wrong i froze and he yelled my name again as he ran down the upstairs hallway speaking about the incident larry recalls

As soon as i got to the top of the stairs it was very warm i ran to her room opened her door and found her passed away carrie and larry were completely unaware that the heating system had malfunctioned as their bedroom was on the first floor of their home whilst the children’s rooms were on the second floor both of which are operated by separate temperature control systems kerry broke down in tears when she saw

Her husband cradle their baby daughter’s limp body something had gone terribly wrong during the night to say that the parents were shocked and in disbelief would be an understatement kerry met her husband as he rushed down the stairs with their precious angel and she couldn’t believe that their baby daughter who had been so full of life just hours earlier was now gone hyperthermia is a very real danger to

Small children since they can’t regulate their own body temperature until they’re about three to five years old doctors believe sami didn’t wake up and her passing was relatively painless even though our upstairs thermostat was set on 72 degrees the heater was blasting upstairs and it felt like a sauna the temperature registered 99 degrees on our thermostat which was as high as it could go meaning it was over 100 degrees

The couple’s son had been sleeping in the bedroom on the bottom floor since he’s in that stage where he’s scared of the monsters under his bed had it not been for those childhood fears doctors say that little jackson would very likely have followed in his sister’s footsteps after carrie did further research she discovered that there were several other instances of hypothermia and multiple story homes

She had educated herself as much as possible when she found out she was going to become a mother for the very first time but this is something carrie had never come across upon preparing to become a mother i read multiple books and stories on possible dangers that could harm babies and toddlers i wish i had once read about this hopefully parents out there are now reading carrie’s story so they won’t

Have to go through the same heart-wrenching experience the volmart family misses their little daughter every day and the holidays have become a particularly painful time for the family however they vow to remember their little girl for as long as they live we miss her every second of the day there’s a very large hole in our family without her here carrie said that’s it for today, Thanks for reading.