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Mom’s Twins Born Different Colors. 16 Years Later, This Is What They Look Like

Mom’s. Twins born different colors 16 years later. This is what they look like. A mother understands what a child does not say. Jewish Proverb Of all the types of love, it’s the love between a mother and a child child that’s the strongest.

A mother’s love is unconditional and eternal, a lifelong bond that unites two bodies and souls. From the instant the child is born, they sacrifice their life for us, to make us happy and to feel comfortable. They care for our health, for our problems, for what we eat, and for what we do. Please respect your parents. They’re our life and we’re theirs.

Mothers are creators. The world exists because of mothers. If there’s good in this world, it’s because of the mothers. Mothers are Saviors. They take care of their children at adverse conditions, and hence they can’t see their children in problem.

That’s why their love is unconditional. Having a blended family isn’t easy, and I’m what you would call a bonus mom. Not a step mom, but a bonus mum When I was six years old, I went to have an ultrasound for tummy issues and they noticed my ovaries were not hooked up right? The doctor at the time felt it would be best to remove them completely. When I was 13 years old, I found out I would never be able to have children.

It was then that I started researching adoption. As I grew older, my biggest fear was to have to someday tell a prospective spouse that I would never be able to birth our children. Then I met Jason. He was a single dad to two wonderful little boys, and we fell head over heels. Before we got engaged, I told him the biggest secret of my life one that only a handful of people knew about me.

I sobbed as I told him. Then he grabbed my face and told me it didn’t matter how our children came to us. They would be our children. Last June, we were approved to adopt. After a lot of research, we didn’t want to go through an agency.

There were too many shady ones out there, and they cost close to $55,000. When all said and done. So we set out to do it on our own. We marketed ourselves online and through social media. We made a Facebook adoption page and paid for targeted ads.

We had an Instagram page with pictures of our life, and we also put our profile on We were contacted by a handful of women and most turned out to be scams. Then we got a message on Facebook. A young woman emailed us telling us that her friend was pregnant and looking for a family. September 1, we got a phone call from this woman in Missouri and we talked for an hour and a half.

Over the next month, we built our relationship and became increasingly excited. However, she never got us official proof of pregnancy. People can fake ultrasounds and blood tests online all the time. I was ready to commit because I trusted this woman. But my husband wanted to renew our profile one more time.

We renewed it on October 1, and on October 2, we got a message from another expectant mother. She’d been watching our profile and wanted to meet us. Two days later, we met in a little diner 20 minutes from her house. Just when we thought she’d stood us up and walked a very pregnant girl and her mom. We hugged her and she showed us the ultrasounds of a little baby boy.

He then started kicking and she had me feel her belly. Towards the end of breakfast, she asked us how we felt. She then asked us if we would adopt her baby and love him forever. Jason and I sobbed in the middle of a diner in complete shock. Three weeks later, we stood there and watched as our son, Andy, was born.

I was the first to hold him and kiss his tiny hands. That was October 30, 2017. As we took Andy home and adjusted to being new parents, I had continued to talk to the first expected mom we had matched with. She still had never given us proof. She had also told us Congratulations and that she found another family for a baby.

I was happy for her and we maintained occasional contact over the next couple of months. In January of this year, I received a phone call from the same woman. She told me she had just told the other family she didn’t feel good about them adopting her baby. She then told me that she knew this baby was supposed to be ours. I stood there holding my three month old baby boy, and she sent me pictures of an ultrasound of the baby boy growing in her stomach.

I was speechless. But I also knew deep down, I knew over the next two weeks, my husband and I prayed a lot about adding another newborn to our family only months apart. The same resounding answer came again and again. Six weeks after that phone call, we flew out with Andy to Missouri and met a woman and her three children. The night before she was being induced.

We all instantly connected. The next day, we stood at her bedside and watched as our son, Ellis was born. Jason even got to cut the cord. I was first to hold him and again kiss his tiny hands. Never did we imagine having two newborn babies only four months apart.

Adoption is an amazing thing. Because of a woman’s greatest sacrifice and selfless decision, I became a mom to two of the most perfect baby boys I could have ever asked for. We have open adoptions with both our boys birth parents. We talk and send pictures and recently met up with Andy’s birth parents at a nearby park. Four months after Alice was born, we had a strong feeling to reach out to his birth mom and she had mentioned they were in a rough spot.

Jason and I decided to fly her oldest child out to visit us for ten days so we could spend some time with Alice. Sean had never been on a plane or been that far away from home. We instantly fell in love with his sweet boy. Ten days eventually turned into all summer. At the end of the summer, he asked if he could watch his new friends try out for football.

Before we knew it, he was talking to the coaches and asked if he could try out. Sean made the top football team for 8th grade in his first year ever playing an organized sport. He called his mom and asked her if he could stay. She said whatever would make him happy. Sean has now been living with us for six months and his football team made it all the way to the playoffs.

Never did we imagine one year ago that we’d be adding three more children in under nine months, especially all boys to the two we already had. I had not given birth to any of the five boys we have at home right now, but I am their mom. We have since finalized both Andy and Ellis adoptions. They’re officially AURUMS. We share custody with our oldest two boys and their mum and we don’t have a timeline as to how long Sean will end up staying.

Family does not have to be made from blood. It can come in many shapes and sizes. Love is all that matters. So here we are, a current family of seven. We love each other deeply and go on a lot of adventures together.

It’s not always easy. There have been many ups and downs and everything in between, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. When I first met my husband, Jason, he told me he was a single father to two handsome boys. You could see how proud he was of them and how much he loved them. When we started dating, it took a month before he ever introduced me to them just to make sure we were more than a one and done date.

As things progressed, I fell in love with him and his boys and we eventually got married. His boys were the ring bearers and best men at our wedding. Before I came into the picture, their mother got remarried and moved with them 4 hours away to another state. But they made coparenting work and together us four parents became friends. Now we could not be more opposite if you tried.

From the way we dress, act, music, we listen to parenting styles and hobbies that we do with our kids. But we show up. We do it for them. We all four stand on the sidelines cheering at football games. We take pictures and embarrass the boys at school graduations or award ceremonies, and we even get together for special occasions that would Warrant Your Parents Being there, even if they are Four of them.

If you followed along on my Instagram at Heather Croc For A While, You’ll See That We Try To Make Every Effort To See Our Kids. We Travel To Idaho And Stay In Hotels For The Weekend Every Two Weeks Just So We Can Watch Our Oldest Play Football During The Season. Now Remember, We Live In Two Different States, and After We Adopted Two Babies Only Four Months Apart Last Year, We Have A Lot Going On. Every Other Friday, I Leave From Work And Drive To Meet Their Mom Or Stepdad 100 Miles Away. Sometimes With Traffic Or Inclement Weather, It Can Take More Than Five To 6 Hours Round Trip.

My Husband, Jason, Then Takes The Same Truck on Sunday, less Than 48 Hours later this Last Week, We Got A Phone Call From Their Mom Asking US, Do You Want To Come Stay With The Boys When We Go Out Of Town So They Don’t Miss School? And Of Course, We Said yes. Although I Had Patience, I Couldn’t Reschedule, so I Stayed Home With The Babes. My Husband Took Off Work For Two Days So We Could Make Them Lunches, Help With Homework, and Our Eight Year Old Even Lost A Tooth. That Night.

He Handcrafted A Very Special Note For The Tooth Fairy Requesting A Selfportrait Because He Didn’t Know What he Or She Looked Like. The Next Morning, When He Woke Up And Saw The Masterpiece He Had Drawn, The Youngest Replied, I Wasn’t Really Expecting Mr. Tooth Fairy To Look Like that. The Love He Has For His Children Is One Of The Things That Attracted Me To Him The Most. As I Mentioned Before, Making A Blended Family Successful Takes A Lot Of Effort And A Million Miles Spent In The Car, but They’re Absolutely Worth It.

We Make All The Effort. We Show Up. We Are Present For Our Children. Jason Will Never Be A Deadbeat Dad Who Got Remarried And Started A New Life. And I Refuse To Be The Evil Stepmom Who Won’t Make Time For All Of Our Kids.

So I Got The Title Of Bonus Mum, and I’ll Take It. I Love All Five Boys Unconditionally, and I Hope I Can Teach Them At Least Some Of What They Need To Be To Be Strong, Successful, And Loving Men. Thank You For Following US On Our Journey. They Grew With A Great Mother’s Love. They Didn’t Miss Anything In Their Lives.

And Today, After More Than A Decade And A Half, They Prepare To Go To Model Fashion World As Their Unique Feather Is Twins. People Always Feel A Real Connection Between Them Because They Live In A Lovely Family That Not Everyone Gets.