OnlyFans Stalker Lives In Woman’s Attic

OnlyFans Model Discovers Stalker Living in Her Attic After Four Months of Suspicious Activity

Extreme Trends presents “This Stalker Lived in a Woman’s Attic: Shocking Story.” In October 2021, a 24-year-old OnlyFans model went to meet a man who was being weirdly pushy. The man was a 20-year-old named Mauricio Damian Guilleral, who wanted to purchase a fireplace and television for his favorite OnlyFans model.

Damian drove around 400 miles from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, to New Hampshire just to meet this woman, which turned out to be the worst decision of the model’s life. She claimed that the first meeting was nice, they went out, and it all felt normal to her, but things got really creepy really quickly. It wasn’t until four months after the first encounter that the model and her roommate started to notice some things were off.

For instance, their windows would be open when they remembered shutting them, or sometimes their keys would be gone and then reappear at random places. The model and her roommate heard some noises in their attic, and things looked sketchy when she was asleep.

Police Arrest OnlyFans Stalker Living in Model’s Attic, Shocking Discoveries Made During Interrogation

This went on until one night the model pretended to sleep to lure the stalker out, and it turns out that Damian Guerrero, the man she met some months ago, was living in their attic. Police were called, and they searched the attic. They found a cup of urine, food, and Damian’s headphones in the attic. The police arrested the 20-year-old, and shocking discoveries were made during the interrogation. First up, the accused was not at all guilty of what he did.

Instead, he had planned to add a tracking device to the model’s car to see what she was up to. Further, he openly claimed that he had broken into the house four times. Damian claimed that he got the model’s address when they first met, and he had been obsessed with her ever since. But it was far from over. When the police took Damian’s phone, they found some disturbing photos and videos. The model used to sleep naked, and Damian used this to prey on her and film her while she was sound asleep.

Criminal obsessed with model arrested on burglary charges and given restraining orders.

He was criminally obsessed with her, and in investigations, he had no remorse at all. Instead, he blamed the model, as if she might have posted on her accounts saying she wants someone to stalk her and be obsessed with her. While this might have been an exaggerated comment just for the sake of it, Damian took it too literally. He confessed to stealing her keys, stalking and chasing her while she was out, and filming her while she was naked and asleep.

He tried to justify his moves by saying that he went inside the house to take back the TV and fireplace he gifted the model, but all the evidence suggested otherwise. Damian was arrested on charges of burglary and was fined $2,500. He recently got bailed from jail but on strict bail conditions. He is not allowed to enter the state of New Hampshire and is given restraining orders. He is not supposed to ever meet or try to contact the victim further.

Model wants to press more charges against OnlyFans stalker wearing tracking bracelet.

Damian is also strictly guided to wear a tracking bracelet all the time to ensure that he does not stalk anyone else. However, the model is not too happy with the measures taken and wants to press more charges against Damian.

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