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New Study Reveals That Forgetfulness May Actually Be A Sign Of Superior Intelligence

Everybody forgets something at least once in a while. Maybe it’s your keys, or maybe it’s a phone number you forgot to write down, we’ve all been there.

Science has made an amazing discovery about forgetful people that will change the way you think about your own memory. It turns out that being forgetful might not be a bad thing at all…

If you give yourself a hard time about how forgetful you are, stop right now. New research indicates that being forgetful doesn’t mean you’re losing your marbles, in fact, it could mean that you are exceptionally intelligent. 

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People with the best memories in the long term usually forget details once they are no longer needed. So if you forgot the directions to that new restaurant, it’s probably because you have more important things on your mind… literally! 

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If you remember everything, you can have a hard time focusing and making decisions because you have so much competing data. A super intelligent person lets go of the data their brain simply doesn’t need anymore, making it easier for them to think and make decisions. 

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And all this time you thought you were just a space cadet!

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