Parents Told ‘Let the Baby Go to Heaven’ 15 Minutes before Birth

In the wake of tragic and unimaginable circumstances, the couple was on the brink of hopelessness, especially after doctors told them their baby wouldn’t make it. But against all odds, they chose to confide in God and fight for their child. What happened next baffled everyone. No parent can bear the insurmountable pain of seeing their children in harm’s way. Sadly, some situations are beyond parents’ control, and despite their best efforts, there’s only so much they can do.

For one couple, the news of welcoming their baby came like a breath of fresh air, filling their hearts with infinite love and happiness. While they made preparations for the arrival of their bundle of joy, they were utterly oblivious to Fate’s plans. Here’s their story of hope, faith, and the power of praise. Nick and Brooke Schnar lived in Indiana, U.S and were parents to two lovely girls, Sophie and Lily.

When they received delightful news that they were pregnant, although they were no strangers to parenthood, the moment they learned about their pregnancy brought indescribable joy into their lives. They couldn’t wait to hug and hold their baby and embrace parental bliss again. Little did they know what the universe had in store for them. The couple counted hours and minutes to welcome their little angel, but the subsequent months brought multiple challenges. One day, the Schnars learned something utterly devastating.

Doctors told them their unborn child had water in the brain. In other words, the baby had excess brain fluid, and its chances of survival were slim. They also discovered that if their baby survived, he would likely suffer serious brain trauma. The doctors repeatedly told the couple to terminate the pregnancy, but they weren’t ready to give up. In medical terminology, Nick and Brooke’s baby had hydrocephalus, and they found out about the condition halfway through the pregnancy.

Despite the dire prognosis, the parents weren’t fazed and sought help from a Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati. Sadly, even the best specialists in the country couldn’t make promises of a brighter future. Per neg, he and his wife were given a 90% chance that their baby would either pass away right after birth or suffer extreme cognitive complications likely to impede his quality of life. Even the best fetal specialists and palliative care experts didn’t give the Schnars much hope. Instead, they were told to consider ways of letting their little angel peacefully pass away.

Those words pinched Nick and Brooke’s souls and shattered their hearts into a million pieces. Despite the odds stacked against them, the couple refused to give up. On July 8, 2016, 15 minutes before Brooklyn was taken for a C-section, Nick recalled meeting the doctors to discuss their options. Literally 15 minutes before they wheeled her back to the C-section, they had another meeting with doctors regarding the use of a breathing tube and at what point they might need to remove that tube and let the baby go to heaven. But none of that damaged the Schnars’ spirits.

They went through with the delivery, and much to everyone’s surprise and joy, Nick and Brooke’s baby boy arrived to the loudest crying, sweetest cackle ever. After staying in the NICU, Charlie Edward Schnar was given the green signal to return home with his parents and meet his older sisters. Everyone, including the doctors and nurses, was baffled by Charlie’s survival because it had neither logical reasoning nor medical explanation. Nick recounted, “Somehow, his brain fluid found a way to naturally clear the blockage or reroute the fluid that was causing the oppressive backup.” One might wonder how Nick and Brooke’s predicament was overturned, leaving everyone at a loss for words.

The answer? The Indiana parents chose to put their hopes in faith in God. They prayed for a miracle and asked their loved ones to do the same, and their prayers were answered in the most heartwarming manner. The doting dad Nick related the phenomenal story of his beloved son’s survival in an emotional post, which garnered love and support from the online community. “Praise God for placing Charlie into his family.

Welcome home, Charlie!” “Truly remarkable! Congratulations on your miracle, Leslie Summers. Congratulations on your beautiful and healthy baby boy. God works miracles every day, and you can especially testify to that.

I’m so happy for your whole family, Mary Lou Bahusen. What a miracle, prayers answered. God is good. Congratulations and enjoy the snuggles. He’s so precious.

And Meredith Lib Nick, you got me crying and rejoicing with you. God is indeed a savior. Children like Charlie Edward Schnar have a special calling in life. I’ve seen it happen a few times, and it will be interesting to see where God takes him. Blessings, Kevin Biggs.

Indeed, miracles happen every day. This family’s heart-melting story is a lovely testament to their power.

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