Order your tofu beauty products before selling them!


Are you looking for shinier hair, whiter teeth and more radiant skin? Then you want the latest and greatest from PETA: tofu beauty products! Our experts have worked hard to create a line inspired by the success of other PETA tofu-centric products, including our Tofu Scented Candle and Tofu Scented Air Freshener. Add one or more foods to your daily personal care routine to see how versatile everyone’s favorite white bean blocks are.

Order your tofu beauty products before selling them!

The all-new lineup includes four beauty stars:

  1. Tofutpasta

Do you want your teeth to be as white as tofu? Then take our Tofuthpaste in your hands – the newest and most delicious way to brush your teeth. Tofu works with other vegan ingredients (including coconut oil, aloe, and mint extract) to prevent gingivitis, reduce plaque, remove stains, and freshen breath. Good enough to eat!

PETA cosmetic products with tofu: Tofuthpaste

  1. Coisturizer

You dream about superhard, young, radiant skin? Then look no further than Soysturizer. Just like choosing soy cheese instead of dairy, using our Tofu Lotion will help clear up acne from your face. A unique blend of ultra-moisturizing ingredients (tofu, shea butter and almond butter) will leave your skin feeling smooth. silky to the touch.

PETA Tofu Beauty Products: Soysturizer

  1. Shampoo

The secret to getting the shiny and healthy curls you’ve craved for is now revealed: this is tofu for victory! This miraculous ingredient is combined with other powerful yet gentle substances including argan oil, aloe, jojoba oil and kaolin clay to leave your mane. soy sparkling purity. (For best results, use our conditioner.)

PETA Tofu Beauty Products: Shampfu

  1. Curditions

After you’ve cleaned your curls, it’s time to moisturize them – and there is nothing more moisturizing than our new smoking conditioner. Harnessing the power of soy, the exclusive formula fights frizz while leaving your curls in place silkyu smooth.

PETA tofu beauty products: conditioner

New PETA cosmetic products Soy Stunning

We know and love tofu for its versatility in recipes, from sandwiches to soufflés. And for cows, chickens and other animals, tofu really saves lives. So it was a natural next step for PETA – an organization known for pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box (tofu) – to channel the performance of this wonder product into a cosmetics line. And of course, all of our products are cruelty-free! Norabbit After all, they want to be force-fed with tofutpasta or tolerate being dripped with conditioner in their eyes.

Can’t wait to get your hands on PETA’s new tofu beauty products?

Check back tomorrow when these products launch. Set a timer – we feel like these beauties are selling out fast!

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