Story Time

Old man finds a baby in the trash. 25 years later, he receives an unexpected call

An old man finds an abandoned baby. In a field when he grew up, you won’t believe what he did. This is the case of a totally. Innocent life that ended up being damaged. By the cruelty of people who could not take responsibility for their daughter decisions. Ada was a 21 year old woman. She currently lived in Southern Michigan in a town with a lot of history.

And also a place where everyone knew. Each other since they had known each other since childhood. So when a wealthy businessman came to. Town, it made headlines, making many young women interested in him and wanting to win him over. Noah worked as an accountant in Ada’s. Father’S business who had become a partner in turn from this mysterious man who.

Since he saw the young woman working. Was enchanted by her beauty and without. Hesitation asked her on a date. For her part, this woman knew how. To play hard to get, and although. She was interested, she rejected him until the third time. She finally accepted. When they started their relationship, they were. The envy of the whole city, especially the younger ones. Ada and Noah had a love relationship. For two years, but the perfect reality.

That they showed on the outside was. Completely different from what it really was. Because they were both very self centered. People and thought only of themselves. So their relationship was only an arrangement between the two to be able to show off and have the attention of the whole world. Past that time, Noah broke off a business relationship with Ada’s father, which left.

Him financially poor and he left that. Small town taking his partner with him. Since they planned to get married in New York. And that’s what happened. They were married in a wedding full. Of luxuries and people all built and placed solely to impress. Well, love was not ruled in that. Relationship, but money and self centeredness. Unfortunately, that fairy tale full of luxuries.

Came to an end months later when just three months after the wedding, Ada. Discovered that she was pregnant. That news was not well received by either of them. They thought of multiple options to terminate. The pregnancy, but the news somehow filtered. Through to their group of friends and. Many Congratulations were arriving for the soon to be parents. Congratulations that were not really well received. By Ada and Noah.

The couple couldn’t do anything, so Ada. Completed the pregnancy and after nine months. She gave birth to a boy. But as soon as he was born. His parents noticed that he had very blonde hair. They were upset and indignant. They didn’t want anything from that child. The father even told some doctors that. This child was not his son and. He didn’t want to know anything about him. The worst thing was that his wife. Didn’T understand why the child had been.

Born blonde if both she and her. Husband had Latin features and dark hair. But again, the pressure and keeping up. Appearances made them smile and accept the. Words of Congratulations and pity from their friends. But from that moment, everything got worse. For this couple because Noah didn’t want. To know anything about the baby. After a few months, Noah, tired of.

Everything, simply kicked his wife out of the house. They shared telling her this, you got. Pregnant because you wanted to, and now I don’t even know that this child is mine. I will not be responsible for a. Child who doesn’t belong to me. So leave me alone and take your. Son, because I don’t want anything to. Do with any of you.Ada didn’t know what to do. She hated just seeing the child, and furious, she began to wander the streets with the child, crying with hunger in her arms.

Two days of that situation passed, and. The woman was tired and furious with the child, who had been the one who ruined everything in their perfect life. Until one day, tired of this whole. Situation, she took the baby to a field of crops that was quite far from the city. She decided that she would leave him Abandoned in the grass, placed in a basket. Ida just decided to leave it for his luck. But luckily, after a few hours, an. Old man came over with an intention. Of helping to calm the child down, and to his surprise, the baby calmed down. The man then felt a kind of indescribable connection between himself and the boy.

The good old man, who had neither children nor grandchildren, kept his child. He waited for a few hours on that sunny pasture with the baby in his arms. He stayed there because he was hoping. That maybe someone would come back for the baby. But as soon as the sun went down, the old man realized that no. One would come back for that child. He became very sad, and with tears in his eyes, he told the baby.

To sleep peacefully in his arms, that. He should not worry because he’d take care of him and protect him from everything. The man was actually a man with a large amount of money because in his youth he had been a stockbroker. Who only dedicated himself to working very. Hard and give good life to his. Elderly parents, who had now passed away. He was there because he was visiting the land of his parents where he’d grown up.

It turned out that this man, despite. Being very elegant and wealthy, had never had children. And that little boy, so lonely and. Without love, would be the one who would receive that inheritance. Well, the man named Mr. Alejandro took the little boy to his house and baptized him Harold. He invested a lot of money in. His health because the boy was somewhat.

Dehydrated and malnourished due to the terrible. Care that his mother had given him.In the last days that she was. With him in this way.A strong healthy and loved child grew. Up under the care of this old. Man whom Harold called Grandfather. He’d become everything the boy knew and. Everything he loved most in the world. They were partners and best friends. This child truly had the best child. Of anyone and that anyone could wish to give to his child. This is how he grew up to become an adult man, but very humble.

Despite having a lot of money, Mr. Alejandro educated him and when he passed. Away, he was proud to see him. Graduate as a great pediatrician who would. Help other children for free. But without a doubt, the biggest surprise. Of the last one that the old man received was that this beautiful boy. That he decided to take in when. He grew up named his aid organization. In honor of him, his grandfather, his father, and his friend.

On the other hand, his biological parents. Were not so lucky in life. Ada, after abandoning her son, desperately decided to return to meet Noah. She went looking for him, but he. Didn’T want to know anything more about. Her and belittled her, telling her that. She was nothing to him anymore and. That she should go back to where. She belonged because he would not give her any chance. The woman begged him to be a. Couple again, but he just slammed the. Door in her face.

So she, Ada, had to return to her hometown. With all the shame on her back She had to face years and years. Of teasing and rumors. Also, her relationship with her father was never the same after she left with. Noah, leaving him bankrupt. As for Noah, who had hated the. Existence of his son so much, he. Years later had a drunk driving accident. In this a whole family that was. In the vehicle died, which he crashed. For what he spent after many years.

In prison, paying all his sentences for. Each one of them. As they say, all bad intentions return. And beyond the coldness that usually accompanies. These subjects, sooner or later they fall. Overwhelmed by their own suffering. Harold never knew anything about his parents. And everything that happened to them. He also didn’t know that he was abandoned because of their cruelty. He also had in mind and heart. The true person that he was an.

Example to follow and from whom he learned everything about love and values. Mr. Alejandro, whom from heaven would smile. At him with love. Love will be a great help to. Overcome a particularly painful situation. To take shelter under the loving command of a loved relative, such as a. Mother, a father, a brother, and even. A son if necessary. Love can help you shelter from bad times.

The paths we travel are not always. Easy, but the understanding and affection that. Those who love you want to give you. Friends, we’ve reached the end of this story. Tell us what you think of it. Put it down here in the comment section, thank you and see you in the next story.