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Mother gives birth to conjoined twins and notices that one of them looks strange

Mother gives birth to co-joined twins and notices that one of them looks strange on november 23rd babita awakhar 21 gave birth to the baby with two heads after a c-section she was informed that she would be expecting twins but she was taken aback by the outcome the twins are comprised of two heads one body and three arms each of which has

Two hands india is home to a 21 year old lady who has given birth to a baby with two heads and three arms babita ahwar and her husband jazwant singh ahawaar stated they were taken aback when she gave birth to the child on november 23rd saying they were taken by surprise a type of co-joined twins appears to have been born to them with both children sharing internal organs

Including a heart but having distinct heads we’re taken aback mr ahawar added it’s almost unbelievable to think about it everyone is taken aback by their appearance the fact that our child has two heads is beyond belief doctors at the hospital have never witnessed anything like it in their professional lives and they’re consulting with other medical professionals in india about what to do

Next the medical term for identical twins delivered in this manner is tribrachias parapagas and the extremely rare occurrence does not bode well for the baby’s long-term survival the twins are now under 24 hours surveillance at the hospital but it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to undergo any type of surgery in the near future ahawa and his wife from boswata village

In vedic district of madhhab pradesh in indian state in the heart of the country were initially devastated the couple has been married for 18 months and were looking forward to the arrival of their first child it was predicted that they’ll have co-joined twins around the 35th week of pregnancy according to local newspapers after a c-section was performed on november 23rd they were welcomed with an infant with two heads as they put it mr

And mrs ahawar informed the local news outlet that they had a mixed reaction when the nurses handed the infant over to them it appeared to be a twin at first but when the nurses removed the towel i was stunned to discover that our firstborn had two heads and three hands the almighty decided to punish us in this manner even though we all wanted a regular and healthy baby i have no idea why

When my wife saw the infant she went into convulsions mr ahar explained after having an ultrasound we were informed that we were expecting twins we were overjoyed to have two children but it turns out to be one baby with two heads tribrachius paparagus is the name given to twins that are born with two heads and one body and three arms as of right now it’s not known whether or not this is the correct diagnosis

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According to reports less than one in every million births is affected by this extremely rare kind of co-joining there is an extremely slim likelihood that such children would survive and enjoy a normal life after they’re born because the twins share all of their organs it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to undergo separation surgery however the physicians are exploring their possibilities the baby had two heads and three hands

Dr surenda sankar of vedicious sedar hospital where the twins were born described the situation the third hand was made up of two palms that were linked to it a single heart can clearly be seen in the infant i’ve never seen anything like this before in my professional life and this is the first time i’ve come across it we’re looking after the youngster and will seek the advice of professional doctors in bhopal and delhi who have

Previously operated on similar children a hospital in bhopal the hamidi medical college and hospital is currently caring for the newborn infant at this time mr ahawar stated this is my baby and i will raise him in the manner in which he is i have not yet had the pleasure of holding him in my arms the opinions of others are varied but he is my child and i intend to bring him home if he is still alive i will love and care for him until the end of my

Days in the case of parapagas dei savalas what are co-joined twins according to the american journal of medical genetics the prevalence of co-joined twins has previously been estimated to be one in every 50 000 to 100 000 births depending on the region according to a retrospective assessment published in the journal of pediatric surgery around 11 percent of these are disepholis parapagus twins

Consanguinous twins or co-joined twins who are united at the chest or abdomen are the most common variety despite the fact that they’re linked at the pelvis and in part or all of the abdomen and chest dicephalous parapagus twins have separate heads the twins can have two three or four arms as well as two or three legs depending on their size and gender an egg that has been fertilized begins to divide into two embryos a few weeks

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After fertilization but the process is interrupted before it can be completed this results in co-joined twins the success of separation surgery is dependent on the location where the twins are connected it’s only after they are born that doctors can determine which organs the siblings share and as a result arrange surgery for them according to the university of maryland medical center at least one twin survives in approximately 75 percent of

Cases of twin pregnancy known as dicephalic parapagus this is an uncommon form of partial twinning in which two heads are located next to one another on a single torso infants who are co-joined in this manner are commonly referred to as two-headed babies in popular culture this disorder is referred to as parapagus daisovalus in some circles most dicevalic twins are stillborn or die shortly after birth even if they are

Carried to term only a limited number of people are known to have lived to adulthood in this situation each case is unique and the extent to which limbs and organs are reproduced varies from one another one or both heads may be completely developed or one or both heads may be complete it is possible that they will survive if they have two entire hearts as well which increases their chances of survival the total number of arms can be

Two three or four in number they have the highest chance of surviving if they’re not separated with the exception of situations in which one twin is definitely dying responses on the medical and social fronts according to several medical articles from the 1960s newborn dice sevallic twins should not be actively treated or resuscitated if they are born with one head

Although an effort at surgical separation was documented in a 1982 publication neither twin was able to survive for an extended period of time as a result of it more recent examples in turkey and minnesota have led to specialists advising that separation surgery would not be an appropriate treatment option disophalic twins who have survived past the age of one gaia como and giovanni batista toki 1877

To 1940 were identical male dicevellus parapagus twins born in italy in 1877 and raised until they were adults each had a set of arms that he could call his own they possessed two legs in all one of which was operated by each of the twins individually as children and teenagers they were subjected to freak show treatment the tosis were able to communicate in a variety of languages but they were unable to walk both abby and brittany hensel are

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Dicevalus parapegas twins who were born in minnesota in 1990 and grew up in the same city as their parents a vestigial third arm which was surgically removed was present at birth in addition to their two functional arms each twin had a complete head heart and a spine of her own as well as the ability to operate one arm and one leg these youngsters learned to walk at a similar age to other children went on to attend school learn to drive participate

In sports and complete courses at a four-year college in the year 2000 twin daughters were born in turkey it seemed as if they were merged together like the tochi brothers with four arms and two legs all at the same time it was discovered that each twin controlled one leg just as it did with the tochis and the hensels because of the size of their upper bodies the turkish twins required a particular schedule of workouts before they were able to learn to walk

Independently after that they were able to run and climb stairs without the assistance of a specialist and by the age of 11 they were able to attend school alongside other children thanks for reading.

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