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Mom Sends Boy To Daycare With Note In Lunchbox, Teacher Responds

When a mother pat her five-year-old son’s lunchbox and placed a note inside she never expected a response when her child returned home however the mom found that the boy’s teacher had a few words for her it didn’t end well francesca easton the mother of a five-year-old boy named kyler who had attended rocking horse day care center in kingwood texas for three years never had a problem with the school

Until she placed a supportive note in her son’s lunchbox to make him smile at lunchtime one day instead of receiving smiles however the mother was left in absolute shock to see her son’s teacher had responded to the note please tell kyler that his mommy loves him so much and i’m thinking about him thank you francesca’s lunchbox note read the mom explained why she decided to send the correspondence telling abc houston station ktrk i wrote this note

Just so at lunch time you would have something that would make him happy and i am thinking about him seems innocent enough right sadly things to return rather than fulfill the mother’s request the teacher decided to write back with a demand of her own at the bottom of francesca’s note the teachers scrawled a meme message which read no put him on a diet and go away according to abc news and it left francesca in disbelief the unbelievable reply from the teachers

Stunned the mom and for good reason it took a minute to register why even saw and i just kept rereading it and i just stood there for a minute francesca recalled in a facebook post francesca admitted that her son is a picky eater but said she had been introducing healthier options for his lunch even though she felt her son was absolutely perfect the way he is we have been working with my son on his eating he’s extremely picky i have been

Introducing new healthy options in his lunchbox and discuss the changes with his school francesca shared in her post on social media detailing the incident and for the record i feel that my son is perfect the way he is i’m just helping him make healthier choices sadly his teacher obviously disagreed with the mom as evidenced by her note but it might have been something she should have kept to herself instead of his school being supportive i

Am an absolute shock at what happened francesca went on to explain in her post i was absolutely livid and immediately reached out to the school she added explaining she had gone to the school for a meeting with the director along with her mother-in-law a school administrator told the concerned mother that the incident would be investigated and handled appropriately but for francesca only one course of action was acceptable she wanted the teacher fired

When i asked them what are you planning to do about this i let them know right then that the only resolution is that that person that wrote the note should be terminated francesca said the thing that upset me the most is that this is bullying the upset mom said according to daily mail thankfully francesca easton’s wish was granted after confessing to having written the note the teacher was subsequently fired and a director at the daycare said he

Was sorry for the incident the mother was still upset however saying that neither the teacher nor the school showed any remorse i’m disgusted that i put my trust in these people to care for my child and this is what i get in return francesca admitted i’m extremely hands-on with my child’s care and still didn’t see this coming monitor your daycares closely and stay away from this facility they do not deserve the privilege of teaching our children while

Speaking with the reporters francesca took aim with the teacher directly lambasting the unkind behavior that the educator had displayed towards her child to know a grown-up who knows how hard life is and how mean people can be can say something like that especially about a child is they’re sick she said according to newsner there’s something wrong something wrong indeed when a parent has to drop their child off at daycare they assume they are leaving

Them in a safe secure nurturing and kind environment where they will grow and learn we don’t expect their teachers to bully them with unsolicited criticism if the teacher was truly concerned about the boy’s health and well-being there’s a time place and method of addressing it this wasn’t it rather than handling her alleged concerns in a caring and professional manner this rude teacher showed just how unkind she could be towards an innocent child she also set a

Very bad example for the children in her care mature people do not address issues with a nasty note in a child’s lunch box while it’s perfectly acceptable to approach one another with concerns it should be done tastefully and this educator failed miserably.