New South Wales bans captive dolphin breeding


PETA is delighted with the news from Down Under: New South Wales, Australia, has made a compassionate decision to ban captive breeding and import of dolphins in the state. Following a government investigation and lengthy public consultation, during which many PETA Australia supporters took action, the new regulations will prevent future generations of dolphins from suffering under the guise of entertainment.


While the NSW Dolphin Marine Sanctuary continues to develop the idea of ​​creating a marine sanctuary for its existing captives – Zippy, Bella and Jet – this new rule means the state is not allowed to open new dolphinariums. The three dolphins currently stationed there will be the last to be forced to perform in front of a rowdy crowd in New South Wales.

But there is still elephant in the room dolphin in the aquarium: SeaWorld. IN abuseThe park should follow the lead of Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, which did not complain that dolphin breeding days are over, and stop breeding dolphins. SeaWorld has already completed its disgusting killer whale breeding program, so why is it acting like other dolphins aren’t as sensitive, smart, and deserve physical autonomy?

Two dolphins swim in bright blue water

It’s 2021 and SeaWorld Still ignoring the growing public condemnation as he continues to add to his list of dolphin prey through breeding. Canada banned the retention of whales and dolphins in 2019, while France has banned marine parks from abducting or breeding killer whales and other dolphins. No informed, compassionate person believes that breeding, imprisoning, and exploiting marine mammals is acceptable.

In case you missed it, in the SeaWorld dolphin breeding program, unwitting male bottlenose dolphins masturbate and females are forcibly removed from the water, sometimes after being drugged to prevent them from resisting, after which staff members insert tubes filled with semen into their vaginas. and uterus.

In one study, researchers at SeaWorld describe how animal trainers stimulated animals to bare their penises and induce erections in them. The staff then forced the dolphins to ejaculate by hand. They do this repeatedly until they feel they have collected enough sperm. We are embarrassed for SeaWorld because of his depraved behavior. It’s time to stop breeding dolphins and making them perform.

Call on SeaWorld to stop breeding dolphins and whales and send them to coastal reserves!

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