Story Time

Mother dies with baby in her womb, but husband does something Incredible

The story that follows was completely real. And is proof that God and his. Infinite goodness are real. It happened in the city of Phoenix. Arizona, in the United States, Catherine and. George were expecting their first child. To say that it was a planned. Pregnancy was more or less making up the truth. Actually, Catherine wasn’t entirely convinced about having children.

She perceived that in a certain way. Being a mother was a sacrificial job and that it left little income. On the other hand, George couldn’t contain himself with happiness. He thought that children were blessings from heaven, given to learn about what true. And genuine love was. Although both had different ideas about Parenthood.

Both committed themselves body and soul so. That this new stage of their life. Will be wonderful as their life as. A single couple had been until now. Catherine was constantly searching for information on how to have a prolife birth that respects breastfeeding and skin to skin contact. From the mode of delivery. She searched all over Phoenix for a clinic and a gynecologist specializing in first. Time birds and who would respect all of her requests.

However, there was a small problem. It was particularly expensive. George has to be that clinic or none, she said. Catherine in an attitude, unwilling to negotiate. Honey, her husband would reply, we don’t. Have enough money to pay for the. Delivery and all the babies expenses. If we did that, we’d have to. Get through the first month on just. Four changes of clothes and a pack of diapers. Then I’ll give birth at home, she. Said in a resolute and very defiant term.

These discussions lasted for up to a. Month or so until Catherine finally had. To accept the reality that they couldn’t. Afford a luxury birth. Right now, the pregnancy ran its course. And everything seemed fine. The exams and checkups with the gynecologist. They had hired pointed to a healthy. And completely normal pregnancy about the 7th month of pregnancy. After learning that they would have a. Girl, Catherine began to feel certain symptoms.

That she took as natural due to her condition. Oh, mom, every day I feel more and more tired. My whole body is very heavy and. Sometimes I can’t breathe. Awesome. I’ve noticed that my feet and hands are swollen. Oh, honey, don’t worry, her mother said soothingly. It’s completely normal in your state. The baby is growing and absorbing a.

Lot from you like calcium, iron and many vitamins. Remember to take them every day, okay? Sure, mom, don’t worry. Catherine let those symptoms go by and simply took a break from her activities. When she felt too exhausted, she did not mention it to her doctor. Well, imagine that she would answer the same as her mother.

The young couple decided to throw a. Little welcome party for the new baby. Although the little girl had not yet been born, it’s traditional and is widespread in the United States and adopted in many countries. Preparing for the party kept Katie busy. For at least two weeks. Her anxiety mixed in equal parts with her excitement. She felt exhausted, but her emotion of. Sharing that moment with her family and friends was even more so.

During the party, she smiled and talked. With all the guests. She participated in little games and even danced to a couple of songs. But by late afternoon she just couldn’t get up. Her body was too exhausted, and she didn’t even have the energy to take a shower. Somewhat worried about her sudden weakness, she. Asked George to take her to the. Hospital first thing in the morning. The next day, the doctor in charge. Of Cathy’s pregnancy carried out a complete.

Check up of the state of the future mother. She performed and reviewed tests the same. Day, while the pregnant woman and her husband waited a little nervously for the results in the waiting room, where Kathy. Rested in a comfortable hospital bed. Finally, around 03:00 p.m. The doctor entered the room with a serene expression on her face. Well, Cathy, she said in an enthusiastic. Voice, I must tell you that your baby girl is strong and healthy and.

That she’s not in any danger. Perhaps it’s just that you’re very apprehensive. About the birth and the new role. That you must now assume. So try to be calm. New parents will never make it perfect. And it’s best if you take it slow. George and Kathy breathed a sigh of. Relief upon hearing those words. On Thursday in November, at 38 weeks. Pregnant, Kathy began to feel her first contractions. At first it was like a general. Malaise all over her body, and she was afraid she caught something so close to her due date.

But then she felt a strong tug across her belly. At that moment, she knew that she. Would start the first day of her new life. George and Kathy headed to the hospital. As they told their closest relatives that they were about to give birth. From the moment they entered the hospital. Everything was like a small, chaotic tornado of activity. Cathy’s doctor did the exam and said. That she was almost ready to give.

Birth, so she was rushed to the. Delivery room, where she would spend a slightly terrifying 20 minutes listening to other women screaming in pain. Soon she herself would start letting out. Little screams as she tried to focus on her breathing. When her doctor went to check on her again, she realized that she was. Ready and should have started pushing again. She was moved to the delivery room and would begin her last and greatest.

Physical exertion giving birth. Cathy spent about ten minutes pushing and gasping for breath from her exertion. But suddenly the doctors realized that something. Was wrong when Kathy called their attention. Saying in a choked voice and weak. From the effort, Doctor, I can’t breathe. Kathy couldn’t finish her sentence. She was left unconscious, even with her. Daughter in her womb. Suddenly, the monitor showed her vital signs dropping alarmingly. The nurses and doctors in charge ran around Kathy doing a resuscitation maneuver while they connected her to a ventilator. Soon the situation worsened, and they had.

To transfer her in code blue to an operations room. One of the doctors assisting in the. Delivery was sent to talk to George. And make him and his relatives aware. Of Cathy’s delicate situation. Sir, I’m sorry to have to inform you that your wife is in critical and very delicate condition. George felt his legs give out and. All his life drained from his body. What do you mean, doctor? What about Cathy? George said quietly, his face pale.

Well, it looks like she had an amniotic fluid embolism. That means some of the amniotic fluid. Got into Cathy’s bloodstream, contaminating her blood. It’s a critical situation, and she’ll need. Blood transfusions to stabilize, but she may not make it. She’s very weak, and we must do. An emergency C section because the baby. Is still in the womb.

It was too much information to take in, and George had to hold onto the edge of the reception desk. A huge medical team was making incredible efforts to keep Kathy from dying while. They performed the Csection, but it was. A very tough fight. Apparently, it wasn’t just the amniotic embolism. But while they were doing the emergency. C section, they inadvertently cut a small. Artery, and now she’d need surgery to. Repair it and seal her stomach and belly better.

Kathy fell into a catatonic state as. Her newborn baby daughter was taken to the other side of the operating room. For a full scan to make sure. That the minutes Cathy had been lifeless with her inside hadn’t affected the little girl. Doctors had to stop heavy bleeding while. Maintaining a pulse and artificial respiration. She was just in a state where. One little mistake could take her to the grave.

Fortunately, the little baby girl was healthy. And out of her endanger. She was taken to the newborn nursery. To meet her father. George couldn’t believe the beautiful miracle that. Was presented to him. She was a perfect baby. When asked for her name, he decided. To change their plans and call her Hope. Katie’s situation was very bad, and the. Doctors informed George that the hemorrhage was. Overcome and the embolism controlled. But the young woman was still under. Observation, and they had no hope that she would survive. At that moment, George fell to his.

Knees on the ground. He didn’t feel any strength at all. His relatives tried to make him get. Up without success, and suddenly, as if it were an automatic reflex, George put. His hands together and began to pray. In his mind, George prayed for his wife and made a prayer to God. God, I know that in your divine plan everything has a purpose. But from my heart I ask that. If you have infinite mercy, let me. Hug my wife and return home with her. I beg you.

Being almost midnight, an idea gradually formed in George’s mind. He imagined himself standing in front of his wife, taking her hand and talking to her, calling her to the world of the living and giving her some of his energy. He didn’t know why, but it was. As if someone whispered it in his. Ear and images formed in his mind. He stood up and looked for the.

Doctor in charge of his wife’s case. He found her filling out forms and signing medical orders. Not wasting a moment choosing his words. He blurted out his request, Doctor, can I see Cathy? I need to hold her hand and talk to her. The doctor looked at him with tired. And sorrowful eyes and gave him permission, thinking that perhaps he wanted to say. Goodbye to his wife. Cathy was full of wires and had an ashy hue to her skin. George told her, I love you.

I loved you, and I will always love you. After that, he talked to his parents. And asked them to hold her hand. And call out to her with love and serenity. A nurse touched him lightly on his. Shoulder, snapping him out of his visualization. However, they all loved the idea and. One by one they applied for permission to enter again. Believing it was a farewell, the doctor allowed them to enter and they all lasted along as long as George praying and imagining Kathy sauna.

At approximately 03:00 A.m., there were an. Average of 30 people taking turns going in and out talking to the unconscious woman. The doctor thought that she was crazy. And that so many people could put. Her patients’health at risk. The doctor felt guilty for not handling. Cathy’s emergency C section better. She begged that her superiors would not. Find out about her. A girl uploaded a publication to all. Social networks, explaining the situation and asking.

That if they came across that message. Would they pray and ask for her cousin? Against all odds, Kathy’s vital signs began to improve. At around 07:00 A.m., her artificial respirator was no longer needed. She’d shown signs that she was starting to breathe on her own, but she was still unconscious. About 19 hours had passed since Kathy.

Had entered critical condition and in just. Under 6 hours it was already a. Trend on the networks. People were leaving prayers and comments full. Of love for Cathy and her entire. Family, and already at twelve noon, the.