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Nurse puts baby on his dead mother’s chest and a true miracle happened

Waking up from a coma to discover that i was pregnant and had given birth was an overwhelming experience, to say the least. In the midst of a headache, a teenager went to bed and fell into an unconscious coma only to awaken four days later after accidentally, giving birth to a surprise kid, following a night of feeling sick on December, 2nd 2018 ebony Stevenson, age 18 was taken to the Hospital and placed in an induced coma waking up on December 6th with a newborn girl stevens had had no idea. She was pregnant until she went to bed feeling poorly on December, 2nd.

There had been no bump development no morning sickness and no missed periods for the college student, who’s, studying sports physiotherapy. At the time of the interview, she was completely unaware that she was pregnant because her unborn child was hidden in one of her uteruses due to a disease known as uterus d’Adelphis disorder, which is thought to affect one in every 3 000 women and results in the Affected woman being born with two uteruses at birth, only one of them possessed a fallopian tube capable of carrying an egg, whereas the other one possessed.

None indicated that her chances of conception would have been poor. In the first place, ebony was brought to the royal Oldham hospital in greater manchester on December, 2nd after experiencing a series of seizures, she was then placed in an induced coma at the hospital. Ebony had suffered from preeclampsia, which had led her to have seizures and she was pregnant at the time.

According to the results of the tests, they notified her mother immediately and informed her that the baby needed to be delivered immediately. She was sent to the hospital for an emergency cesarean section on Monday, December 3rd and gave birth to a baby girl at 1.

32 a.m, a little over three hours after her first contraction. Suddenly, a mother appears Abby awoke on December 6 to learn that she’d given birth and was now a mother for the first time. She’d finally come to terms with the news and is looking forward to spending more time with her baby who she is called Elodie in the words of the first-time mother from Oldham in greater manchester. I didn’t believe i even wanted children at least not for another 10 years, and i never intended to be a young mother being informed that i had been pregnant and had given birth to a baby girl.

After waking up from a coma was a surreal experience to say the least meeting my baby was an incredible experience. It was as though i was having an out of body experience. I was concerned that i wouldn’t bond with my daughter, since i hadn’t had enough time to process her birth, but I think she’s, wonderful, it’s nothing short of a miracle. I wouldn’t trade Elodie for anything in the world filling in the spaces ebony had assumed. She was simply unwell when she went to bed at 8, 30 pm on sunday december, 2nd complaining of a headache she was mistaken.

She has no recollection of what happened after that until she awakens four days later. It’s a good thing: her mother Cherie, aged 39, a stay-at-home mother of five, has been able to fill in the gaps for her at about 10 pm. That night, i heard ebony yell down to me that her headache had gotten unusually awful. I went down to see what was up she started feeling unwell, so i took her to the bathroom where she had a seizure on the bathroom floor before i realized what was happening. I called 999 right away because she’d never experienced anything like this before ebony had five additional seizures in the five minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive, putting her life in danger when the paramedics arrived to assist Elodie, they inquired as to whether she was pregnant.

Despite my instance that she couldn’t possibly be pregnant, the paramedics were confident she was and, to my surprise, a bump had appeared on her stomach. Sherry explained. They believed that the intensity of the convulsions may have forced the baby to shift causing it to become apparent. At that moment, ebony was airlifted to royal Oldham hospital, which is located near manchester, where she was sedated before being transported to the hospital for an emergency cesarean section. The next morning, cherie was the first person to hold the surprise baby, who weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces.

At birth, she was a proud grandma because she didn’t have time to prepare Cherie, described the experience as an odd moment. The fact that she was happy and healthy made me pleased, but i could not help but worry about my own young girl, who was still in a kind of vegetative state. The following four days were spent in an induced coma, while Cherie and her mother ebony’s grandmother. Geraldine age 56 sat by her side all the while caring for the small baby girl, who was eventually named Elodie, who was born throughout the ordeal. Ebony finally opened her eyes on December 6th, and it was only then that she realized she had two uteruses, one of which was still menstruating and the other was carrying her newborn daughter.

When i woke up the nurses informed me that i had a baby and before i knew it, they’d placed her on my chest. Elodie recalled. I know it sounds terrible now, but i requested them to take her away because i was so perplexed and convinced they’d made a mistake. However, my mother explained everything to me. While the nurses were present and then they returned my little child to me to hold properly for the first time, it was a beautiful moment, despite the fact that i was completely befuddled and a little terrified, she was completely silent.

Doctors believe ebony was able to carry her daughter to full term because of the weight of her daughter, which is remarkable, considering she had no knowledge. She was pregnant. Her having two uteruses made this possible because one is positioned toward her rear, allowing the pregnancy to go unnoticed for the most part. Ebony and her mother were completely unaware that she was carrying two uteruses, which allowed her to continue having regular periods throughout the pregnancy. Further.

Concealing the fact that she was pregnant according to sherry, the doctors claimed elodie was a miraculous baby because mothers with her condition generally struggle to conceive or bring their children to full term mom and baby stayed in intensive care until they were eventually permitted to return home. On december 13th, when little eldie was introduced to her uncles and aunts, kennedy age, 12, poppy eight, pia three and navy two who had all been waiting to see her ebony had adjusted to being a mother so beautifully she’s, a natural, sherry, continued she’s, a natural and Tiny elody is a thing of beauty. We couldn’t possibly love her any more than we already do.

Ebony intends to return to hopwood college middleton, where she’ll study sports physiotherapy in february and her mother sherry will assist her in caring for the baby while she’s away, even though i didn’t have time to prepare. I wouldn’t change a thing about what happened, have any expressed or disappointment, i’m overjoyed to see her every morning when i wake up and to be able to spend another day.

With my darling little wonder, said the mother, the same case happened with a woman named laura ward, who woke up from a seven week, coveted coma to find out she’d given birth to a baby girl, a pregnant woman who spent seven weeks in a coma after contracting Covid gave birth to a baby girl. Laura wood, 33 of tildsley wigan, was sedated for an emergency c-section at 31 weeks more than two months before her due date of october 15th. Thankfully, her baby girl, who weighed three pounds, seven ounces when she was born at royal bolton hospital, is now a healthy 10 pounds, 7 ounces. But for laura it was the start of a nightmare from which her family worried, she’d, never recover. The tildsley primary school teaching assistant had a cough when she stopped school for the summer when she didn’t improve after a lateral flow test.

She got a pcr which came back positive for covid. She was unable to breathe after following the isolation recommendations and was recommended to go to hospital by 111. After a fortnight in hospital, she was sent to maternity to check on the baby and told they could have to deliver early. She has no memory of returning to the coved ward, although being told she nodded her head to consent to hope’s delivery. John lease was called to the hospital but was not allowed inside the theater owing to covid limitations.

Laura’S next memory was waking up seven weeks later on september 30th, to the sight of her lovely daughter. I opened my eyes to see hope on the bed with me, but i couldn’t move laura recalled. I could only shake and nod laura had to re-learn how to undertake the most basic everyday duties. After having a tracheotomy and feeding tubes placed, i was simply lying in bed at first, she added the struggle to lift my arms was excruciating. I couldn’t speak, but i also couldn’t write anything down since i couldn’t move my hands or arms.

I had to re-learn how to feed myself clean my teeth and do everything a toddler learns with a frame and clutching her three-year-old son william’s hand. She was able to walk again at the beginning of december. Laura is most looking forward to meeting up with him and hope when she’s finally home on monday, while laura was in her coma john age 37. A psi employee who cleans extractor fans in schools and offices would often face time with her, not knowing. If she could hear them, he called his daughter baby girl until they agreed on a name and kept a scrapbook of all their activities, while their mother was in hospital, so he waited till.

I woke up to name her he’s been fantastic. He’S been coming to see me every day with hope, william, when he can and our kids, lexi and josh when they’re not at their mothers, so she’s been loads, but with william. We wanted to keep him in his routine as much as he could. Willie came to see me in october for his third birthday, and i was overcome with emotion. I missed his first day of nursery and hope’s first weeks, her first bath and such she only sleeps poos and drinks milk.

So i haven’t missed anything. Laura was transferred from royal bolton to winton shaw hospital, where she spent 35 days on an ecmo machine. The highest degree of life support since her lungs were completely gone. Her family, including lynn and bill, were told it was the final resort. Laura stated her family was visibly shaken, doctors and nurses definitely thought it was bad.

John has kept everyone happy about it, she’s not giving up, and neither are we. He said: let’s stay positive, we don’t want to lose. Her. Laura was transferred from within shaw to bolton’s intensive care unit where she awoke from her coma. She was later moved to trafford general, where she’s undergoing intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

In order to come home for christmas, i have a daily schedule of lessons and exercises. She stated i’m becoming stronger every day and the nurse says: she’s never seen somebody make so much progress so quickly.

I think, having the aim of returning home for christmas and seeing my kids helped, i’ve really missed them laura who intends to return to work at the primary school when william starts in september thanks her family, especially her parents, lynn and bill cousin, kirsty, atkinson and friend. Emma chatwood for their love and support. She had no other health issues outside gestational, diabetes and missed out on the coveted immunization, because it wasn’t first advised for pregnant women.

It was too late when she was offered it laura says: she’d recommend the shot to any pregnant woman, just get it. She said. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but better safe than sorry. Thanks for reading.

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